The opinions that I express in GOPUSA ILLINOIS  emails are based on experience that I have gained doing many things since 1948.  I base my opinions on what I learned a) working for the federal government for almost 30 years — Post Office 1966-1969, IRS 1971-1980, and GAO 1980-1997, serving on the Executive Committee of the Association of Government Accountants Chicago Chapter 1983-1996, and being a union member while I worked for the Post Office and IRS; b) earning an MBA from Loyola in 1976, a masters degree in accounting from DePaul in 1980, and a masters degree in financial markets and trading from IIT in 1997; c) passing the CPA examination on my first attempt in 1979 and passing the Certified Internal Auditor examination on my first attempt in 1981; c) serving as a Republican Precinct Committeeman since 1999, the GOPUSA Illinois Editor since 2000, the TAPROOT Republicans of Illinois Chairman 2005-2012, a member of the 2008 Illinois Republican Party (IRP) Platform and Resolutions Committee, a Wheaton Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee member 2003-2011, the Milton Township Republican Central Committee webmaster 2008-2010 and 2000-2004, an Illinois Center Right Coalition Steering Committee member 2003-2007, and an American Association of Political Consultants Midwest Chapter board member 2001-2004; d) attending the 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2020 IRP State Conventions as a delegate; e) being the subject of a nasty 4-page article in the February 1978 issue of Money Magazine; f) pursing litigation including Diersen v. GAO and Diersen v. Chicago Car Exchange; g) being married since 1978; h) living in Crete 1948-1972, in University Park 1972-1976, in Chicago 1976-1978, and in DuPage County, Milton Township, and Wheaton since 1978; and i) being baptized, raised, and confirmed as a Missouri Synod Lutheran.

David Diersen

Forensic Accountant, CFSA, CGFM, CFE, CIA, CPA

915 Cove Court * Wheaton, Illinois 60187
Phone: 630-653-0462 * Fax: 630-653-9665
Email: diersen@aol.com

Diersen Consulting Website: www.DiersenConsulting.com

Political Website: www.DiersenForMilton9.com


Areas of Specialization

  • Forensic Accountant and professional certifications in financial services auditing, government financial management, fraud examination, internal auditing, and public accounting
  • Masters degrees in finance, accounting, and business administration
  • 18 years experience doing internal audit work for the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO), the federal agency that conducts audits and studies for Congress –- 9 years auditing federal financial institution regulators and studying financial market issues and 3 years auditing the IRS — before retiring in 1997 with an ending salary of $72,460
  • 9 years experience doing collection and litigation support work for IRS before transferring to GAO in 1980
  • 13 years experience serving on the executive committee of a professional association and membership in many professional associations
  • Member of the National Association of Securities Dealers Regulation, Inc. Board of Arbitrators since January 1998
  • Listed in Who’s Who in the Midwest since 1988


  • Derivatives, structured notes, and mortgage-backed securities, especially internal controls over their use and marketing
  • Federal agency policies, procedures, operations, and internal controls – especially financial institution regulators and IRS
  • Personnel management and employment issues
  • Consumer issues Click here for information on odometer fraud case
  • Appeals of residential assessed valuations
  • Local public policy advocacy


    • Forensic Accountant, 1997
    • Certified Financial Services Auditor (CFSA), 1996
    • Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM), 1994
    • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), 1990
    • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), 1981
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA), 1979

Licensed CPA in Illinois since 1982. Passed CPA and CIA examinations on first attempt. Obtained subsequent certifications based on work experience, education, and prior certifications.


    • Master of Science in Financial Markets and Trading
      Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, 1997
    • Master of Science in Accounting
      DePaul University, Chicago, 1980
    • Master of Business Administration
      Loyola University, Chicago, 1976
    • Bachelor of Science in Management
      Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, 1970
  • Student
    University of Illinois, Chicago, 1966-1968


GAO 1980-1997

Senior Evaluator – Financial Institution and Market Issues, Chicago (1990-1997)
Supervised audit staff, maximized staff development and teamwork, planned and directed the work of audit teams, developed recommendations, and provided oral and written reports to GAO management, agency officials, Congressional staff, and members of Congress. Held leadership roles and listed as a major contributor on three major studies – a 230-page October 1997 report on the use and marketing of over-the-counter derivatives, structured notes, and mortgage-backed securities; a 196-page May of 1994 report on derivatives; and a 6-page August 1991 report on insider trading.

