July 25 Evening Edition

(FROM THE ARTICLE: State Rep. Ron Sandack, one of Illinois’ top Republicans, has mysteriously and suddenly resigned without explanation, only saying that it’s due to “cyber-security issues.”  The I-Team has learned that there is a police investigation underway in his west suburban home district of Downers Grove. However, neither police nor Sandack are talking about the nature of the investigation. . .FBI, Illinois State Police and DuPage County officials said they are not investigating the alleged intrusion on Sandack’s accounts, but that Downers Grove police are handling the case. Police have not yet made the paperwork public, despite an open records request today by the I-Team. Sandack is a partner in a Chicago law firm and was running for re-election to the General Assembly in November. Now the Republican Party has a month to tap someone to finish his term and slate a replacement on the ballot.)


— Hastert Lawyer Says Victim’s Lawsuit Should Be Thrown Out


— ‘I May Vote Trump’: Pro-Bernie protesters furious after Hillary hires DNC chair


— Gutierrez rails against Trump ‘bigotry’ in Democratic convention speech – Bill Ruthhart  (DIERSEN: Democrats run America. Ever-increasingly, if not already, under the Democrats, calling someone a racist, a sexist, or a bigot in America today is like calling someone a Jew in Germany during the 1930s and 1940s.)
— Yes, Donald Trump could win – Chris Cillizza  (DIERSEN: What do you say to those who hold leadership positions in the Illinois Republican Party, your Republican county party organization, and/or your Republican township/ward party organization who hint/imply/argue/shout that Trump/Pence has no chance of winning Illinois, and therefore, little or no time or money should spent to help elect Trump/Pence?)
— Can Hillary Clinton build voters’ trust at the Democratic convention? – Editorial
— DNC betrayed Bernie Sanders and the rest of America – Dahleen Glanton
— Rauner renews term limits push – Rick Pearson
— Illinois Democrats looking for someone to run against Rauner in 2018 – Kim Geiger and Bill Ruthhart
— FBI investigates DNC email hacking; Clinton campaign blames Russia
— How America’s white working class lost its patriotism – J. D. Vance  (DIERSEN: Are/were you a member of America’s White working class? I was 1964-1997.


— Democrats turn to stars to turn convention positive after rocky start
— Rauner ally Ron Sandack chalks up abrupt resignation as politics getting ‘too ugly’ – Monique Garcia  (DIERSEN: Government is nasty.  Politics is nasty.  Democrats and Democrat plants are nasty.  Libertarian and Libertarian plants are nasty.  Greens and Green plants are nasty.  RINOs are nasty.  I should write a book about nasty, if not ugly, actions that my critics/opponents have taken against me, including those in the Wheaton Bowl Banquet Hall.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: A suburban Republican lawmaker known for throwing plenty of verbal jabs during the 18-month stalemate at the Capitol said Monday that he abruptly resigned because politics is getting “too ugly.” Rep. Ron Sandack, of Downers Grove, said he made his decision to step down from the Illinois House after several fraudulent social media accounts were set up in his name in recent weeks. He also cited recent automated telephone calls accusing him of accosting a Democratic staff member. “I wasn’t looking forward to an ugly general election as it were, this additional stuff added undue pressure,” said Sandack, who was up for re-election this November. “It made my family uneasy and made me re-evaluate my priorities. Politics has gotten too ugly. I don’t need it, and my family doesn’t deserve it.” Sandack would not say if he believed the social media shenanigans was politically motivated, but said he filed a report with the Downers Grove Police Department. Downers Grove police did not immediately say whether they had any police reports involving Sandack, instead suggesting the Chicago Tribune file an open-records request. The Tribune did so, but police have five days to respond. The six-year lawmaker was an outspoken defender of Gov. Bruce Rauner, serving as his House floor leader. Sandack’s desire to debate also bled into his online presence, and he frequently took to Facebook and Twitter to let his viewpoints be known. Last week, Sandack suddenly deleted his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Asked Monday if any compromising information was accessed before he deleted his social media accounts, Sandack said “no.” The former lawmaker said he is looking forward to life as a “private citizen” and will continue his work at a Chicago law firm. Late last month, Sandack appeared in a segment on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” where he said Democrats are to blame for Illinois’ budget impasse. More recently, he’s been the subject of automated attack phone calls accusing him of accosting a Democratic staff member. That stems from a heated debate at the end of the spring session. House Republicans were furious when Democrats quickly adjourned after House Speaker Michael Madigan muscled through a budget bill that ultimately stalled in the Senate. Republicans asked for a double check that required each lawmaker voting for the measure to be verified as in their seat. But that didn’t happen. Incredulous, Sandack went to the front of the chamber to ask Madigan’s chief legal counsel why the verified roll call was never held and touched her on the arm. Democrats later accused Sandack of accosting her, which Sandack denied. “I did not grab her. I did get in her face and talk to her,” Sandack said at the time. Sandack first joined the legislature in 2010, when he was appointed to fill the Senate seat of Dan Cronin, who stepped down to serve as DuPage County Board chairman. Sandack moved to the House in 2013 and was up for re-election Nov. 8 against Democratic attorney Greg Hose, also of Downers Grove. Republican leaders have 30 days to name Sandack’s replacement. The Daily Herald reported Monday that a leading contender is David Olsen, a Downers Grove village commissioner and vice chairman of the Downers Grove Township Republican Organization. House Republican leader Jim Durkin said Sandack was “a dedicated and caring public servant.” “I spoke with Ron yesterday and he indicated that his decision was personal and for the benefit of his family,” Durkin told the Tribune via text message. “I respect his decision.)


