September 11 Evening Edition

— Statement by Jay D. Doherty, President, City Club of Chicago  On the passing of Dr. Paul Michael Green, Chairman, City Club of Chicago,
Sunday, September 11, 2016




— Political Commentator and Professor Paul Green Dies At 73  Known for his quick wit, Green was a go-to political analyst for broadcast and print reporters – Mary Ann Ahern


— Doctor: Clinton recovering from pneumonia since Friday, before 9/11 incident – AP
— Illinois turns to private donors to fix fairgrounds – AP


— Republican state Sen. Matt Murphy reflects on his time in office – JASMINE COOPER


— Doctor says Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, ‘recovering nicely’ after 9/11 event –
— Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign – Chris Cillizza
— Chicago pundit, political author, educator Paul Green dies at 73 – Rick Pearson and Tony Briscoe
— On 9/11, Illinois Army National Guard unit mobilizes for Afghanistan deployment
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-Trumps say “Donald Trump smashes the moral compass of conservatism.”


— Doctor: Hillary Clinton diagnosed Friday with pneumonia – AP
— Political analyst, professor Paul Green dies at 73 – Mitch Dudek


— Hillary Clinton’s health re-emerges as issue in ’16 campaign – AP
— Daily Herald columnist Paul Green recalled as ‘Chicago political legend’ – Steve Zalusky
— Naperville 9/11 ceremony emphasizes ‘freedom isn’t free’ – Lauren Rohr
— 3 lawmakers want to kill the interview question we all hate: salary history – Jena McGregor  (DIERSEN: My critics/opponents, their operatives, and their dupes have always hinted/implied/argued/shouted that I was overpaid. In my defense, I earned a) a job-related bachelor’s degree when I was 21 and job-related master’s degrees when I was 27, 31, and 48, b) job-related professional certifications when I was 30, 32, 41, 45, 47, and 48, and c) a job-related professional license when I was 33.)
— For many working minimum wage, the ends never meet – Theresa Vargas  (DIERSEN: What enabled you to earn more than the minimum wage?  For me, it was a) earning a job-related bachelor’s degree when I was 21 and job-related master’s degrees when I was 27, 31, and 48, b) earning job-related professional certifications when I was 30, 32, 41, 45, 47, and 48, and c) earning a job-related professional license when I was 33.)


— Political analyst Paul Green dies at 73
— Business leaders, we need your solutions – Editorial (DIERSEN: From what I see, “business leaders” have an extremely low opinion of government employees; they want their pay and benefits to be dramatically cut; and they want them to be fired, especially those who are White, male, older, and/or non-veteran.)


— Former top CIA official: Putin wants Trump to win – CNN  (DIERSEN: From what I see, Putin has a much higher opinion of members of the following groups than Democrats do: Protestant, conservative, Republican, American, White, male, older, rich, gun owners, and/or those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time.)


— Olsen co-sponsors new redistricting legislation – Ruth de Jauregui


— Hillary Clinton’s health scare, pneumonia diagnosis fuel speculation of cover-up – S.A. Miller


— Demand for Health Transparency Increases for Clinton – Brian Freeman


— It’s Time for Clinton to Release Her Full Medical Records – Stewart Lawrence
— 60 Percent Of Voters Think Clinton Is Corrupt – PHILLIP STUCKY  (DIERSEN: Corrupt voters vote for corrupt politicians.)
— BEYOND TRAGIC: America’s College Students Are Getting Stoned Out Of Their Gourds – Eric Owens


— Doctor: Clinton has pneumonia, was dehydrated and overheated – Jessie Hellmann
— Patriotism and protest take center stage on Sept. 11 – Jordan Fabian


— Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, doctor says – Gabriel Debenedetti


— Hillary Clinton’s Health Scare Creates Major Campaign Moment – RICK KLEIN


— Obama calls on Americans to embrace diversity on 9/11  (DIERSEN: Individuals, organizations, companies, governments, and countries that promote diversity work against those who are White, male, and/or older.)


— Hillary Clinton Is Being Treated for Pneumonia, Leaves 9/11 Ceremony Feeling ‘Overheated’ – JONATHAN MARTIN and AMY CHOZICK


— Clinton falls ill during 9/11 memorial service in New York – Abby Phillip and Anne Gearan
— Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign – Chris Cillizza  (DIERSEN: How is your health? My critics/opponents, their operatives, and their dupes, many, if not most of whom have serious health problems, are reluctant to hint/imply/argue/shout that I have serious health problems because neither any kind of health problem nor any other kind of problem has stopped me from putting out a GOPUSA ILLINOIS email each and every morning since 2004 and one each and every evening since 2015.)
— Hillary Clinton has not been quick to share health information – Todd C. Frankel
— Build the wall – Robert J. Samuelson


— Hillary Clinton’s Pneumonia Jolts the Presidential Race  Announcement of diagnosis comes after the Democrat left a 9/11 memorial ceremony – PETER NICHOLAS and  JANET HOOK
— Hillary Clinton Diagnosed With Pneumonia Friday, Became Dehydrated at 9/11 Ceremony  Democratic presidential nominee went to daughter’s apartment and is ‘feeling much better,’ spokesman says – RYAN TRACY and PETER NICHOLAS


— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-Trumps say “Dismayed ‘values’ voters learn to live with Trump.”

Author: David Diersen

The opinions that I express in GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails are based on experience that I have gained doing many things since 1948. I base my opinions on what I learned a) working for the federal government for almost 30 years -- Post Office 1966-1969, IRS 1971-1980, and GAO 1980-1997, serving on the Executive Committee of the Association of Government Accountants Chicago Chapter 1983-1996, and being a union member while I worked for the Post Office and IRS; b) earning an MBA from Loyola in 1976, a masters degree in accounting from DePaul in 1980, and a masters degree in financial markets and trading from IIT in 1997; c) passing the CPA examination on my first attempt in 1979 and passing the Certified Internal Auditor examination on my first attempt in 1981; c) serving as a Republican Precinct Committeeman since 1999, the GOPUSA Illinois Editor since 2000, the TAPROOT Republicans of Illinois Chairman 2005-2012, a member of the 2008 Illinois Republican Party (IRP) Platform and Resolutions Committee, a Wheaton Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee member 2003-2011, the Milton Township Republican Central Committee webmaster 2008-2010 and 2000-2004, an Illinois Center Right Coalition Steering Committee member 2003-2007, and an American Association of Political Consultants Midwest Chapter board member 2001-2004; d) attending the 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 IRP State Conventions as a delegate; e) being the subject of a nasty 4-page article in the February 1978 issue of Money Magazine; f) pursing litigation including Diersen v. GAO and Diersen v. Chicago Car Exchange; g) being married since 1978; h) living in Crete 1948-1972, in University Park 1972-1976, in Chicago 1976-1978, and in DuPage County, Milton Township, and Wheaton since 1978; and i) being baptized, raised, and confirmed as a Missouri Synod Lutheran.