November 5 Evening Edition

— Rauner wraps up campaigning at Benedictine University – JEFF BERNTHAL (DIERSEN: Krajewski, Hultgren, Roskam, Breen, Grant, Stella, Dodge, Senger, Helland, Harold, Sanguinetti, and Rauner spoke in the aforesaid order at an outstanding get out the vote rally at Benedictine University Monday Evening November 5, 2018. The 200+ attendees included Bellock, Benford, Berlin, Boltz, B. Brady, Carlson, Cherry, Chinchilla, Claar, Colgan, Durkin, Fisher, Fitzpatrick, Gavanes, Henry, Hinds, Hogan, Holder, Keller, Mazzochi, Noonan, Oberweis, Olsen, E. Roskam, Saake, Smith, Wagner, Webster, Wehrli, and Wheeler.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Governor Bruce Rauner and other Illinois Republicans rallied at the Benedictine University in Lisle on the eve of Tuesday’s election. Rauner was wrapping up a 9-day bus tour of the state with one last attempt to get his supporters to the polls. If we get the turnout, we’re going to win it,” predicted Rauner. He was joined by other Republicans including Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti. The two reminded voters that if Rauner loses the election Democrats will control the house and the governor’s mansion. “We have a governor that’s always stood up to Mike Madigan, and we have a governor who is going to stand up to the person that Mike Madigan appointed which is J.B. Pritzker,” said Sanguinetti. Rauner asked his supports to remind their neighbors to go the polls on Tuesday. He said voters have been telling him, “Stay strong, don’t back down don’t give in. You’re on the right track. Madigan has got to go.”)


— Randy Hultgren questions Lauren Underwood’s nursing credentials – Leah Hope
— President Donald Trump holds campaign rally in Fort Wayne, Indiana – Cate Cauguiran
— Negative political attack ads continue in final days of campaigns before midterm elections – Sarah Schulte
— Illinois governor candidates make final push on eve of Election Day – Craig Wall


— Hultgren Launches 11th Hour Attack on Underwood – Mary Ann Ahern–499724271.html
— Early Voting Sees Lengthy Lines Ahead of Election Day Election officials expect the lines will be even longer Election Day. – Patrick Fazio
— Candidates Give Last Push Before Election Day in Illinois As of early Monday morning, 195,184 ballots had already been cast in the city, according to the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners – Mary Ann Ahern
— Dollars and Sense: Here’s How Much Bruce Rauner and J.B. Pritzker Spent on Their Campaigns for Illinois Governor The Illinois governor’s race will be remembered as one of the ugliest ever but also as one in which the two main candidates — one a billionaire and the other a near-billionaire — raised over $255 million. – Carol Marin and Don Moseley
— Rauner, Pritzker Make Final Appearances As Polls Predict Winner Gov. Bruce Rauner and J.B. Pritzker wrapped up their election appeals on Monday, with Rauner holding his final campaign appearance in Lisle and Pritzker in Peoria. – Mary Ann Ahern


— Ahead Of Final Midterms Push, Early Voting Setting Records In Cook County – Mike Puccinelli


— Rauner hunts for suburban votes on Election Eve – TAHMAN BRADLEY


— Both parties brace for surprises as midterm campaign goes down to the wire – Bloomberg


— Chicago voters flock to polls — a day early – Adam Thorp and Linze Rice
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater says “America, vote against Trump’s hate and return to the moral center.”
— Nothing certain on the eve of first Trump-era elections – AP
— Trump warns of ‘fragile’ victories in final midterm sprint – AP


— Governor Rauner: “Democracy doesn’t work unless citizens get involved” – MARY SANDBERG BOYLE
— The Chicago Way w/John Kass (11/04/18): Dan Proft on the failure of IL Republican “leadership” and what it means for election day –


— Rauner at Gibson City restaurant: ‘Don’t believe those polls’ – Tom Kacich


— Senger demands for Mendoza to drop out of comptroller race – ALEX ORTIZ


— Cake walk: Nearly half of Illinois House candidates face no opponent – Austin Berg


— Illinois Republicans make final push with rally in Bloomington – Neil Doyle


— Harold Slams $1M Gift to Opponent In Bloomington Visit – ERIC STOCK




— DIERSEN HEADLINE: AMY GRANT: This election is starting to heat up! But seriously, this is a low point to have the sign in front of my home burnt!
— Todd Ricketts is on Erika Harold’s fly-around?


— CNN’s Ana Navarro, new host of ABC’s ‘The View,’ calls President Trump a ‘racist pig’
— Incendiary: ‘It’s okay to be white’ posters taken down ‘immediately’ on college campus


— Facebook Caves to Left-Wing Journalists Demanding Removal of Trump Midterm Ad – Robert Kraychik
— Louis Farrakhan Chants ‘Death to America’ in Iran – Joel B. Pollak


— Tomorrow the RINOs Will Take Their Revenge – HENRY OLSEN


— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-Trumps say “Democrats hold 6-point generic ballot lead.”


— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-Trumps say “Trump has hijacked the election” and “House Republicans in panic mode” and “Worries deepen that Trump’s charged immigration rhetoric will cost the GOP more seats.”


— DIERSEN HEADLINE: An anti-Trump says “Republicans should have stood up to Trump.”


— Soaring economy should be celebrated by all – Editorial


— Millennials take forever to have their ‘financial awakening’ – Tyler Schmall (DIERSEN: I had my “financial awakening” when I was 16 years old in 1964.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: American millennials have their “financial awakening” at the age of 33, according to new research. A new study exploring the financial habits of 2,000 American millennials found the average respondent feels or is aiming to be well-versed and comfortable in all things finance a few years into their thirties. The new survey, conducted by Ally Financial, uncovered how much millennials spend a month, what they spend on, and what role retirement plays in their financial habits to date.)


— Early and absentee voting: Youth vote surges in hotly contested races – Aamer Madhani


— Illinois governor’s race the most expensive in US history – Alexander Fangmann


— Facebook, Fox and NBC pull racist Trump election campaign ad

Author: David Diersen

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