August 26 Morning Edition

— OUTSTANDING: Republicans warn Rauner against making Illinois sanctuary state – Carrie Bradon
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Six Republican legislators have sent a letter to Gov. Bruce Rauner to urge him to veto the state’s sanctuary bill, SB31, according to a press release. Under the bill, immigrants in Illinois would be provided with an extra level of protection, limiting the reach of federal agents. The letter, signed by Reps. Allen Skillicorn (R-Algonquin), David Welter (R-Morris), John Cabello (R-Machesney Park), Tom Morrison (R-Palatine), and Sens. Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) and Jim Oberweis (R-Sugar Grove), says elected officials, the federal government and law enforcement agencies are already dedicated to protecting individuals and the Constitution. “We agree in checks and balances, but the State should not interfere with lawful action by the federal government,” the letter says. Rauner is expected to sign the measure on Monday.)


— Gov. Rauner opens a breach with conservatives over Sanctuary State – John Kass  (DIERSEN: What are the logical extensions of this?  Rauner just gave $500,000 to the Illinois Republican Party (IRP). He who pays the piper calls the tunes. Logical extensions of Rauner’s dumping more and more and more planks in IRP platform include more and more and more pressure on the IRP National Committeeman, IRP National Committeewoman, IRP officers and State Central Committee members, county party officers, and township/ward party officers to dump those precinct committeemen and captains who support the planks that Runer has dumped. Political parties exist to help elect candidates who can and will defend and advance their party’s platform. The more planks in the IRP platform that Rauner dumps, the more that Rauner dumps the IRP.  Does Rauner plan on winning in 2018 by stressing all the planks in the IRP platform that he has dumped?  Does Rauner plan on winning in 2018 by stressing all the Republican Precinct Committeemen and Captains who he has dumped?)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Gov. Bruce Rauner a leader being unmercifully squeezed by Chicago Machine Democrats?  Or is he just another transactional man, a politician without a core, lost in the winds and beginning to frighten his campaign contributors? . . . “I said this could be the last straw, and every day I’m feeling it worse,” state Sen. Kyle McCarter, R-Lebanon, told me in an interview. “And this isn’t just the ‘right wing’ that’s angry. These are union members too, loyal union men trying to protect American jobs, and the last thing they need to see is a Republican governor making Illinois a sanctuary state.” McCarter’s part of southern Illinois decidedly voted for President Donald Trump, largely on Trump’s call to control illegal immigration. “In this 15th Congressional District, the president won (with) 70 percent,” McCarter said. “And for the governor to go against the president — and make illegal immigrants a priority as we’re facing a fiscal crisis in Illinois — it’s just not good policy and it’s not good politics.” Rauner isn’t going to pick up votes of Democrats or Latinos if he signs the sanctuary state bill. On Friday, he vetoed a bill mandating a $15 minimum wage. He won’t get love from the left. But now he’s looking squishy to his base, and that’s disastrous. It will cost him votes in the suburbs and downstate. And he can’t give votes away. . .”If Rauner signs this Sanctuary State thing, and his office said he’s going to sign it, then he’s complicating the message Republicans will be using in the elections,” McCarter said. “We’ll have to say, we support the governor on some things and not on others. That’s not what you want. That not a unified message. That’s not good politics. And it just makes the state House and Senate races more difficult.”)
— OUTRAGEOUS: Rauner bill approvals include one making birth certificate changes easier for transgender people – Kim Geiger and Monique Garcia
— VIDEO: Fight for $15 supporters  (DIERSEN: If you had earned $15/hour in today’s dollars when you were in high school, what you have done with the money?  I worked part-time 1964-1966 for the minimum wage ($1.25/hour) while I was a 16 and 17 year old high school student. In today’s dollars in 1966, I earned $9.49/hour. (SEE:  That job enabled me to earn and save enough money to buy a new 1966 Pontiac Tempest Sprint in May of 1966 a) that I used to commute to jobs cleaning golf shoes, chipping slag, and pumping gasoline during the summer of 1966 and delivering mail 1966-1967 and b) that I used to commute to classes at UIC from my parents’ home in Crete 1966-1967. In December of 1967, I sold it and used that money and money that I had earned and saved delivering mail to buy a new 1968 Oldsmobile 442.)
— State lawmaker Thaddeus Jones’s charity borrowed from political campaign, inconsistently filed reports – Zak Koeske
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Whites who proudly paint themselves as being anti-Whites say “Rip off the Band-Aid. Illinois must finally remove all links to Chief Illiniwek.”
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-men say: “Evanston Township High School adopts a kinder, gentler dress code where leggings are OK.”


