August 14 Morning Edition

— Illinois COVID Update: IL reports 3,479 cases, 20 deaths – Diane Pathieu

— Fremd High School Student Suspended for Declining to Wear Mask: Parent – Chris Coffey

— Niece Of Brian Urlacher Suspended From Fremd High School For Refusing To Wear Mask – Meredith Barack
— Days After Launch, Illinois COVID-19 Vaccine Portal Has Glitches – Megan Hickey

— Suburban student suspended for not wearing a mask; mother says government ‘does not control her body’
— Parents allegedly sent COVID-19 positive child to Nevada school, exposing 80 other kids – Catherine Park

— 2020 census will fuel Black-Latino power struggle over Chicago ward map. ‘It’s absolutely going to get ugly.’ – RICK PEARSON, GREGORY PRATT and BILL RUTHHART
— High-ranking schools linked to rise in Naperville’s Asian population, leaders say – SUZANNE BAKER
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Ever-increasingly, Democrats blame Republicans for bad weather.
— Aurora mayor calls for review of city’s 2020 census results after numbers show population drop – STEVE LORD

— Political power up for grabs as populations shift — but some predict ‘strong force to really flex Latino, Latina muscle’ The latest Census numbers show the Latino population growing, and surpassing, the Black population as the largest racial or ethnic group in Chicago, Cook County and in Illinois. And that’s raising questions and sparking discussions about power among politicians and advocates. – Rachel Hinton, Fran Spielman, and Elvia Malagón
— Kids to be protected from hair discrimination in schools: ‘Our existence deserves to be celebrated, not just tolerated’ The mother whose son was an inspiration for the law — a 4-year-old Black child told his braids were a violation of school dress codes — said, “Our hair is an extension of who we are as a race and is deeply connected with our cultural identity.” – Rachel Hinton
— Klan boosting Cubs owner relevant today. A hundred years ago, an owner of the Cubs was also encouraging white supremacy. – Neil Steinberg
— U.S. Census let people define who they really are, putting the count a little up for grabs. The Census Bureau has been working since 2015 to find a different way to ask questions that yielded more informative and realistic results. – Rich Miller
(DIERSEN: As Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, Independents, and RINOs ever-increasingly promote hatred against Whites, more and more and more people will define themselves as being minorities.)

— When does cave-in to cancel culture cease? – Chris Preston, Mount Prospect

— ‘Miss me yet?’: Trump mocks Biden, Democrats over mounting domestic and foreign woes – Haris Alic

— GOP lawmakers want to amend defense authorization to ban critical race theory from military academies – Mike Brest

— Texas border resident on ‘Hannity’: Biden’s handling of migrant surge ‘un-American’ Hidalgo County, Texas resident speaks out to Sara Carter – Chris Hindenach

— A DOD Official Exposes The Intellectual Bankruptcy Of Diversity – Claude M. McQuarrie III
— Illegal immigration insanity, and how to stop it – Charles Sullivan
— How much more obviously could Democrats show their racism? – Douglas Herz
— The Biden Doctrine: Beg – Monica Showalter
— Umpires are racist too now – Liam Brooks
— The Four Horsemen of the Biden Apocalypse – Jeff Crouere

— Flags, False and True. Where those false flags fly, flap, and flutter, they tell you the policies that have undercut the value of middle-class labor and immiserated a nation are intentional. – Jay Whig

— Kinzinger: Trump Pushing Lie He Won Could Lead to ‘Large-Scale’ Domestic Violence – PAM KEY
— Biden Likely to Push Illegal Immigration to Worst Levels in History – JOHN BINDER
— Stopping Election Integrity Reform a Key to Socialist Takeover – KEN BLACKWELL
— Tom Cotton Calls on DHS Secretary Mayorkas to Resign over Record Illegal Immigration to U.S. – JOHN BINDER
— Arizona Gov. Ducey Calls for the Resignation of DHS Chief Mayorkas – NEIL MUNRO
— Handouts over Hard Work: Majority of Democrats Prefer Socialism to Capitalism – KATHERINE HAMILTON

