December 11 Evening Edition

— Trump Says He Doesn’t Need Daily Intelligence Briefings That Say ‘Same Thing’ Every Day – ABC News


— Illinois politics: Will the House ever come to mutual agreement? – JASMINE COOPER


— FBI told the Illinois Republican Party in June its emails had been hacked – Rick Pearson
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The FBI notified the Illinois Republican Party in June that some of its email accounts may have been hacked, but party officials were not told that it was part of a wide-ranging federal investigation of Russian activity in the nation’s political system, the state GOP’s executive director said Sunday. Nick Klitzing said the state GOP on its own found 18 of its emails on the website The New York Times reported the website was an outlet that U.S. intelligence officials and private cybersecurity companies believe was created by a unit controlled by the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence agency. Klitzing said FBI agents raised questions about emails involving the state GOP accounts during their visit. The four email accounts involved were inactive or rarely used, and the hacked emails dated to 2015, long before the 2016 contests for president and Illinois offices, Klitzing said. A review of the emails provided by the state GOP shows the messages were largely rudimentary in nature, ranging from requests for training and local party event invitations to reports and discussion that U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam of Wheaton should be considered a “dark horse” candidate to replace House Speaker John Boehner, a contest ultimately won by U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. . .The compromised Illinois GOP emails provided to the Tribune were dated from August to October of 2015 and did not involve Trump, Clinton or the presidential contest. The emails were sent to the state Republican Party. The subjects of the compromised emails included a suburban York Township Republican Women’s event; a request by McLean County GOP Chairman Chuck Erickson to attend a county training event that included Erickson’s phone number; and a notification from Mike Bigger, a member of the Illinois Republican State Central Committee, that he would be attending an event “and bringing a $1,000 check” from the Stark County party organization. Other compromised emails included a half-dozen messages from Chicago businessman Peter Smith, chairman of Corporate Venture Alliances LLC, involving the October 2015 GOP contest to replace Boehner as House speaker. Smith is a longtime Republican conservative and has been a supporter of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Smith’s emails were sent to what Klitzing described as an unused email account for Richard Porter, the state’s Republican national committeeman.)
— Pro-Trump, pro-white banner found hanging outside Libertyville building – Katherine Rosenberg-Douglas (DIERSEN: What do you say to those who give anti-Trumps ammunition?)
— Trump rejects intel, lawmakers vow probe of Russia hacking
— Trump faces first significant post-election pushback from Republicans over CIA report on Russia – Sarah D. Wire
— Key GOP senators join call for bipartisan Russia election probe – Elise Viebeck, Karoun Demirjian


— A plea for transparency from Foxx, Mendoza – Andy Shaw


— Trump on Russian hacking: ‘I don’t believe it’  ‘I think it’s just another excuse’ – CNN
— Trump says he’s turning away ‘billions’ but has ‘the right’ to do business deals  Trump involved in more than 500 companies – Jill Disis
— Biden keeps door open for 2020 run against Trump  ‘Age could be very much an issue, and it may not be’ – CNN


— Reince Priebus: ‘RNC Was Not Hacked’ – ABC News


— Ives says U of I ‘segregating’ students by background, ignoring merit – Hoang Tran
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The University of Illinois has programs aimed at being inclusive for students, staff and people of all races, cultures and backgrounds, but, state Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) said being inclusive does not necessarily mean being productive. “This is the type of thing that you see happening across higher education everywhere,” Ives told the DuPage Policy Journal. “What they are doing is that they are segregating students based on all sorts of (criteria) such as gender, sex, race and religion. (They are saying) ‘everybody should feel good about themselves for who they are and not based on merit.’ That is completely wrong.” The university, in its goals of inclusivity, has enacted several diversity programs, including holding a “Bystander Intervention/De-Escalation Training” session, taught by a self-described “radical queer feminist activist” and creating an Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations (OIIR), dedicated to recruiting and retaining underrepresented students while promoting diversify education and civility, and fostering leadership skills for the global world. Ives said the OIIR contradicts itself via segregation of students, i.e. students are not judged on their merits, but on their background. “That is not very American,” Ives said. “That is not how we built this country. We built this country on hard work and people of all political stripes, all colors and all nations doing their best and succeeding and giving everybody equal opportunity and not an unequal outcome. So this is the University of Illinois along with other universities in the state just running amok.” Ives said the office does not encourage hard work, but instead promotes division. “It’s actually shameful to segregate kids this way,” Ives said. “They should be pushed, to an extent. They should be given opportunities based on their merits. This is actually divisive to do something like this. This is not inclusive.”)


— DuPage County Election Commission- Why some public officials need removed from office – Kirk Allen


— takes aim at new batch of Democratic lawmakers – Carol Ostrow


— Biss named in gubernatorial speculation – Bill Smith


— Newly launched website aims to expose Madigan’s sphere of influence – Ruth de Jauregui


— Sen. Tim Scott to African-Americans: ‘Let’s Give Mr. Trump a Chance’ – Cathy Burke


— Joe Biden excoriates Donald Trump and his ‘vicious’ presidential campaign – Chris Enloe (DIERSEN: The list of threats of violence and acts of violence by Clinton supporters against Trump supporters is lengthy and growing.)
— Ohio State student protesters claim police went ‘too far’ by shooting, killing Islamic terrorist – Chris Enloe


— Sen. Tim Scott Lays Out Plan For Trump To Engage Black Communities – PHILLIP STUCKY
— Trump: ‘I Don’t Want China Dictating To Me’ – RYAN PICKRELL
— Democrats Insist EPA Staffers Can Resist Trump’s Agenda – Michael Bastasch  (DIERSEN: My Democrat superiors and supervisors in the federal government talked and acted like they were required by law to discriminate against their employees who were White, male, older, and/or non-veteran, that is, like they were required by law to give preference to their employees who were minority, female, younger, and/or veteran.  It is called Affirmative Action, Diversity, and Inclusion.  To give preference to one group is to discriminate against another group.)
— Children Today Will Probably Never Earn More Than Their Parents – Robert Donachie
— DC’s Transgender Cop Poster Child Turns Out To Be A Pervert – Blake Neff


— Students told: Don’t use term ‘illegal immigrant’ on final exam – JENNIFER KABBANY
— University’s ‘Whiteness Forum’ takes ‘critical look at whiteness’ – JENNIFER KABBANY
— Professor tells students: Trump’s election an ‘act of terrorism’ – JEREMY BEAMAN
— Ohio State stabber’s name added to list of nonwhites wrongly killed by police
— Christian university denies conservative students’ request to form campus club – LAUREN FOX


— Under Trump, a government for the ‘experts,’ by the ‘experts’ no longer – DAVID DANFORD AND JUAN DÁVALOS


— Biden: Democrats Must Show More ‘Respect’ to Working-Class Whites  VP rejects notion that racism helped elect Donald Trump – John T. Bennett


— The New Reality of TV: All Trump, All the Time – JAMES PONIEWOZIK


— Trump denies CIA report that Russia intervened to help him win election – Elise Viebeck


— I’m Staying Faithful to Trump  I’ve been harassed by thousands over my Electoral College vote. – ASHLEY MCMILLAN HUTCHINSON


— Fearing Trump crackdown, “dreamers” advised to end travel – AP


— ‘He blocked me’: Fmr. GOP Rep Joe Walsh can’t get Trump to see his raging Twitter rant about Russia – Tom Tillison


— Federal Employee Unions and Election Consequences – Ralph R. Smith


— Rep. eyeing Iowa governorship thinks multiculturalism is enemy of freedom – Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld

Author: David Diersen

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