November 3 Evening Edition

— 2020 election results live now by Illinois county, electoral college votes

— Live Election Results
— 15 Cook County Polling Places Open Late, Trump Projected to Win Indiana
— Nearly 1M Votes Cast in Chicago, Pritzker Warns of In-Person Events
— Illinois Reports 6,516 New Coronavirus Cases, 68 Deaths as Positivity Rate Continues to Rise
— Virus Hospitalizations Surge as Pandemic Shadows US Election

— 2020 Election Day Live Updates: Polls start closing as Americans brace for results

— Illinois Election Results

— Biden wins Illinois; latest updates in 2020 national and local election races

— Illinois 2020 Election Results

— Live 2020 Election Results
— Trump wins Kentucky, West Virginia, Biden carries Vermont, Virginia as polls across the nation begin to close
— Chicago turnout could hit 75%, relatively few voting problems reported as election board looks into Truman College early voting issue
— Against a backdrop of pandemic, civil unrest and charged political rhetoric, it’s Election Day for those who haven’t already cast a ballot. – RICK PEARSON
— Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star boarded up on Election Day – JORDAN MOREAU
— No matter what happens Tuesday, America will not return to ‘normalcy’ – JOHN KASS
— AP: Holcomb wins reelection as Indiana governor – TOM DAVIES AND CASEY SMITH
— Billionaire Republicans test Speaker Madigan’s strength in Illinois Supreme Court retention battle – RAY LONG
— Durbin wins Illinois U.S. Senate reelection as polls close – AP

— Officials: Vote-by-mail volumes could ‘significantly’ change results over next 2 weeks – Lauren Rohr
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Though it’s uncertain how many of those outstanding ballots will actually be cast, Elections Board officials say many will likely roll in over the next two weeks, potentially flipping the outcome of some tight races. Mail-in ballots must be postmarked by Election Day and received by Nov. 17 to be counted in final tallies. Election officials reported 177,118 outstanding mail-in ballots in suburban Cook County, 50,504 in DuPage, 10,917 in Kane, 59,118 in Lake, 18,306 in McHenry and 22,229 in Will. Those numbers represent 10.8% of total registered voters in suburban Cook County, 7.9% in DuPage, 3.4% in Kane, 12.1% in Lake, 7.8% in McHenry and 4.8% in Will.)
— Elections Board warns that races could be undecided for days – JERRY NOWICKI

— Election Results

— 2016 vs. 2020, what’s different in Illinois and the Stateline? – James Stratton

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A hate-filled conservative-hating conservative-hater says “Down In The Polls, Trump Seeks Familiar Embrace of Conservative Media.”

— Evanston, Chicago residents ineligible to vote work to mobilize peers and communities – Maia Pandey

— Estimated 20,000 Lined Up for Kenosha Trump Rally – UPDATE with More Photos and Commentary
— IL-14: Oberweis Speaks at Kenosha Trump Rally
— IL-06/IL-14: Kane County Analytics Show No Blue Wave in Kane County
— More Democrats than Republicans Had Voted by Saturday in County Board District 3
— Algonquin Township Has Settlement of Edgar County Watchdog Freedom of Information Suit on Wednesday Agenda
— Nunda Township GOP Makes Mailing
— New Anti-Jack Franks Sign Pops Up Near Marengo Home
— Phone Calls, We Get Phone Calls
— Stay at Home Order Lurking in Pritzker’s Mind
— Algonquin Outlines Downtown Tax Increment Financing Expenditures
— Texas Congressman Points Out Businesses Not Boarding Up in Fear of Trump Supporters
— Robo-Call Urging Maskless Voting
— McHenry County Board of Health Trying to Figure Out What to Do with Reference to the Governor’s Restaurant/Bar Order
— The Mike Shorten McHenry County Board Mailing
— An Olive Leaf from Northwest Herald for Republican Opponent to Jack Franks?
— Turnout Figures from McHenry County Clerk


— *** LIVE *** Results and coverage open thread
— FROM THE ARTICLE: This afternoon at a polling place in Wheaton, Sean Casten doubled down on his total disdain for anyone who disagrees with him. In a conversation with voters, Casten states, “If I win by less than ten, that says that 45% of the district is racist homophobes.” Listen to the audio here. Ives campaign spokeswoman, Kathleen Murphy: “Sean Casten doesn’t care to understand your disagreements with him. He just thinks you are a low-life if you don’t think like he does. “This isn’t how we come back together. It isn’t who the Sixth District is. But it is who Sean Casten is. And we are confident that voters are rejecting his toxic, divisive candidacy as we speak.”
— 6,516 new cases, 68 additional deaths, 3,594 hospitalized, 755 in ICU, 8.2 percent case positivity rate, 9.9 percent test positivity rate

— McConnell projected to win seventh term in Kentucky – Stephen Dinan
— Trump says the biggest difference from four years ago is Fox News – David Sherfinski
— Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer warns election results could take days – Gabriella Muñoz

— Trump At Last Targets The Google Whale Whatever happens on election day Tuesday, the announcement of U.S. v. Google last month might go down as the bigger moment in history. – CURT MILLS (DIERSEN: My critics/opponents are overjoyed that Google continues to refuse to treat as being a news website.)
— Joe Biden Is Not The Candidate To Confront Economic Inequality – PETER VAN BUREN (DIERSEN: According to Democrats, if you are a Republican and you have more money, it is because you benefitted from your parents’, your grandparents’, your great grandparents’, and the rest of your ancestors’ discrimination against minorities and against females.)

— Failed Democrat-Run Cities Board Up Stores Fearing Left-Wing Rioters – John Nolte
— Google Is Still Erasing Breitbart Stories About Joe Biden from Search – ALLUM BOKHARI (DIERSEN: My critics/opponents are overjoyed that Google continues to refuse to treat as being a news website.)

— Biden will ‘assert control,’ begin forming new government if media declare him the winner – Chris Enloe

— NY Times Terrified of Trumpers in Trucks and Clogged Traffic, But Ignored Lefty Violence – Clay Waters

— Platform Comparison Chart

— McConnell wins reelection – JORDAIN CARNEY

— Trump gets huge boost in Miami-Dade County in Florida – Jonathan Allen

— Illinois Election Results
— Illinois Voter Surveys: How Different Groups Voted
— Election 2020 Live Updates: Polls Have Closed in Several States
— Will a result come quickly, or will it be days, or weeks, before we have a winner? Here are the signs.

— Trump’s Voters Expect A Winner Today More Than Biden’s Do

— FOR SALE: 520 West Roosevelt Road, Wheaton – $399,900

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