— Gutierrez calls Trump deportation plan ‘sick and hateful fantasy’ – Mark Brown  (DIERSEN: Ever-increasingly, Democrats make it clear that they want to surrender America to Mexico and to all the other foreign countries.)
— Rauner reignites push for term limits – Jacob Wittich
— Democrats gave life to Sanders, Trump, Rauner – Madeleine Doubek


— Local Sanders delegates look for more out of Clinton – Mike Riopell
— Sanders backs Clinton-Kaine ticket, but his supporters jeer – Sean Sullivan and Anne Gearan
— Animals begin arriving for DuPage County Fair – Cassie Buchman
— College of DuPage, Downers Grove leader Olsen front-runner to fill Sandack’s seat – Marie Wilson
(FROM THE ARTICLE: A rising star in the DuPage County Republican Party, David S. Olsen, appears to be the leading candidate to replace 81st District state Rep. Ron Sandack of Downers Grove, who has resigned his seat citing “cyber security issues.”  Olsen, 27, of Downers Grove, already serves as vice chairman of the College of DuPage board of trustees, as a Downers Grove village commissioner and as vice chairman of the Downers Grove Township Republican Organization. He has expressed interest in seeking the 81st House seat in the past and Downers Grove Township and DuPage County GOP leaders say he’s the “front-runner” to fill the remainder of Sandack’s term and likely be listed on the Nov. 8 ballot against Downers Grove Democrat Greg Hose. “Right now it sounds like David Olsen is at the top of everyone’s wish list,” said Bob Grogan, Downers Grove Township Republican Organization chairman. “He’s a well-liked young man.”  Olsen, who works as an ethics and compliance analyst for BP Corp. North America Inc., did not immediately return calls seeking comment. But Republican leaders say he likely will retain his College of DuPage seat but resign from the Downers Grove village council if he’s chosen as Sandack’s successor. “He was looking at this (state) seat in the primary a year ago,” Brian Krajewski, DuPage County Republican chairman, said. The 81st District includes all or parts of Darien, Downers Grove, Lisle, Naperville, Westmont and Woodridge in DuPage and Will counties. “Clearly he’s performed tremendously in his role as commissioner in Downers Grove, was elevated to mayor pro tem and was recently tapped to help clean up the mess at COD,” Krajewski said. Olsen was appointed to the College of DuPage board in February to replace former Chairwoman Kathy Hamilton, who resigned in December. His selection — which was supported by Gov. Bruce Rauner — was significant because it broke a 3-3 tie among trustees that plagued the college and stalled business for months following Hamilton’s unexpected departure. COD board Chairwoman Deanne Mazzochi did not immediately return calls seeking comment. Krajewski said Olsen likely will remain on the college panel until the spring election to prevent another stalemate. Olsen already has said he does not intend to seek a full term on the COD board in the spring election. “He helps bring people together,” Krajewski said. “I know his intentions there were never to rerun in April anyway for that position.” Olsen — or whoever is picked to run in Sandack’s place in the Nov. 8 election — will need time to devote to running a campaign, Krajewski and Grogan said. That campaign would pit the chosen candidate against Hose, an attorney and Downers Grove village commissioner who is the Democrat seeking the 81st seat. With his opponent unknown, Hose said he’ll keep his focus on the issues — largely the state’s unpaid bills, economic issues and rising property taxes. “I think that’s the best way to do it. This race doesn’t need to be about personality,” Hose said. “I’m just going to keep focusing on what’s important to the people of the 81st District and making the world a little better for my children and everyone else’s children.” Officials expect the decision on Sandack’s replacement will be made relatively quickly. The Republican party has 30 days from Sandack’s resignation effective Monday to fill his seat and officials have until Aug. 25 to fill the vacancy on the November ballot. Krajewski said the person chosen by DuPage Republican leaders will get the seat and the ballot slot, but the Will County Republican Central Committee also will have a say because a small number of precincts in the 81st District are within Will County’s borders. Will County Republican Chairwoman Kathy Havel did not immediately return a call seeking comment.)
— Republican leader Jim Durkin: Ron Sandack will be missed – Mike Riopell
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The Illinois House Republican leader said Monday that Ron Sandack, the suburban lawmaker who resigned abruptly citing “cyber security issues,” will be missed. The sudden resignation of former state Rep. Sandack, a Downers Grove Republican, became effective Monday, according to a letter received by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office and other leaders. “Ron Sandack is a dedicated and caring public servant. I want to thank him for his service to his constituents and the entire State of Illinois,” House Republican Leader Jim Durkin of Western Springs said in a statement. “I wish him well in his future endeavors,” “I spoke with Ron yesterday afternoon and respect his decision to resign,” a separate message to lawmakers said. “I am grateful for the work he has done collectively on behalf of our caucus and for his constituents. He will be missed.” Sandack had become a vocal supporter of Gov. Bruce Rauner and a key member of the House Republicans, acting as a floor leader at the Capitol during hours of legislative debates. “It has been a tremendous honor and privilege to serve the people of the 81st district for the past four years in Springfield,” Sandack said in a statement over the weekend. “But after some cyber security issues arose, I began to re-evaluate my continued public service.” Sandack, a second-term member of the Illinois House, hasn’t responded to requests for comment and hasn’t elaborated further. “I have always recognized there is no greater privilege than being a father and husband,” his statement said. “My duties in Springfield has meant missing a lot of events in the lives of my children. I am no longer willing to miss important family events.” His resignation was a particular surprise because his profile has risen quickly among Illinois Republicans, becoming a prominent member of Durkin’s team in Springfield. His prolific tweeting raised his profile, too, so the disappearance of his Twitter accounts last week were a cause for questions that led to his resignation announcement over the weekend. Last month, he appeared on a segment of the Daily Show about the Illinois budget war. “Ron Sandack is an integral part of our leadership team,” said state Rep. Ed Sullivan, a Mundelein Republican. Sullivan decided not to run for re-election, at least partly because of actions of protesters at his home, and said Sandack made a personal decision to leave the House. Local Republican officials will get to pick Sandack’s replacement in the coming days.)


