September 15 Evening Editon

— Illinois COVID 19: IL reports 1,466 new coronavirus cases, 20 deaths as Gov. Pritzker warns of budget cuts
— U of I Hospital nurses’ strike reaches day 4, negotiations resume, Rev. Jesse Jackson joins picket line
— Metra wants riders to ‘commute with confidence’ during COVID-19 pandemic; officials unveil safety initiative, deep cleaning procedures – Alexis McAdams;-ensures-clean-and-safe-train-ride/6423950/

— Democrats Plan to Mail Ballots Much Earlier Than Republican Voters – Noah Pransky

— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: Recreational Marijuana Sales Hit New Record High In Illinois, And Number Is Expected To Keep Rising

— 2020 homicide total in Cook County has surpassed last year’s

— More rallies for in-person learning, fall sports planned for Saturday in Chicago, Springfield – Erik Runge

— With no help forthcoming from Washington, Gov. J.B. Pritzker asks state agencies to prepare for ‘nightmare scenario’ of budget cuts – DAN PETRELLA
— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: Recreational marijuana sales hit nearly $64M in August, marking a new record
— Yes, Illinois pension reform can come through a constitutional amendment – MARK GLENNON
— Why I wince when I hear the words ‘white privilege’ – CLARENCE PAGE (DIERSEN: Should everyone be required to disclose how much education and how much money their parents have/had?)

— Pritzker warns of ‘nightmare scenario’ of cuts in policing, schools — and thousands of layoffs — without federal funds Illinois Republicans said they were willing to work to avert a crisis they said should be no surprise to Democrats. “House Republicans repeatedly warned the Democrats in May about this looming catastrophe,” House GOP Leader Jim Durkin, R-Western Springs, said. – Rachel Hinton
— Cook County Democrats’ move against Judge Michael Toomin looks like pure retaliation – Editorial

— Chicago police union backs Wilson over Durbin, Curran in Senate race – Kayleigh Padar–
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Overwhelmingly and ever-increasingly, newspapers, television stations, radio stations, websites, etc. serve as arms of the Democrat, Libertarian, and Green parties.
— Chris Kachiroubas: Candidate profile
— Sargis Sangari: Candidate profile
— Dan Ugaste: Candidate profile
— Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee: Candidate profile
— Patrick O’Brien: Candidate profile
— Jim Oberweis: Candidate profile
— Congressional candidates Foster, Laib have opposite views on gun control and other issues – Russell Lissau

— Metra launches $1M ad blitz to lure back riders “We’re safe to ride—and ready for you” is the message as the commuter agency tries to rebuild amid COVID-19. – GREG HINZ
— Madigan’s war chest is overflowing Heading into the final stretch of the election season, and despite being implicated in a ComEd scandal, the four funds House Speaker Michael Madigan controls are flush with campaign cash. – A.D. QUIG
— Top Republicans are backing a Democrat in this Illinois Supreme Court race Despite potential remap implications, some big-name GOP members are throwing their support behind Justice Thomas Kilbride. – GREG HINZ

— Campaign sites full of details for those who like to follow money – Scott T. Holland

— Quad Cities Chamber to offer diversity and inclusion training (DIERSEN: Democrats and RINOs use Affirmative Action, Diversity, and Inclusion, that is, political affiliation discrimination, reverse discrimination, and age discrimination to not hire Republicans and to get rid of Republicans.)

— Time is ticking away on future of Madigan power – Editorial

— US Attorney allows witnesses to testify in Madigan investigation

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Foreign countries like U.S. Presidents who put the interests of foreign countries ahead of U.S. interests.

— Pandemic forces journalists to rethink campaign coverage – AP (DIERSEN: What do you say to “Republican” candidates who hint/imply/argue/shout that they do not want me to a) know about their events or anything else about what their campaign is doing, b) promote their events, c) attend their events, d) ask questions at their events, e) speak with other reporters or anyone else at their events, or f) report on their events? The aforesaid candidates blame me and blame my GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails for all of their problems, your problems, my problems, and everyone’s problems. They reject the traditional family, right to life, immigration, illegal drugs, Second Amendment, and/or equal opportunity (no race or gender based preference giving) planks in the Republican Party platform. They discourage everyone from reading GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails. They pander to the Democrat news media. They refuse to keep on their press release and press advisory lists. They demand blind loyalty. They expect me to not include links in GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails to articles that they disapprove of. They focus on destroying those like me who they cannot manipulate or dominate. I should write a book about the aforesaid candidates.)


— Join Us for a Special Webinar with Candidates Mark Curran and Jeanne Ives – David E. Smith

— Pritzker says he won’t be persuaded by other states allowing contact sports in high schools: “This isn’t a political decision”
— Cook Democrats make martyr out of judge
— Veto session is scheduled for six days, not three – SDem, not HDem retreat next week – No fully remote Senate session allowed
— 1,466 new cases, 20 additional deaths, 1,584 hospitalizations, 3.6 percent positivity rate

— Still whining: Woodward says, ‘Trump mocked me’- Paul Bedard
— CDC moved forward on critical race theory training despite Trump executive action – Michael Lee

— Americans Against Unconstitutional Mask Mandates – Michelle Malkin

— Joe Biden Battles Bugs, Brain Blunders During Wheat Field, Basement Appearances – KYLE OLSON

— The true history of our nation over the 1619 project – Bill Conno

— House GOP campaign platform promises a rebuild from current circumstances – Chris Marquette (DIERSEN: The Illinois Republican Party platform should be revised to a) oppose the promotion of LGBTQ, b) call for mandatory E-Verify, c) oppose the promotion of pot and gambling, and d) oppose patronage, political affiliation discrimination, reverse discrimination, and age discrimination.)

