May 2 Evening Edition

— Illinois’ COVID-19 death toll tops 2.5K on first weekend of relaxed stay-at-home order – Diane Pathieu, Craig Wall and Eric Horng
— Mayor Lightfoot threatens citations, jail time after police break up house parties across Chicago
— Swedish city uses chicken manure to encourage social distancing – CNN

— Illinois Reports 2,450 New Coronavirus Cases, 105 Additional Deaths Saturday
— Coronavirus in Illinois: Chicago Promises Stepped Up Enforcement, State Reports 2,450 New Cases
— Pritzker, Auschwitz Memorial Museum Condemn Use of Nazi Slogans at Reopen Illinois Rally Photos posted to social media showed a woman wearing an American flag face mask holding a sign that read “Arbeit macht frei”
— ‘We Are Not Playing Games:’ Lightfoot, CPD Step Up Enforcement of Stay-at-Home Orders
— Most States Fall Short of Coronavirus Testing Thresholds If states don’t have robust testing, public health experts say they will be unable to detect outbreaks quickly enough to contain them, which could lead to more shutdowns

— Number Of Illinois Coronavirus Deaths Surpasses 2,500

— Mayor outraged over parties in Chicago: ‘We will arrest you and take you to jail’

— Lightfoot warns partygoers they face citations, arrest as state reports 105 new coronavirus deaths Chicago police shut down numerous Friday night parties — some with up to 150 attendees — and received tips about six more Saturday, Lightfoot said shortly after officials reported 105 more deaths and 2,450 new cases of COVID-19 statewide. – Ben Pope
— Surge in coronavirus cases continues at Chicago’s federal jail The sudden rise in numbers reported at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center by the Bureau of Prisons follows questions about how the agency has been counting cases there. – Jon Seidel

— Coronavirus in Illinois updates: 2,450 new known COVID-19 cases and 105 fatalities reported as officials urge caution amid warmer weather
— ‘We are never getting out of this,’ if residents keep having house parties, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says – Gregory Pratt

— 105 more dead from COVID-19, another 2,450 infected; Illinois leaders say be careful outside – Jake Griffin
— Personal injury attorneys address liability of mask-makers – Bob Susnjara
— Give taxpayers a break – Jan Shaw, Wheaton
— Latinos represent highest number of COVID-19 confirmed cases – Madhu Krishnamurthy

— Illinois Governor Proposes $80 Million ‘Army’ To Track The Spread Of COVID-19 – Dave McKinney, Tony Arnold
— Hundreds Gather Downtown To Protest Stay-At-Home Order Extension – Tony Arnold, Manuel Martinez

— Is Congress essential? Senate to reconvene Monday, House not taking the risk – Leandra Bernstein

— Hundreds join Capitol protest to Reopen Illinois – Mike Miletich

— Hundreds join Capitol protest to Reopen Illinois – Mike Miletich

— Nursing home employees prepare to strike over pandemic conditions – Jakob Emerson

— FROM THE POSTING: Following CDC guidelines for large gatherings and the guidance of the Governor, the Wheaton Park District, along with event partners, have canceled all special events and concerts scheduled for May, June, and July. This includes: Go Fly A Kite (May 2), Native Plant Sale (May 30), Taste of Wheaton (June 4-7), Municipal Band Concerts (June 18, 25, July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30), Fish-O-Rama (June 20), Independence Day Fireworks and Parade (July 3-4), as well as other special events regularly scheduled in these months.