Senior Evaluator, Chicago (1986-1990)
Held leadership roles and listed as a major contributor on four major audits – a 45-page May 1990 report on internal controls over a major Railroad Retirement Board benefits program; a 48-page October 1989 report on a Department of Defense ammunition budget request; a 32-page March 1989 report on the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) program to address unreported legal source income; and a 49-page April 1988 report on CID’s program to address unreported illegal source income. Also, drew on the 3 years experience I gained working for the U.S. Postal Service while obtaining my undergraduate degree to make major contributions to a 1990 report on efforts to improve mail delivery.

Evaluator, Chicago (1980-1986)
Held increasingly responsible roles and made major contributions to many reports including ones that involved assessing the adequacy of (1) Environmental Protection Agency Office of Inspector General’s compliance with Yellow Book standards, (2) SEC’s oversight of self-regulatory organizations, (3) Department of Energy’s financial internal control systems, (4) Department of Transportation’s administration of mass transit block grant programs, (5) Immigration and Naturalization Service’s issuance of employment visas, (6) General Service Administration’s leasing activities, (7) Federal Highway Administration’s distribution of highway trust funds, (8) Department of Labor’s contract compliance activities, (9) financial regulators’ use of consumer complaint data, (10) Federal Aviation Administration’s programs for modernizing air traffic control computer systems, (11) Veteran Administration’s processing of Agent Orange claims, (12) Department of Housing and Urban Development’s administration of community development block grant programs, and (13) Department of Health and Human Service’s administration of Medicare claim processing.

IRS 1971-1980

Special Procedures Staff Advisor, Chicago (1976-1980)
Conferred with IRS Attorneys, Revenue Officers, Revenue Agents and Special Agents as well as taxpayers and their representatives to resolve complex tax issues and determine a course of action designed to protect the Government’s interests and expedite payment of taxes due. IRS implemented a major employee suggestion that I had submitted as a Senior Revenue Officer after I brought it to GAO’s attention and GAO endorsed it in one of its reports.

Senior Revenue Officer, Chicago (1974-1976)
Provided financial advice to businesses and high-income individuals to liquidate large tax delinquencies and comply with tax laws. Collected delinquent tax accounts and secured delinquent tax returns from taxpayers and their representatives who often were uncooperative and resorted to sophisticated legal and illegal subterfuges to conceal assets, income, and tax liability. Frequently served as an acting supervisor.

Revenue Officer, Harvey and Joliet Illinois (1971-1974)
Collecting delinquent tax accounts and secured delinquent tax returns on increasing complex cases. Supervised a staff that at times included over 90 Revenue Agents, Revenue Agent trainees, and Taxpayer Service Representatives who answered all requests for information and assistance received via a newly-installed toll-free telephone call distribution system in Chicago in 1974.


  • Accounting and Auditing
    American Accounting Association
    American Institute of CPAs
    Illinois CPA Society
    Institute of Internal Auditors
    Institute of Management Accountants
  • Arbitration
    American Arbitration Association
    Society of Professional in Dispute Resolution
  • Cost Estimating and Analysis
    Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis
  • Finance
    American Association of Individual Investors
    International Association of Financial Engineers
    National Association of Financial Services Auditors
  • Fraud Investigation
    American Board of Forensic Accountants
    Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
    Federal Investigators Association
  • Government
    American Society of Public Administrators
    Association of Government Accountants
    Federal Managers Association

Association of Government Accountants Chicago Chapter Treasurer 1983-1985 and Membership Director 1986-1996. Received many awards that recognized success in recruiting and retaining members. Served on the Illinois CPA Society Membership Committee 1989-1998.