September 28 Evening Edition

— Trump opponents, supporters clash outside Bolingbrook fundraiser – Frank Vaisvilas and Alicia Fabbre (DIERSEN: Those who spoke very highly of Trump at this outstanding event included Roger Claar and Rudy Giuliani.  The 300+ attendees included John Cabello, Brad Cole, Dan Cronin, Demetra DeMonte, Kirk Dillard, Ron Gidwitz, Dan Hampton, David MacNeil, Richard Porter, Todd Ricketts, Skip Saviano, Tim Schneider, Mickey Straub, and Dave Tornga.)
(FROM AN EARLIER VERSION OF THE ARTICLE: David John Diersen, editor for, said Rudy Giuliani made a surprise appearance.  He said Trump made many jokes and his winning Illinois is “in the realm of possibilities.” Attendee Joshua Naponiello, who’s a volunteer with the DuPage County GOP, said Trump gave a speech with talking points that included reducing regulation, reducing taxes for businesses and the middle class and repealing Obamacare. He said one of Trump’s guests included a representative of the Pakistani Islamic community and an Islamic prayer was given and everyone prayed along. Some of Trump’s supporters also showed up early, including Garry Slabaugh of Romeoville. He said he is excited the candidate he supported since the beginning of the primaries was virtually in his backyard. “I heard about (the fundraiser) last night, and I could hardly sleep,” Slabaugh said. “My wife wishes she was off today so she could be here.” He said he and his wife attended the Trump rally at UIC on March 11 that was canceled amid security concerns. “People were pounding our van and called us racist and they didn’t even know us,” Slabaugh said. “I hope it’s not like that today.” He said he’s not a racist and supports Trump because “he’s tells the truth.” “I don’t like the way things are going,” Slabaugh said. “I don’t want more of the same.” Police staged all demonstrators, supporters and media in a field across the street from the clubhouse not allowing anyone uninvited into the private event in which donors paid up to $250,000.)
— Trump in Chicago: Clinton ‘grossly incompetent’ – Rick Pearson
— Friend of man gunned down near Millennium Park: ‘I’m ready to boycott the city of Chicago’ – Katherine Rosenberg-Douglas
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-Trumps say “Donald Trump’s deep-rooted racism.”  Anti-Trumps are anti-Protestant, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, anti-American, anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-rich people, anti-gun owners, and/or anti-those whose ancestors have been in America longer than their ancestors.
— Audit details lax leadership at College of DuPage, offers 19 recommendations – Erin Chan Ding
— Big crowds don’t always translate into big votes – Chris Cillizza