— Fox Lake Re-Open Demonstration
— Federal Court Response from Champaign County Clerk on Petitioning for Advisory Referendum
— Karen Tirio Continues Re-Opening Campaign
— CL Police Chief James Black Follows in Footsteps of Algonquin Chief Russell Laine to Head Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police
— McHenry’s Mayor Explains Shops Can Re-Open, Sorta
— Rep. Tom Weber Complains of Pritzker’s Limit to Family Boating
— IL-14: Oberweis Cites Underwood for Role in Pandemic Preparedness in Obama Administration

— Illinois Supreme Court – Health emergency case law of the land – KIRK ALLEN

— 2,450 new cases, 105 additional deaths
— Pritzker thanks, highlights volunteers – Explains infection rates (again) – Stresses importance of wearing face coverings – Says (again) that enforcement is a local matter – Ezike explains nursing home strategy – Replies to speech from Center Square on behalf of protesters – Says again that GA has the ability to return – Explains the curve again – Says few hundred protesters outnumbered by millions of Illinoisans “really good people who are doing the right thing” – Explains what a graduated income tax is – Says he hopes no one gets sick from attending protests – Dr. Ezike says R-Naught number “definitely came down” – Dr. Ezike says IDPH doesn’t “have the time” to further analyze test data in real time – Dr. Ezike says state must be “tempered in our response” to antibody tests – Repeats IDES progress – Dr. Ezike says infected should consult with medical provider before deciding to skip or take tests
— Nazis, crackpots, anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists abounded yesterday – “Some people get touchy about swastikas”

— Metra reduces service as ridership plummets during crisis – AP

— ‘Icons of human hatred’: Auschwitz Museum condemns Nazi slogan at anti-quarantine Illinois protest – Mike Brest

— Liberals Use Auschwitz Sign at Illinois Anti-Lockdown Protest to Demonize Trump – TYLER O’NEIL

— Coronavirus: Are We Fighting a Great Depression or Causing One? The longer U.S. unemployment rates rise due to the coronavirus lockdown, the greater the depression – economic and mental. – David Haggith

— Pelosi, McConnell decline White House offer of rapid COVID-19 tests – MARTY JOHNSON
— Auschwitz Museum condemns Nazi slogan at ‘Re-open Illinois’ protest – MORGAN GSTALTER

— Reporter Who Tweeted About Face-Mask Fiasco Says He Was Banned From Future Pence Trips Voice of America’s White House bureau chief Steve Herman might be allowed on Air Force Two again if he or VOA apologizes. – Mary Papenfuss (DIERSEN: I should write a book about a) those who have banned me and b) their reasons for banning me since 2000. I would focus on those activists, candidates, elected officials, party leaders, major donors, political consultants, campaign managers, etc. who have lots of religious, political, government, and financial clout in Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Milton Township, DuPage County, and Illinois. I would focus on those who paint themselves as being religious, conservative, and/or Republican. I would focus on those who blame me and blame my GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails for their problems, your problems, my problems, and everyone’s problems.)

— Expert report predicts up to two more years of pandemic misery – Maggie Fox

— New York’s Cuomo warns against ‘blindly’ reopening states – Peter Szekely, Brad Brooks

— Americans grapple with risking their health to return to work “This is like choosing between life and death or a paycheck.” – Arielle Mitropoulos (DIERSEN: Everyone should expect that resentment will grow against those who have been less negatively financially impacted by the pandemic.)

— A curse for most, a ‘blessing’ for some. How unemployed Americans are getting by during pandemic “I have this experience, I have this education, but I’m still not able to find a job,” a New Mexico woman said, adding, “I can’t live in fear. I refuse to live in it.” – Alicia Victoria Lozano

— Protests Mark Growing Unrest With California Stay-at-Home Order There were about a dozen organized rallies in cities including Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. – Michael R. Blood and Adam Beam

— Federal officials worry about lasting economic scars from virus crisis

— More than 70% of jobless Americans did not receive March unemployment benefits: study The problem is even worse in Southeastern states like Florida, where fewer than 8% of applicants received benefits – IGOR DERYSH
— #EssentialWorkersDay: May Day protests take on powerful new resonance amid COVID-19 pandemic – CHRISTOPHER D. COOK

— Coronavirus latest: Italy’s daily death rate jumps to 11-day high Spain allows outside exercise for first time in weeks while Russia’s daily case count rises by a fifth

Author: David Diersen

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