September 5 Evening Edition

— Phyllis Schlafly dead at 92 (DIERSEN: Schlafly was more than a role model, she was the conservative leader that all conservative leaders should strive to be.)
— House GOP faces fight over impeaching IRS commissioner – Naomi Jagoda


— Cultural Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly Dies at 92 – RICHIE DUCHON and THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


— Phyllis Schlafly, conservative activist who helped move GOP to the right, dies at 92
— Trump, Clinton go to Cleveland in pursuit of the working-class voter –  \John Wagner, Jose A. DelReal and David Weigel


— Phyllis Schlafly, Conservative Leader and Foe of E.R.A., Dies at 92 – DOUGLAS MARTINS


— Phyllis Schlafly, anti-feminist political activist, dies at 92 – Valerie J. Nelson


— Phyllis Schlafly, political activist who helped push GOP to the right, dead at 92 – Valerie J. Nelson
— Though often overlooked, Labor Day was born in Chicago – Vikki Ortiz Healy
— Obama cancels meeting with new Philippine President Duterte
— Trump agrees to participate in all three presidential debates – Jose A. DelReal


— Governor Bruce Rauner and the First Lady walked in Naperville’s outstanding Labor Day parade Monday, September 5, 2016 along with many other Republicans including Janice Anderson, Greg Boltz, Judge Liam Brennan, Matt Carlyle, Gerry Cassioppi, Steve Chirico, Michael Connelly, Kevin Coyne, Jay Fisher, Dick Furstenau, Kevin Gallaher, Patty Gustin, Jim Healy, Jeanne Ives, Chris Kachiroubas, Tonia Khouri, Burt Minor, David Olsen, Rachel Ossyra, Peter Roskam, Carl Schultz, David Tornga, and Grant Wehrli. – Dave Diersen


(FROM THE ARTICLE: Gov. Bruce Rauner joined the Labor Day parade in Naperville on Monday along with dozens of groups from the town. Parade participants included Naperville bands, dance crews, veterans’ organizations and first responders riding on fire trucks with their families. Gov. Rauner also took part in the parade festivities. Some might call that a contradiction because the governor is trying to weaken unions and the labor movement in Illinois. When questioned about that criticism, Rauner responded: “What I’m all about is growing the Illinois economy, making sure we are very competitive, more jobs and that we’ve got high family incomes. We do that through strong economic growth. That’s everything we are pushing for.” The parade took a one mile route from Naperville North to Naperville Central High School.)
— At least eight people have been killed over the Labor Day weekend in Chicago and 33 others have been wounded. – Eric Horng


— Rauner, long at odds with unions, goes parading on Labor Day – Stefano Esposito
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Even though union leaders have branded him the anti-organized labor governor, Bruce Rauner confidently stepped onto the streets of downtown Naperville Monday for the huge suburb’s Labor Day parade. For the most part, the Republican governor was well-received as he jogged along the parade route kicking off what traditionally has been the start of the fall campaign season, which could be among the most expensive in Illinois history. The governor has promised to go “toe-to-toe” to oust Democrats during the November elections. Democrats — led by Rauner’s nemesis, Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan — have supermajorities in both the House and Senate, stifling the governor in his bid to enact his so-called turnaround agenda. Rauner so far has contributed about $10 million from his campaign fund to help the Republican cause in November. Asked by reporters before the parade about his battles with Democrats and Democratic-leaning labor leaders, Rauner turned the issue to the economy. “What I’m all about is growing the Illinois economy, making sure we’re very competitive, that we’ve got lots of jobs and that we’ve got higher family incomes,” Rauner told reporters. “We do that through strong economic growth, and that’s everything we’re pushing for.” Rauner took to the streets of Naperville with his wife, first lady Diana Rauner. “Thanks for trying to clean up the mess,” called out Dan Krush, 56, of Naperville, as Rauner passed. “You guys are doing a great job. Stay strong. Someone has to save us from the Madigan madness,” said Mary Derwinski, also of Naperville. And so it went for most of the parade route. There was the occasional dissenting voice, though. “Save our pension, Bruce!” shouted Jim Geovanes, 42, a teacher at Oak Park and River Forest High School, who said he’s not a Rauner fan and thinks teachers are being overlooked in the Springfield budget squabbles. “I have no political lines,” Geovanes said. “I just want what’s due to us and owed to us, and want the state to fund that pension to make sure teachers get what they deserve.”)
— Obama: QB Kaepernick exercising constitutional right to protest – AP

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-conservatives say that Schlafly was “far-right.”