— Baltimore mayor tells unvaccinated citizens to ‘shut up’: ‘It’s your fault that we’re going back to having an indoor mask mandate’ – DAVE URBANSKI

— Rep. Lauren Boebert Wants to Censure Biden, Impeach DHS Secretary Over Border Crisis – Melanie Arter

— Judge Orders Biden To Reimplement Key Trump Border Policy As Biden’s Border Catastrophe Worsens – Ryan Saavedra

— How the Left Uses Children as Pawns in Immigration Policy – Lora Ries

— What Critical Race Apologists Get Wrong About Laws Banning Racism In Classrooms. There is a marked tendency among critics to overstate the intent and scope of ‘anti-critical race theory’ legislation like the Texas and Tennessee statutes. – Matthew D. Wright
— Elites Think The Rules Don’t Apply To Them, And Andrew Cuomo Is Just The Result. Slimeballs like Cuomo are merely the backwash of a system that has given up on accountability. – Elle Reynolds

— Why Race-Based Politics Undermines Minority Communities – William Deatherage

— Biden Looking to Override COVID Policy in Red States – Matt Vespa|

— Rep. LaHood to Newsmax: Infrastructure, Budget Legislation Will Cost Too Much – Sandy Fitzgerald
— GOP Lawmakers Aim to Ban Critical Race Theory in Military Academies – Fran Beyer
— College Professor: ‘America Only for White People’ – Charlie McCarthy

— Grabien Founder Says YouTube Demonetized Company’s Account – Alec Schemmel

— Are Democrats Convinced They’ll Get a Shellacking in 2022? – MARK ELLIS

— Libertarians Were Wrong about Marijuana Legalization – ARON RAVIN

— It’s Bernie’s Party Now: Majority of Registered Dems Now Favor Socialism Over Capitalism. “The poll comes as the House has become imbued with a vocal contingent of socialists and those who support socialist priorities.” – Mike LaChance
— Colorado Springs School District 49 Votes to Ban Critical Race Theory – Mary Chastain

— GOP Demands Action on Border Crisis After Alleged Leaked Audio of DHS Secretary Surfaces – Li Hai
— Judge Orders Biden Administration to Resume ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy. The stoppage of the policy has contributed to the border crisis, ruling says. – Zachary Stieber

— Asians in the U.S. are the fastest growing racial group. What’s behind the rise. The Asian population in the U.S. grew by 35.5 percent over the past 10 years. – Kimmy Yam and Sakshi Venkatraman

— Arnold Schwarzenegger Doubles Down on Pro-Mask Message: ‘Don’t Be a Schmuck’ – Lindsey Ellefson

— FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD: Racial Identity Is Refocused In the Census – Sabrina Tavernise, Tariro Mzezewa and Giulia Heyward
(DIERSEN: As Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, Independents, and RINOs ever-increasingly promote hatred against Whites, more and more and more people will define themselves as being minorities.)
— This Is a Terrible Time for Savers. In an upside-down world of financial markets, expected returns after inflation are at record lows. – Neil Irwin

— Democrats headed for a shellacking – Editorial

— Fear and Self-Loathing at American Express. A classic capitalist enterprise attacks capitalism. – James Freeman
— Congressional Republicans Blame Biden for Bungling Afghanistan Pullout. Democrats largely supported the idea of withdrawing troops, but few have spoken out as the situation on the ground has deteriorated. – Lindsay Wise
— Will That College Degree Pay Off? A new report measures the “return on investment” offered by various higher education programs. – Ann Carrns

— DISGUSTING, OUTRAGEOUS: Illinois Makes Discrimination and Immigration Practices Based on Work Authorization Status a Civil Rights Violation

— C8 Corvette Was The Fastest Selling New Car In July 2021

Author: David Diersen

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