— Trump pumps up the room in Bolingbrook fundraiser – Michael Sneed
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Hey! Hey!  It was a Trump love fest. Pull up a luncheon chair. Donald Trump, who has dinged Chicago for our murder rate, denounced the Cubs last year for being poorly run by owners who opposed his campaign, and expressed concern for the Chicago Bears going forward — was all banter, burble and bubble at a private luncheon in Bolingbrook on Wednesday. “I love Chicago. I am an investor here. It’s a great city,” chirped Trump, who left the Bolingbrook Golf Club fund-raiser organized by savvy Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar with $1.5 million bucks in his political pocket. “It was a huge blowout,” a luncheon source said. Trump, who took no questions from the 350 plus donors dining on cold salmon salad and Claar’s favorite yellow pudding, played it mellow while pitching podium bon mots to the audience in the Ronald Reagan room. Todd Ricketts, a co-owner of the Cubs who is CEO of the conservative Ending Spending Super PAC, was in attendance. In a shout-out to Ricketts, Trump yelled: “I want to commend the Ricketts family on their business plan and how they rebuilt the Chicago Cubs in a few short years!”  Ricketts shouted back:” It’s gonna be a great year because YOU are going to win the presidency AND THE CUBS ARE GOING TO WIN THE WORLD SERIES!”  (Trump’s praise for the Cubs followed disclosures Wednesday morning Joe Ricketts was doing a turnaround, endorsing Trump and donating $1 million to elect him.) The room erupted into applause. Trump was now on a roll. Tossing a huge shoutout to retired Hall of Fame football defensive tackle Dan Hampton, whom he mistakenly called “Dave,” Trump praised Hampton and asked him to join him on stage. “My daughter Ivanka always reminds me I am a BIG guy,” said Trump, who reportedly weighs 267 pounds. “So I just want to show my children there are guys bigger than me. And I want you to tell coach [Mike] Ditka how much I love the guy and appreciate his support and friendship.”  Then Trump told Hampton he “wished you’d suit up because the Bears need you.”  Trump also volunteered to lend Hampton his knees. “I have great knees and if you want to borrow them. I’d be more than happy to do so,” Trump said. Trump then gave a big shout-out to WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil, commending him for manufacturing his product in America. MacNeil shouted back: “And I employ 1,100 people here in Bolingbrook.” Trump, however, saved the knife for Republican U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk, who has refused to endorse Trump. The source claimed Trump stated: “It is one thing not to endorse me, but it another thing to use me in ads for yourself against me. Guys like Kirk who are behind in the polls can’t figure out why guys like me are ahead in the polls.” Trump, who told the crowd his campaign raised $18 million since his televised debate two days ago, singled Kirk out several times for disdain, the source added. Trump also praised Claar, who organized the event. Overseeing a diverse community, Claar’s event had a Muslim deliver the invocation, an African-American as master of ceremonies, and an African-American woman sing the national anthem, according to the source.)
— Trump makes unannounced stop at Polish National Alliance in Chicago before suburban fundraisers
— CTU’s House of Delegates votes to set a strike date of Oct. 11; CPS CEO says a strike can still be averted
— Rauner, legislative panel have $2.4-billion deficit disagreement


— Demonstrators protest as Trump visits Bolingbrook – Marni Pyke
— Trump in Chicago: I’ll be ‘true friend to Poland
— Auditor: College of DuPage needs to improve oversight, operations – Robert Sanchez
— GOP incumbent state representative Michael McAuliffe spends big to keep seat – Christopher Placek
— Lauzen alleges ‘political retaliation’ – James Fuller
— Time to make COD the bright star of DuPage again – Tom Cullerton


— Donald Trump was in the Chicago area Wednesday to raise money and meet with the Polish American Congress Wednesday morning. – Ben Bradley and Laura Podesta


— Donald Trump, in Chicago for Surprise Event, Attacks Hillary Clinton For Failing D.C. Bar Exam  Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke at Chicago’s Polish National Alliance Wednesday morning, faulting his opponent, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, for failing the bar exam in Washington D.C. – Tom Schuba  (DIERSEN: My Democrat IRS superiors, supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates were furious that I passed the CPA examination on my first attempt in 1979; it frustrated their efforts to paint me as being stupid and lazy.  Few of them had attempted to pass the examination, even fewer eventually passed it, and very few passed it on their first attempt.  My Democrat GAO superiors, supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates were furious that I passed the Certified Internal Auditor examination on my first attempt in 1981; it frustrated their efforts to paint me as being stupid and lazy.  Few of them had attempted to pass the examination, even fewer eventually passed it, and very few passed it on their first attempt.)
— Trump Campaign Denies He’s Sick After Chicago Speech Fuels Further Questions About His Health


— Donald Trump Greeted By Cheers And Jeers During Chicago-Area Visit – Derrick Blakley


— Trump pops up to prop up Chicago’s Polish community


— Sen. Brady: Limiting same day voter registration will curb fraud


— Illinois GOP Chairman: I Choose Rude Over Wrong – Tony Arnold


— Governor Mum On Trump’s “War-Torn” Chicago Characterization – AMANDA VINICKY


— Trump angry at allies conceding he lost debate  Source: Message was ‘not subtle’ – CNN


— Trump In Chicago: I’ll Be ‘Greatest President For Jobs God Ever Created’ – Heather Cherone