— Governor Rauner Joins Labor Day Parade – LINDA LUTTON
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Illinois governor Bruce Rauner joined a Labor Day parade today in friendly territory, west-suburban Naperville.  Rauner is not seen as a friend of organized labor.  But he got cheers at this heavily Republican parade, marching amidst the high school bands and dance teams. “Enjoy Labor Day! Happy parade!” Jim Caffray, a home remodeler from Oswego, says he likes that the governor is fighting the democratic machine.  There’s no unions in this Labor Day parade. “I think that’s great, actually. Because I think the unions have been destroying this country for 50 years now.” There were still union supporters in the crowd. A Batavia public school teacher greeted Rauner like this: “Go UNIONS! IEA, NEA! Support the teachers—they’re our future!”  Rauner remains locked in a prolonged fight with the state workers’ union.)


— 6 Dead, 33 Wounded in Labor Day Weekend Shootings Across Chicago – Regina Waldroup


— LESTER: Money drop  The Republican State Senate Campaign Committee dropped $60,000 into Gurnee Republican Mike Amrozowicz’ war chest last week. Amrozowicz is challenging Democratic state Sen. Melinda Bush of Grayslake in what is expected to be one of the most targeted races in the suburbs Nov. 8.
— LESTER: Fighting words  “Who’s this Tim Schneider?” Democratic former Gov. Pat Quinn quipped last week after Schneider criticized Quinn for having hired downstate independent congressional candidate David Gill for a state job in 2013. Schneider, of Bartlett, fired back: “Pat Quinn may not know who I am now, because he is trying hard to forget everything about his failed record as governor. As chairman of the Illinois Republican Party in 2014, I helped shed light on Quinn’s record of mismanagement, scandal and corruption, and I won’t let him rewrite history now.”
— LESTER: College lists  Wheaton College was highlighted this week by Campus Pride, a nonprofit that listed the Christian college among 102 campuses it says are unfriendly to gay, lesbian and bisexual students. The Princeton Review has included the college on a similar list, along with ranking it high in religious students and low in alcohol and drug use on campus. “Wheaton strives to treat all people with respect,” college spokeswoman LaTonya Taylor said in a statement. Students and staff affirm a Community Covenant that Taylor describes as a “voluntary social compact” expressing “the commitments and values consistent with the community’s shared Christian faith.” The college, she says, is committed to chastity among the unmarried and the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman. “Some perceive our commitment to this Christian sexual ethic as unfriendly toward the LGBTQ community. Our aim is to stand respectfully and graciously for God’s truth.”
— TRAGIC: Poll: Support for Black Lives Matter grows among white youth – AP
— TRAGIC: Analysis: Could hackers tip an American election? You bet – Craig Timberg and Andrea Pete


— Illinois Senate hearing room to get $1.7M renovation to make it ADA accessible – Doug Finke


— State Rep. David Olsen (R-Downers Grove) disappointed with high court ruling on maps – Ruth de Jauregui


— Trump visits Ben Carson’s boyhood Detroit neighborhood
— Trump: Manufacturing jobs are going to hell


— Portland Accidentally Puts Out ‘Racist’ Ad Despite Spending Millions On Diversity – Blake Neff


— Trump Commits to Debates as He, Clinton Promise More Access on Campaign  The two candidates are focusing campaigns on a handful of swing states that will decide the election. – Jennifer Epstein and Kevin Cirilli

Author: David Diersen

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