September 27 Evening Edition

— Illinois Weed Legalization Guide: Will your city or town sell marijuana? (DIERSEN: Pot brings down everything and everyone around it.)
— Chicago Teachers Union overwhelmingly votes to authorize strike if no deal reached with city – Diane Pathieu

— Chicago Teachers Union Members Vote to Authorize Strike

— Chicago Teachers Union, Chicago Public Schools Back At Negotiating Table After 94% Strike Authorization Vote – Mugo Odigwe

— Hillary Clinton calls Trump ‘illegitimate president’ and ‘corrupt human tornado’ – Joseph A. Wulfsohn

— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: Can Illinois draw marijuana tourists from out of state? Retailers are taking a gamble on Illinois border towns. – LAUREN ZUMBACH (DIERSEN: Pot brings down everything and everyone around it.)
— ‘This is completely wrong’: Evanston elementary school ‘cancels’ Halloween due to equity and some parents are not happy about it – Christen A. Johnson
— A germ found in the saliva of cats and dogs nearly killed a healthy Wisconsin man — he had numerous amputations. Researchers think they may have figured out why. – AP
— As UAW strike against GM drags on, President Donald Trump has plenty of 2020 supporters on key Michigan picket line – BILL RUTHHART
— Fallout from the ‘Illinois Exodus’: Sinking home values. Attention, Gov. Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot. – Editorial
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater says “We are a nation rotting from within.”
— Working on trust, one story at a time – DENISE CROSBY

— Ald. Reilly proposes compromise to keep recreational marijuana sales off Michigan Ave. but in Loop The plan would cap the number of dispensaries at “three or four” and keep the lid in place “until minority-owned businesses and new market-entrants are ready to come and compete,” the alderman said. – Fran Spielman
— Trouble with Tesla: Couple sold damaged car, but told they can’t sue When their new $110,000 car arrived from Chicago, it had undisclosed damage. The case highlights the difficulty in dealing with the company’s secretive arbitration system. – Stephanie Zimmermann
— Hat trick? State historian finds ‘no evidence’ Lincoln ever wore museum’s $6.5 million treasured artifact Questions over the legitimacy of the 16th president’s purported hat at the Springfield museum have lingered since 2012. – Mitchell Armentrout
— Before Illinois spends $45 billion on highways and bridges, Sandoval should hit the road Sen. Martin Sandoval’s political war chest is bursting with donations from firms that stand to benefit from the state’s construction plan — and now there are those FBI raids. – Editorial
— Sandoval is now the one under the gun Imagine the evidence the feds had to provide to the Justice Department headquarters and to a federal judge in order to pursue and then obtain a sweeping warrant. – Rich Miller

— DuPage judge O’Shea removed from bench for misconduct – Susan Sarkauskas
— College of DuPage, faculty reach tentative deal on 4-year contract – Katlyn Smith and Robert Sanchez
— Buffalo Grove Democrat discourages official travel to states with strict abortion laws – Rebecca Anzel

— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: Pot pushers say “Time to let banks serve Illinois’ cannabis industry.” (DIERSEN: Pot brings down everything and everyone around it.)
— State’s new cannabis czar faces a challenging to-do list As one of the key proponents of the state’s marijuana law, Toi Hutchinson has a head start. She’ll need it. – JOHN PLETZ (DIERSEN: Pot brings down everything and everyone around it.)
— Illinois will be ready and open for weed biz Jan. 1: Hutchinson “There may be pitfalls, and we’ll deal with them as they come,” says the lawmaker just named to oversee the state’s new marijuana law rollout. The key goals remain criminal justice reform and social equity. – JOHN PLETZ (DIERSEN: Pot brings down everything and everyone around it.)
— These two Illinois congressmen (Quigley and Krishnamoorthi) poised for key roles in impeachment probe The House Intelligence Committee will take the lead in the ongoing investigation—and that means two members of the Illinois delegation who sit on that panel will get a star turn. – GREG HINZ
— Illinois’ new wage history law takes effect this weekend. Here’s what you need to know. Screening job applicants based on their previous salaries is just one of the things employers can no longer do. – A.D. QUIG (DIERSEN: My critics/opponents, their operatives, and their dupes treat me like I never earned more than the minimum wage. But in fact, in today’s dollars, GAO paid me $127,654/year (GS-13 Step 10) in 1997 when I was 49 years old.)

— Champaign attorney charged with growing cannabis in his home – MARY SCHENK

— ‘Keep the crap out,’ ‘It’s stupid,’ Shorewood mayor, trustees say of potential recreational marijuana business Board discusses whether to ban pot biz from village – ALLISON SELK

— Illinois Sheriff’s Association: Decatur should opt out of cannabis sales

— Fake News Media Has Been Thunderstruck! If this video doesn’t brighten your day, nothing will. “Their agenda is not your agenda.” — President Donald J. Trump



— Breen says he’s running again
— Ray LaHood: Avoid impeachment “like the plague”
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Pot pushers push pot.