— Despite harsh reviews, Trump resists new debate approach – AP


— Protesters, supporters gather in Bolingbrook as fundraiser held for Donald Trump – MIKE MALLORY


    — Do whites and men have too much power? – Scott Clement and Emily Guskin  (DIERSEN: How much power do you have?  Power is religious, government, political, and/or financial clout.)
    (FROM THE ARTICLE: It’s no secret that race and gender issues have been front-and-center in this year’s presidential contest, and a new Washington Post-ABC News poll shines a new light on a central part of this dynamic: views of the power of whites and men. White men fueled Trump’s overall support in the poll, with likely voters in this demographic favoring him by a whopping 40-point margin, compared with a nearly tied contest among white women (46-44) and Clinton’s 50-point lead among all non-white voters (69-19). The Post-ABC poll also asked whether men, women, whites and racial and ethnic minorities have “too much,” “too little” or “about the right amount” of influence in the country. Just more than four in 10 registered voters say each of women and minorities have too little influence, while far fewer say either has too much sway. Looking at whites and men, nearly four in 10 voters say men have too much influence in the country, while one-third says the same about whites. Putting those questions together, voters split evenly, with 48 percent saying whites or men have too much influence, while 48 percent say neither group does. The Post-ABC poll found responses to this question are closely connected with support for Clinton and Trump. Trump’s support is 36 points higher among voters who say whites have “about the right amount” or “too little” influence in America, compared with those who say whites have too much influence (53 percent to 17 percent). Trump’s support is also 27 percentage points higher among voters who reject the idea that men have “too much” influence, compared with those who do. Put together, Trump leads Clinton by a 57-28 margin among voters who say neither whites nor men have too much influence, while he trails Clinton by 52 points among voters who say both whites and men have too much influence (14-66). Fascinatingly, the impact of these attitudes is largest among voters who belong to the two historically advantaged demographics. Whites voters who say their racial group has too much influence prefer Clinton by a 38-point margin over Trump (61-23), while those who say their influence is about right or insufficient favor Trump by a 40-point margin (63-23). Likewise, male voters who say men are too influential favor Clinton by 25 points (52-27) while those who feel men are not too powerful prefer Trump by a 44-point margin (59-25). Political divisions over gender and race are far from new, and the poll also finds big partisan splits on these questions – an indication that they predate Clinton and Trump’s candidacies. Democrats are about twice as likely to say men have too much influence as Republicans and three times as likely to say whites have too much sway. But it is also likely that heated rhetoric over police shootings of black men, racism, sexism and immigration have helped solidify partisan divisions on issues of race and gender.)


— Audit makes 19 recommendations to College of DuPage  COD officials address audit results – ERIC SCHELKOPF


— Donald Trump’s Bolingbrook Fundraiser Brings Out Supporters, Opponents  “We don’t see race. We see right and wrong. What Donald Trump represents is wrong,” said one protester. – Scott Viau


— College of DuPage Audit Cites 19 Areas for Improvement  The audit found that the COD Board of Trustees “could improve their fiduciary oversight of the college’s operations in several areas.” – Amie Rowland




— GOP chairman says Rauner criticism “drives me crazy”
— Edgar, Kennedy take turns whacking Rauner, Trump


— Trump says Clinton White House will be for sale, urges voters to ‘follow the money’ – Seth McLaughlin


— GOP seeks ‘big tent’ but who props it up? – Charlie Butts


— TRAGIC: Americans Are Saving Less Than Ever – Steve Rhode


— Trump Campaign Quietly Shouts About Clinton Sex Scandals – BENJY SARLIN and ALEX SEITZ-WALD


— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-Trumps on “Parsing What Makes a Trump Supporter Tick.”


— Federal employee health premiums to rise 6.2 percent on average – Eric Yoder


— Clinton Would Be Wise to Denounce Howard Dean – Jonathan Bernstein


— OUTRAGEOUS: 6.2% Average Health Insurance Increase for Federal Employees – Ralph R. Smith

Author: David Diersen

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