— Resignation Of Top State Republican A Happy Surprise For Democrats – Miles Bryan


— Gov. Durbin? Talk resurfaces in Philly, and says much about Democrats – GREG HINZ  (DIERSEN: Durbin is much further to the left than Rauner is to the right.)
— George Ryan lawyer slams federal appeals judge – CLAIRE BUSHEY  (DIERSEN: Of course, needless-to-say, my critics/opponents glorify and praise those judges who have ruled against me.)
— 30,850 new pilots needed a year as travel soars, says Boeing – Bloomberg  (DIERSEN: Early on, bad eyesight and partial red/green color blindness ended my plans to be a pilot.)


— Madigan calls Rauner and Trump “extreme” – TONY ARNOLD


— Illinois Democrats Urge Dick Durbin to Run for Governor – Paris Schutz


— Illinois police prepare for big changes in penalties for marijuana possession – Anna Giles  (DIERSEN: If Rauner signs this bill, how soon will the following be stoners: your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren, you, your spouse, your parents, your grand parents, your great grandparents, those in your neighborhood, those in your precinct, those in your township/ward, those in your county, those in Illinois, and those in America?  Every-increasingly, people, and especially young people, have trouble dealing with reality, so ever-increasingly, they will become stoners.)


— Top Illinois Dem Says Party Takes Nothing For Granted – Doug Wolfe


— A view from the floor: Highland man Phil Chapman serves as Trump delegate at Republican National Convention – CURT LIBBRA


— Legislature unlikely to take up Rauner’s call for term limit vote – DAN PETRELLA


— 2 Arrested in Past Week in Separate DuPage County ‘Courthouse Incidents’  Both incidents occurred at the DuPage County Courthouse in Wheaton in recent days. – Amie Schaenzer


— House GOP’s floor leader stepping down – Andrew Maloney


— Follow The Logic: Double Standards and Hillary Clinton


— Illegals along for the free ride


— GROWING DEMOCRAT DOMINATION IN DUPAGE COUNTY  (DIERSEN: What do you say to those who are anti-Christian, anti-conservative, and/or anti-Republican who hypocritically move into DuPage County or stay in DuPage County to take advantage of the prosperity and safety that Christian, conservative, and Republican principles and values bring forth?)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: According to PEW, most of the biggest counties have become more presidentially Democratic over the past four decades. For example, Illinois’ DuPage County, a longtime GOP stronghold, went for Gerald Ford by more than 40 percentage points in 1976 (68.8% to 28.3%). But it went for Obama twice, by nearly 11 percentage points in 2008 and by 1.1 percentage points in 2012. . .In recent decades Americans have increasingly sorted themselves politically. A 2014 Pew Research Center report on political polarization found that liberals are about twice as likely as conservatives to live in urban areas, while conservatives are more concentrated in rural areas.)
— BIG DEBT, LITTLE STUDY: WHAT TAXPAYERS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT COLLEGE STUDENTS’ TIME  (DIERSEN: Between 1964 and 1969, to pay for college expenses and to pay for new cars, I worked as many hours that I could. I was able to graduate debt-free from NIU in August of 1970 while owning a 1969 Dodge Charger SE. I had bought a new 1968 Oldsmobile 442 in 1967 and a new 1966 Pontiac Tempest Sprint in 1966.)


