Arbitration & Mediation
Litigation Support
Investment Portfolio Analysis
Public Policy Advocacy
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Areas of Expertise

Political Consulting
Government Policies, Operations, & Internal Controls
Age Discrimination & Reverse Discrimination
Financial Products Including Derivatives
Consumerism & Local Public Policy Advocacy
Quicken,  TurboTax, Constant Contact, Word Press
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Professional Certifications

Forensic Accountant
Certified Financial Services Auditor
Certified Government Financial Manager
Certified Fraud Examiner
Licensed CPA in Illinois
Certified Internal Auditor
Certified Public Accountant
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Professional Association Activities & Memberships

Founding Director of the Midwest Chapter of the American Association of Political Consultants
Past Treasurer and Membership Director of the Association of Government Accountant’s Chicago Chapter
Past member of the Illinois CPA Society’s Membership Committee


American Accounting Association
American Arbitration Association
American Association of Individual Investors
American Association of Political Consultants
American Board of Forensic Accountants
American Institute of CPAs
American Society of Public Administrators
Association for Conflict Resolution
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Association of Government Accountants
Federal Criminal Investigators Association
Federal Managers Association
Illinois CPA Society
Institute of Internal Auditors
Institute of Management Accountants
International Association of Financial Engineers
International Webmasters Association
National Association of Financial Services Auditors
National Employment Lawyers Association
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MS in financial markets & trading from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago
MS in accounting from DePaul University in Chicago
MBA from Loyola University in Chicago
BS in management from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb
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Former arbitrator for BBB
Former webmaster for Milton Township
Former trustee for the Milton Township Cemeteries Authority
Illinois Editor for GOPUSA
Former webmaster for the Milton Township Republican Organization
Former Legislative Liaison for the American Institute of CPAs and the Illinois CPA Society
Former Legal Assistant for Attorney Walter T. Charlton in Annapolis, Maryland
Arbitrator for FINRA
Former Investment Portfolio Analyst

Work Experience

Senior Analyst for the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) 1986-1997 and Analyst 1980-1986
9 years experience with GAO auditing federal financial institution regulators, 3 years experience auditing IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division, and 6 years experience auditing other federal agencies
Special Procedures Staff Advisor for IRS’s Collection Division 1976-1980
Senior Revenue Officer for IRS 1974-1976
Revenue Officer for IRS 1971-1974
Retail Sales Manager for Firestone Stores 1970-1971
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Since 1998

2000-2020 Illinois Republican Party Voting Delegate
Former Treasurer, Fundraising and Finance Committee Chairman, and Webmaster for the Illinois Center Right Coalition
Former First Vice-Chairman and Director of the TAPROOT Republicans of Illinois
Milton Township Coordinator for Patrick O’Malley’s primary campaign for Illinois Governor
Webmaster for Paul Didzerekis’ campaign for DuPage County Board
Illinois Editor for GOPUSA
Manned the Republican Campaign Headquarters for Milton Township during October and November of 2000
Webmaster for the Milton Township Republican Organization 2008-2010 and 2000-2004
Precinct Committeeman for DuPage County Milton Township Precinct 9 in Wheaton, Illinois and Former Assistant Precinct Committeeman since 1999

Prior to 1998

Contributing Member of the Republican Party since 1976
Lifelong Conservative
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Republican Activism

Please visit: DiersenGAOBrief.pdf
Treasurer and a Director of Adversity.Net since 1999
Case No. 16 on Adversity.Net since 1999
Plaintiff in Diersen v. GAO since 1998
Filed Administrative Discrimination Complaint against GAO in 1997
Participant in Chennareddy v. GAO since 1988
Opponent of reverse discrimination since 1971
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Fight Against Age Discrimination & Reverse Discrimination

Spokesman for Wheaton for Fox News Channel (FNC), a group that successfully prompted AT&T Broadband to begin carrying FNC in Wheaton, Warrenville, Winfield, West Chicago, Geneva, St. Charles, & Addison on April 1, 2002
Opponent of imposition of additional restrictions on replacement home construction in Wheaton
Advocate for better electricity reliability in Wheaton
Settled a failure to honor warranty lawsuit against an automobile manufacturer and dealer
Supported advocacy of a  minority committee report filed concerning the activities of a homeless shelter
Opposed running high voltage lines along the Illinois Prairie Path
Petitioned an odometer fraud lawsuit to the United States Supreme Court
Petitioned a breach of contract lawsuit against an attorney to the Illinois Supreme Court
Petitioned a lawsuit involving the validity of an arbitration clause, fraud, and construction defects to the Illinois Supreme Court
Appealed assessed valuations
Helped stop the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Harrison & President streets in Wheaton
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Consumerism & Public Policy Advocacy

Wheaton resident since 1978
Married to Karen Annette Diersen (Gassner) since 1978
Hometown is Crete, Illinois
Born in Chicago Heights, Illinois on September 29, 1948
Parents are John Robert Diersen (died in 1969) and Esther Dorothy (Balgemann) Diersen (died in 2016) of Crete
Interests include Corvettes, Chargers, Impala SSs, Thunderbirds, Mustangs, and bicycling on the Illinois Prairie Path
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Personal Background

Former U.S. Congressman Randall Hultgren
DuPage County Treasurer Gwen Henry


Annapolis, Maryland Attorney Walter T. Charlton
Former GAO Senior Analyst Stewart Seman
Former Central DuPage Hospital President Luke McGuinness
Former Milton Township Trustee Don Sender
Former DuPage County Forest Preserve Trustee Tim Whelan
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Contact Information

Phone: 630-653-0462
Fax: 630-653-9665
Email: diersen@aol.com
Address: 915 Cove Court, Wheaton, Illinois 60189-6326