— Donald Trump, enemy of the globalists – Cheryl K. Chumley

— GOP senators introduce fetal burial law after discovery of 2,246 abortion remains in Ulrich Klopfer garage – Kimberly Leonard

— New York City Aids Migrants by Imposing Speech Code on Americans – NEIL MUNRO
— Republican Senators Introduce Bill to Ensure Dignified Burial of Aborted Babies – DR. SUSAN BERRY

— Pelosi Bows to Hollywood Extremists – L. Brent Bozell III Tim Graham

— Wilbur Ross: Left-wing media trying to ‘trigger a recession’ – Jonathan Garber

— Bill Would Make Sure Abortionists Never Keep Aborted Babies as Trophies Ever Again – MICAIAH BILGER

— NY City bans speech that might offend illegal aliens, up to $250,000 per offense – Tom Tillison

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater asks “What drives Donald Trump?” and answers “Greed, and greed alone.” What do my critics/opponent say that drives me? What do your critics/opponents say that drives you?

— Slavery Was Unfair; Are Reparations Fair? Don’t hold those of us who had nothing to do with slavery responsible financially. History works both ways. – Richard J. Reinitz, Houston (DIERSEN: Affirmative Action, Diversity, and Inclusion are reparations.)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater says “Impeachment Will Take Trump to a New Frontier of Haterdom Victimhood is at the core of the president’s identity—and it’s likely to shape his approach to the coming battle.”

— A Major Cannabis-Review Site Is Shutting Down Because Its Founder Doesn’t Think There’s Any Safe Way to Consume Weed “I don’t feel good about the industry any longer,” says Joe Tierney, aka “The Gentleman Toker.” – ANDREW BEAUJON

July 7 Evening Edition

— 63 shot, 5 fatally, in 4th of July weekend gun violence across Chicago – Michelle Gallardo

— “Vegasification” happening to local bars and restaurants, including in Buffalo Grove, as more video gaming terminals pop up – ERIC SCOTT
— Trump lashes out at media following reports of crowded and unsanitary conditions at Border Patrol stations – AP
— Chicago fans cheer for World Cup champs and equal pay for women – PATRICK M. O’CONNELL

— Democrats are hurting Illinois – BOB MARTENSEN, Loda
(FROM THE LETTER: Democrats have proven, once again, that they lack the mental capacity to govern. Democrats do not want a girl 20 years and 364 days old to smoke cigarettes, because cigarettes are not healthy. Democrats want that girl, one day later, to smoke all the marijuana she can, because marijuana is, they say, healthy and they can tax it. Democrats cannot find the time to read nor understand the proposed laws upon which they vote to approve. Democrats cannot understand how a provision that greatly increases their salaries just happened to be in a bill that they approved. Democrats cannot find the money to pay the debts to vendors who provide goods and services to the state. Democrats can find the money to pay homage to their king, $40 million for two schools in House Speaker Michael Madigan’s district, $50 million to his wife’s Illinois Arts Council. Democrats believe that an unborn child must not have individual rights under the law. People are permanently leaving Illinois by the tens of thousands, business and manufacturing plants are closing or not even thinking of Illinois as a location. The Democrats’ answer is taxes, taxes and more taxes. Raise taxes, don’t pay your bills, place the money in your pockets equals mental incapacity.)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters promote Trump-haters.

— “Defining a Flag, Defining a Nation” – 19-Year Old’s Take on the Betsy Ross American Flag Controversy

— The Democrats’ open border strategy – Robert Knight
— What Republicans must do to take the House – Ian Prior
(FROM THE ARTICLE: On recruiting, there have been similar successes. In places that Republicans need to win, they have recruited top tier candidates who give them the absolute best shot to do so. Candidates like Nicole Malliotakis in the 11th District of New York, Ashley Hinson in the 1st District in Iowa, Evelyn Sanguinetti in the 6th District of Illinois, Kathy Landing in the 1st District of South Carolina and Amanda Makkei in the 13th District of Florida.)

— The Cowardice of the College Republicans – Eric Lendrum (DIERSEN: Should I try to get the Milton Township Republican Central Committee, the DuPage County Republican Central Committee, and the Illinois Republican Party to pass resolutions a) AGAINST the promotion of LGBTQ activity, b) AGAINST the promotion of abortion, c) AGAINST the promotion of mass/illegal immigration, d) AGAINST the promotion of booze, gambling, pot, and other vices, e) AGAINST the diminution of First and Second Amendment rights, f) AGAINST the promotion of patronage, g) AGAINST the promotion of political affiliation discrimination, h) AGAINST the promotion of reverse discrimination, and i) AGAINST the promotion of age discrimination?)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: One would think that in the age of a massively successful Republican president like Donald Trump, most conservative college organizations would be rushing to hitch their wagons to his rising star. But as it turns out, the ignorance and naivety of the Republican elite is not limited to members of Congress. For the upcoming annual gathering of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC), national chairman Chandler Thornton has laid out his vision for the organization’s upcoming conference in his debut op-ed at Fox News. What exactly is Thornton’s big plan for College Republicans as the 2020 election rapidly approaches? Working to curb mass immigration? Speaking out against blatant Big Tech censorship of the Right? Opposing the Left’s ongoing push for the legalization of infanticide? Condemning the domestic terrorism of Antifa? No. At this year’s CRNC conference—happening July 11-14—delegates will be voting on a symbolic resolution to condemn white nationalism, which Thornton claims is contributing to a “toxic problem” within the GOP.)
— Angry About Border Conditions? Blame Congress – Rachel Bovard