— Police stand between furious Florida delegates and stage as Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks
— DNC delegates replaced because they’re male  (DIERSEN: In 1977, my Democrat GAO superiors replaced me not only because I am a male, but because I am a Republican, White, old (49 at the time), and a non-veteran.)
— Clinton Crime Family Tried to Bury Bern


— Leaked DNC Documents Show Plans To Reward Big Donors With Federal Appointments – Chuck Ross


— Former Fox Chief Ailes Could Be Trump’s Chief Strategist, Sources Say – David A. Patten


— Democrats fear secret white guy Trump vote – PAUL BEDARD


— Wasserman Schultz booed off stage in Philadelphia – Ben Kamisar
— Wasserman Schultz backs down, won’t open convention – Ian Swanson and Ben Kamisar
— DNC apologizes to Sanders for ‘inexcusable’ emails – Jesse Byrnes


— Trump on Wasserman Schultz: ‘Hillary threw her under a bus’  He also tried out a new nickname for his rival: ‘Hillary Rotten Clinton’ – Nolan D. McCaskill
— Sanders delegates revolt on convention floor  Sanders’ allies drown out speakers with chants supporting the Vermont senator. – Kyle Cheney


— S.E. Cupp: The Trump I know is a Democrat – Lucy Little


— Trump running mate Mike Pence gets hammered hard by DNC speakers right out of the gate – Christine Mai-Duc


— Democratic Dilemma: Knock Donald Trump, or Boost Hillary Clinton?  The party faces a fundamental strategic choice as it frames its convention this week in Philadelphia – Gerald F. Seib writes  (DIERSEN: What do you say to Democrat plants, Libertarian plants, Green plants, and RINOs who knock Republicans and boost Democrat plants, Libertarian plants, Green plants, and RINOs?)
— Colleges Nudge Students to Graduate Within Four Years  Slow graduation rates hurt schools’ reputations and adds to tab for ‘super seniors’ – MELISSA KORN  (DIERSEN: For me, graduating within 4 years was a very high priority. Because I transferred from UIC to NIU in January of 1969, I graduated from NIU in August of 1970 instead if June of 1970.)


— 7 Expenses That Will Fall Once You Retire – PAUL KATZEFF  (DIERSEN: My Civil Service Retirement System pension is dramatically reduced because my Democrat superiors in the federal government succeeded in wasting my career and forcing me to retire in 1997 when I was 49 years old.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Are you worried about being able to afford the retirement lifestyle you want? Well, you can relax a little bit. That’s because your spending is likely to fall once you retire. In fact, odds are it will decline in a whopping 7 of 8 key categories, according to the latest data from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). That means you will probably need less money than you thought. That should make your overall retirement planning a little easier. The less you need, the easier it is to reach that goal. After retirement, the average 65- to 79-year-old’s household spending falls to $41,904 a year. That’s just 77% of what it was before retirement from age 50 to age 64: $54,356. Even if your income and spending are much higher than the average household’s, you should expect your spending to shift into a lower gear once you retire. The 25% of Americans who are the most affluent — their annual income range starts at about $102,000 and goes into the millions — spend about $104,000 a year on average from age 50 to 54, their peak consumption years. But by ages 65 to 69, their annual spending falls to about $82,000. Already making do with less, low-income households tend to see a smaller decline in spending after retirement. For the average retiree household, the biggest decline in spending is for insurance and pensions. Spending in this category for the average 65- to 79-year-old retiree household plunges to just 40% of what it was pre-retirement from ages 50 to 64. That category includes contributions to retirement accounts and pensions. The decline makes perfect sense since retirees are far more likely to be taking withdrawals from retirement accounts than stuffing money into them. The only category where spending increases is health care. Spending averages $3,935 a year for pre-retirees. It climbs to 126% of that, $4,959, for 65- to 79-year-old retiree households. The other six categories where average annual spending declines are housing, transportation, food, entertainment, apparel and “other,” which includes spending for things like reading, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, education and personal care.)


— DNC tries to draw contrasts to GOP by giving undocumented immigrants key roles in Philly – Elizabeth Llorente  (DIERSEN: Ever-increasingly, Democrats and RINOs put illegals ahead of Americans.)

Author: David Diersen

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