— OUTSTANDING: Trump pardons Sheriff Arpaio
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-Americans say “Defend Dreamers, President Trump, not a lawbreaking sheriff.”
— Vrdolyak lawyers: Indictment ‘deceptive, irrelevant and sinister’ – Sam Charles


— Peter Roskam Discusses ACA Repeal Vote, Town Halls in New Interview – Mary Ann Ahern


— Historians warn against rushing to take down statues – AP


— State Reps: Bipartisan compromise needed to help solve Illinois’ problems – Carol Sente and Sara Wojcicki Jimenez  (DIERSEN: “Bipartisan compromise” has always meant that Democrats win and Republicans lose.)


— Kasich, Hickenlooper eye bipartisan presidential bid  Governors would run as independents in 2020 – MARK PRESTON


— Election board lists more general election votes than voters in Chicago – W.J. Kennedy


— Rauner Vetoes 2022 $15 per Hour Minimum Wage
— County Board Reapportionment Bill Vetoed
— Two Pensions for Future Police Prohibited


— McHenry County – Lord Franks – Republic or Kingdom? – KIRK ALLEN


— OUTRAGEOUS: Gov. Rauner Endorses Falsified Birth Certificates, Abandons Ethics and Science – Laurie Higgins


— Fast-Food Workers Wage Sit-In at Rauner’s Chicago Office Following Veto of $15/hour for 2.3 Million IL Workers


— Obsessed Media Loses Touch With America
— Sheriff Joe Pardoned; McCain Dissents  (DIERSEN: In 1989, my GAO superiors took many adverse actions against me to get rid of me, because in September of 1988, I had became an active member in a class action lawsuit that charged GAO with reverse discrimination, age discrimination, and retaliation. They backed off after Henry Hyde intervened for me, but I am sure that my critics/opponents did not want Hyde to intervene for me arguing that I was not worth the effort or even worse things.)


— SPLC: THE MOST DANGEROUS HATE GROUP IN AMERICA  Michael Brown on how organization violates its own criteria by demonizing others


— Jesse Jackson: Hate Groups ‘Feel Protected by the President’ – IAN HANCHETT  (DIERSEN: Who feels protected in your precinct, in your municipality, in your township/ward, in your county, in Illinois, in America, and in the world? From what I see, it is those individuals, organizations, companies, governments, and countries that are anti-Trump, anti-Protestant, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, anti-American, anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-rich people, anti-gun owners, anti-German Americans, anti-draft avoiders (except Bill Clinton), and/or anti-those whose ancestors have been in America longer than their ancestors.)


— OUTRAGEOUS: First grader sent to office for ‘misgendering’ fellow student – Todd Starnes  (DIERSEN: Ever-increasingly, Democrats promote gender confusion.)


— Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka resigns, releases angry letter – Carlos Garcia


— The Never-Ending Liberal Bait And Switch – John Hawkins


— OUTSTANDING: Trump pardons former Sheriff Arpaio
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-Trumps say “Fallout grows as Trump continues attacks on fellow GOP members.”


— OUTSTANDING: Trump pardons former Sheriff Joe Arpaio – Kevin Liptak, Daniella Diaz and Sophie Tatum


— Antifa Violence is Ethical? This Author Explains Why – BENJY SARLIN  (DIERSEN: What do the Antifa leaders in your precinct, in your municipality, in your township/ward, in your county, in Illinois, in America, and in the world think of you?)


— FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD: DIERSEN HEADLINE: Gary D. Cohn, the director of the White House Economic Council, condemns you if you do not condemn who he wants you to condemn.
— FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD: HARDCOPY ARTICLE TITLE: Topple Columbus, Too?  Statue Outcry Spreads – Trip Gabriel  (DIERSEN: Ever-increasing, anti-Trumps make it clear that they want to topple the statues of all those who are/were Trump supporters, Protestant, conservative, Republican, American, White, male, older, rich, gun owners, German American, draft avoiders (except Bill Clinton), and/or those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time.)
— OUTSTANDING: Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio, Who Became Face of Crackdown on Illegal Immigration – JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS and MAGGIE HABERMAN
— DreamHost Ordered to Release Some Trump Protest Website Data to U.S. – TIFFANY HSU
— Bob Corker, Often an Ally of Trump, Is Latest Republican to Be Attacked by Him – MAGGIE HABERMAN and THOMAS KAPLAN


— DIERSEN HEADLINE: An anti-Arpaio/Hannity says “Joe Arpaio runs out of legal trouble and into the warm embrace of Sean Hannity.”
— OUTSTANDING: Trump has pardoned former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose hardline views on immigration have allied him with the president
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: An anti-Trump says “Trump goes back to his professional wrestling days.”


— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Are you an evangelical? Ever-increasingly, anti-Trumps demonize, denigrate, and condemn evangelicals as being White supremacists, Nazis, KKK members, haters, racists, sexists, bigots and even worse things.


— RNC condemns white supremacy but makes no mention of Trump’s remarks – DAVID WEIGEL (DIERSEN: Of course, anti-Trumps will use this RNC resolution to viciously demonize, to viciously denigrate, and to viciously condemn Trump and all his supporters as being White supremacists, Nazis, KKK members, haters, racists, sexists, bigots and even worse things.)


— OUTSTANDING: Trump Pardons Ex-Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio  Arpaio was convicted last month of disobeying a federal court order to halt immigration raids – Laura Meckler, Ted Mann and Alicia A. Caldwell
— How the Post Office Delivered for Hillary  Charges of a ‘systematic’ effort to violate the Hatch Act in 2016. – Editorial  (DIERSEN: My Democrat Post Office superiors forced me resign in 1969 and disallowed my sick leave requests in 1969 and 1968.  They would not have done that if I had been a Democrat, a minority, a female, or a veteran.)
— Trump Hits Bob Corker on Twitter, Saying Tennessee Voters ‘Not Happy’  Senator is fifth to come under president’s attack in recent weeks – Ted Mann


— Political maps under fire as Supreme Court case on tailor-made districts looms – Richard Wolf  (DIERSEN: I should write a book about how in 2015, my critics/opponents got their operatives and their dupes to redraw my DuPage County Milton Township Precinct 9 to harm me.)


— Donald Trump’s Republican Party condemns white supremacy after president’s mixed response to Charlottesville violence  Some members nonetheless complain it is unnecessary – Harriet Agerholm  (DIERSEN: Of course, anti-Trumps will use this resolution to viciously demonize, to viciously denigrate, and to viciously condemn Trump and all his supporters as being White supremacists, Nazis, KKK members, haters, racists, sexists, bigots and even worse things.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Donald Trump’s Republican Party has condemned white supremacists, within days of the president coming fire for his equivocating response to racially charged violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. “The racist beliefs of Nazis, the KKK, white supremacists and other like-minded groups are completely inconsistent with the Republican Party’s platform”, a resolution passed by its national committee stated. It came after Mr Trump failed to condemn white supremacists in his initial response to the violence in Charlottesville, which left one woman dead. The US leader was criticized after he blamed the violence on “many sides”.)


— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-Americans and anti-Whites say “By pardoning Joe Arpaio, President Trump has demonstrated his contempt for the rule of law and the racism at the core of his agenda.”

Author: David Diersen

The opinions that I express in GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails are based on experience that I have gained doing many things since 1948. I base my opinions on what I learned a) working for the federal government for almost 30 years -- Post Office 1966-1969, IRS 1971-1980, and GAO 1980-1997, serving on the Executive Committee of the Association of Government Accountants Chicago Chapter 1983-1996, and being a union member while I worked for the Post Office and IRS; b) earning an MBA from Loyola in 1976, a masters degree in accounting from DePaul in 1980, and a masters degree in financial markets and trading from IIT in 1997; c) passing the CPA examination on my first attempt in 1979 and passing the Certified Internal Auditor examination on my first attempt in 1981; c) serving as a Republican Precinct Committeeman since 1999, the GOPUSA Illinois Editor since 2000, the TAPROOT Republicans of Illinois Chairman 2005-2012, a member of the 2008 Illinois Republican Party (IRP) Platform and Resolutions Committee, a Wheaton Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee member 2003-2011, the Milton Township Republican Central Committee webmaster 2008-2010 and 2000-2004, an Illinois Center Right Coalition Steering Committee member 2003-2007, and an American Association of Political Consultants Midwest Chapter board member 2001-2004; d) attending the 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 IRP State Conventions as a delegate; e) being the subject of a nasty 4-page article in the February 1978 issue of Money Magazine; f) pursing litigation including Diersen v. GAO and Diersen v. Chicago Car Exchange; g) being married since 1978; h) living in Crete 1948-1972, in University Park 1972-1976, in Chicago 1976-1978, and in DuPage County, Milton Township, and Wheaton since 1978; and i) being baptized, raised, and confirmed as a Missouri Synod Lutheran.