— Group planning a ‘straight pride parade’ in Boston is driving liberals bonkers – Greg Pisarevsky
— How far would your friends go to remain a Democrat? – Barbara Leber and Carol Greenwald (DIERSEN: Ever-increasingly, to be a Democrat, a Libertarian, a Green, or a RINO, you have to hate individuals, hate organizations, hate companies, hate governments, and hate countries that are Trump supporters, Protestant, conservative, patriotic, Republican, American, White, male, older, rich, gun owners, German American, draft avoiders, and those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time.)

— Antifa Protesters Harass Trump Supporters in the Nation’s Capital, Shout ‘F*ck the Cops’ – HANNAH BLEAU6

— Detroit Youth Music Festival Offers Different Ticket Prices For Whites, Non-Whites – PETER HASSON (DIERSEN: How soon, if not already, will Democrat, Libertarian, Green, and RINO businesses charge their customers/clients who are Republican more than they charge their customers/clients who are Democrat, Libertarian, Green, or RINO?)

— Starbucks Apologizes to Police After Six Officers Were Asked to Leave Arizona Store

— Trump accuses media of ‘phony’ reporting on migrant detention centers – CHRIS MILLS RODRIGO

— Kamala Harris proposes $100B grant to help minorities attain home ownership – Nicholas Sakelaris (DIERSEN: What helped you buy real estate? For me it was the money that I earned and saved selling tires, automotive services, and major appliances 1970-1971; pumping gasoline 1971-1972; collecting delinquent taxes 1971-1980; and auditing federal agencies 1980-1997.)

— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: Pot pushers push pot.

— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: In Colorado, Every Day’s a Festival – PATRICIA CALHOUN

— Conservative grad shares her story: ‘I’ve spent the last four years defending myself’ – Kathryn Hinderaker (DIERSEN: If I had been a member of a Republican club while I attended Crete-Monee High School 1962-1966, the Democrats who ran the Post Office would not have hired me in 1966. If I had been a member of a Republican club while I attended UIC 1966-1968 and/or NIU 1969-1970, the Democrats who ran IRS would not have hired me in 1971. If I had been a member of a Republican club while I attended Loyola 1972-1976, the Democrats who ran IRS would not have promoted me in 1972, 1973, or 1974. If I had been a member of a Republican club while I attended DePaul 1976-1980, the Democrats who ran GAO would not have hired me in 1980 or promoted me in 1986. If I had been a member of a Republican club while I attended IIT 1992-1997 the Democrats who ran GAO would have forced me to take their early retirement “offer” much sooner than they did.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: I just graduated from St. Olaf College after receiving an education I didn’t expect. That’s because as a conservative at my small, Minnesota-based liberal arts institution, I’ve spent the last four years defending myself against personal and political attacks from professors and peers alike. The most recent example came in late April as the St. Olaf College Republicans hosted scholar Heather Mac Donald for a talk on her new book, “The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture.” As chair of the group, I fielded many angry emails, including this from a theater professor: “This speaker is dangerous. It’s not about a difference in idealogical [sic] perspectives. This rhetoric is dangerous and puts my Black body in danger. This is antithetical to the St. Olaf mission statement. I’m not okay with this… and you all shouldn’t be either.” Several more professors emailed similar sentiments. This example is no outlier. In early 2018, college administrators shot down an effort to bring Ben Shapiro to campus for a speech. The officials denied the request by saying Shapiro was too divisive to bring to St. Olaf on the date in question. (It was the one-year anniversary of a racial protest on campus). They promised Shapiro could come at some unknown future date, but months of student organizing and planning were essentially wasted. Shapiro never made it to St. Olaf College. Also last year, our College Republicans’ display called “Why I’m a Conservative” was torn down by students upset by its messaging. They were apparently triggered by expressions such as “All human life has value,” “Facts > feelings,” “I love economic freedom” and “I pay taxes.” All these incidents spring from the prevailing ideology on campus, which was perhaps most evident the day after President Donald Trump was elected. The campus was in a tailspin. Several professors cried in front of their classes. Some canceled class altogether. Students openly wept in the quad. Protests broke out at a moment’s notice.)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Ever-increasingly, businesses pander to individuals, to organizations, to other businesses, to governments, and to countries that are anti-Trump, anti-Protestant, anti-conservative, anti-patriotic, anti-Republican, anti-American, anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-rich people, anti-gun owners, anti-German Americans, and/or anti-those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time.)