— Pentagon diversity push not reflected in new hires – BRYAN BENDER (DIERSEN: GAO hired me in 1980 because it could not find a qualified Democrat, minority, female, younger person, or veteran who would take the job. IRS hired me in 1971 because it could not find a qualified Democrat, minority, female, or veteran who would take the job. The Post Office hired me in 1966 because it could not find a qualified Democrat, minority, female, or veteran who would take the job.)

— OUTSTANDING: White House cancels CDC’s ‘critical race theory’ training after Trump ban – Steven Nelson

— Humor, Satire, and Parody: White Alaska Young Democrats quit group to make room for marginalized members (DIERSEN: From what I see, the more of the following that you are, the more that Democrats and Democrat plants, Libertarians and Libertarian plants, Greens and Green plants, and RINOs want to get rid of you: old, White, male, Republican, Trump supporter, heterosexual, married, non-veteran, non-poor, gun owner, Protestant, German American, and/or if your ancestors have been in America for a long time.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: In a surprising move, all white and white-passing members of the Alaska Young Democrats (AYD) resigned from the group en-masse last week. As one white former member of the AYD told the Landmine, “We’ve always supported Democratic causes and candidates, but we felt that we had a moral duty to resign. White people are responsible for almost everything wrong with the world, and we recognize that as white people we will always be racists–no matter what we do! By staying in AYD, we’d merely be reinforcing the myth of the “White Savior” and continuing to exploit our privilege to steal unearned space from BIPOC. We finally acknowledged that it’s our duty to leave the Alaska Young Democrats.” Alaska Young Democrats President Genevieve Mina was disappointed that the group was losing the majority of its members but was appreciative of her former white members. “We really hate to lose so many people but they realized that allowing BIPOC to have more of a voice was the right thing to do. Recognizing and acknowledging their white privilege is an important part of their journey.” Multiple sources confirmed that several dozen white former Alaska Young Democrats attempted to join the Alaska Young Republicans (AYR), but the transition was reportedly problematic. As former AYR President Ryan McKee told the Landmine, “Yeah, at first we were excited when all of these Democrats said they wanted to join us. But it was weird, they kept telling us they were racists. We’re really not about that, you know? I was born in El Salvador. The Alaska Young Republicans don’t tolerate racism. We’re really just about fiscal responsibility and getting moderately lit on the weekends.” Alaska Young Republicans President Sarah Hetemi attempted to reason with the former Democrats, with little apparent success: “We’d ask these former Democrats, like, ‘what are you guys thinking or doing that’s racist?’ They just told us they didn’t know, and that was proof they had fully internalized their racism. A couple of them started hyperventilating so we stopped pushing it. We told them they could stuff some campaign mailers into envelopes for Republican candidates, but when someone said the phrase ‘white envelopes,’ three of the former Young Democrats had full-blown panic attacks. It was just so sad. We almost called an ambulance.” Other Young Republicans were less impressed. As one African-American member of the Alaska Young Republicans told the Landmine, “I just tried to ask these people their names, but all they would say was ‘we’re here to listen.’ I asked them: ‘what are your names? Where are you from? Why do you want to join us?’ But it was always the same answer. ‘We’re just here to listen.’ Over and over again. It was pretty creepy, to be honest. I still don’t know who they were.” The former Alaska Young Democrats seemed confused and exhausted by the exchange, and decided to reconvene at a local cafe. However, after realizing that the cafe was owned by a Korean-American family, and not Black-owned as previously believed, the Democrats began packing up to leave. Speaking anonymously, one member told the Landmine, “This whole thing has been so bewildering. There were more racial and ethnic minorities in the Young Republicans than in the Young Democrats. Were they just suffering from internalized racism? Were they transracial? Was our white existence threatening these BIPOC? Even after reading ‘White Fragility’ and ‘Between the World and Me,’ we just don’t know what to do. It’s almost like we can’t tell what racism is anymore.”)

— Trump’s The Choice For Voters Who’ve Experienced Violent Protests (DIERSEN: So far, how many protests have Democrats held in your municipality, in your township, and in your county? So far, how many rallies have Republicans held in your municipality, in your township, and in your county?)

Author: David Diersen

The opinions that I express in GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails are based on experience that I have gained doing many things since 1948. I base my opinions on what I learned a) working for the federal government for almost 30 years -- Post Office 1966-1969, IRS 1971-1980, and GAO 1980-1997, serving on the Executive Committee of the Association of Government Accountants Chicago Chapter 1983-1996, and being a union member while I worked for the Post Office and IRS; b) earning an MBA from Loyola in 1976, a masters degree in accounting from DePaul in 1980, and a masters degree in financial markets and trading from IIT in 1997; c) passing the CPA examination on my first attempt in 1979 and passing the Certified Internal Auditor examination on my first attempt in 1981; c) serving as a Republican Precinct Committeeman since 1999, the GOPUSA Illinois Editor since 2000, the TAPROOT Republicans of Illinois Chairman 2005-2012, a member of the 2008 Illinois Republican Party (IRP) Platform and Resolutions Committee, a Wheaton Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee member 2003-2011, the Milton Township Republican Central Committee webmaster 2008-2010 and 2000-2004, an Illinois Center Right Coalition Steering Committee member 2003-2007, and an American Association of Political Consultants Midwest Chapter board member 2001-2004; d) attending the 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 IRP State Conventions as a delegate; e) being the subject of a nasty 4-page article in the February 1978 issue of Money Magazine; f) pursing litigation including Diersen v. GAO and Diersen v. Chicago Car Exchange; g) being married since 1978; h) living in Crete 1948-1972, in University Park 1972-1976, in Chicago 1976-1978, and in DuPage County, Milton Township, and Wheaton since 1978; and i) being baptized, raised, and confirmed as a Missouri Synod Lutheran.