August 16 Evening Edition

— Sen. Cullerton Pleads Not Guilty To Federal Embezzlement Charges

— Recession signs worry Trump ahead of 2020 (DIERSEN: To defeat Trump in 2020, Democrats will do everything that they can to destroy the economy.)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters promote Joe Walsh.

— Recreational marijuana is coming, and suburban leaders have some decisions to make – RANDY BLASER
— Feds allege that Koch Foods had history of ‘knowingly hiring and employing illegal aliens’ – ROBERT CHANNICK
— At the Illinois State Fair, farmers celebrate ag but bemoan a ‘nightmare’ of a year – Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz
— Madigan’s hand-picked Chicago alderman tried to disqualify his opponent by challenging signatures that were never submitted. Now a grand jury is investigating. – GREGORY PRATT and RAY LONG

— Wheaton sets 7:00 PM Monday, August 26, 2019 hearing on proposed marijuana sales ban (DIERSEN: Needless-to-say, I urge all Wheaton residents who oppose the promotion of pot to attend this hearing and to call for Wheaton to ban the sale of pot.)
— Naperville set to review details of recreational marijuana sales ban – Marie Wilson
— Curran seeks to clarify comment about ‘wrong people’ moving to Lake County – Doug T. Graham
— DISGUSTING, OUTRAGEOUS: Google employees call for pledge not to work with ICE – AP

— Former State Senator Rickey Hendon is in the pot business His West Side shop sells homemade hemp and CBD creams and cooking spices, as well as oils, gummies and other edibles with a goal of getting black people to join in on the looming recreational pot gold rush. – CHERYL V. JACKSON
— Illinois proves what you didn’t know about the old boiling frog metaphor Raise taxes and take on more debt, but do it gradually. Never mind reforms, corruption, hostility to employers and all the rest. Like the mythical frog, nobody will jump out, Illinois pols seem to think.
– Mark Glennon

— Illinois Joins Legal Fight Opposing Trump Administration’s Public Charge Rules – María Ines Zamudio

— Cannabis Discussion from DuPage County Perspective

— Former GOP candidate Kinzler calls for special election to replace indicted Cullerton – Robert Hadley

— Ugaste: Senate bill proposing to raise FOID card fees ‘infringes on the rights of too many’ – Glenn Minnis

— Has Proft’s Uihlein money dried up?
— Jim Oberweis, others (Evelyn Sanguinetti and Ted Gradel) picked for NRCC’s “Young Guns” program

— Vast white supremacist violence in America is a myth the media won’t give up

— Google employees demand company not work with ICE
— Federal workers sue for the right to criticize Trump

— LEAKED: Top New York Times Editor Battles Leftist Staffers on Trump, Crying Racism – Tim Graham

— Feds Subsidize Loans To Posh Eateries, Golf Courses, Yacht Clubs

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats use legal immigrants to promote illegal immigrants.

— The Rev. Franklin Graham slams law requiring schools to teach LGBTQ history: ‘an affront to God’ – Muri Assunção

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats use legal Latinos to promote illegal Latinos.

— Dayton City Council fills vacancy in Position 5 with Misty Yost

— Appeals Court Okays Dismissal Of Older Worker Said To Lack “Potential” For Promotion – Patricia Barnes (DIERSEN: The Democrats who run the federal government get rid of their employees who are Republican, White, male, and/or non-veteran who do not make GS-13 (currently $98,198) by age 25, GS-14 (currently $116,040) by age 30, GS-15 (currently $136,495) by age 35, and Senior Executive Service (currently $165,500) by age 40.)

July 30 Evening Edition

— Will pot be sold at shops in your town come Jan. 1? Officials throughout Illinois have begun debating the issue – Robert McCoppin (DIERSEN: Municipalities and counties that do not ban the sale of pot shout that they are NOT family friendly.)
— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: Northbrook board voices initial approval of first recreational cannabis business proposal – ALEXANDRA KUKULKA (DIERSEN: Municipalities and counties that do not ban the sale of pot shout that they are NOT family friendly.)
— Federal executions are resuming. Will state death penalty bans hold up? – SUSANNE DUMBLETON
— Is nuclear power too radioactive for Democrats? – JONATHAN LESSER
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater promotes hatred of Trump.
— President promises to loom over Democratic policy debates in Michigan — a state won by both Obama and Trump – AP

— Illinois Democratic Chairman Mike Madigan a power in party politics? Prove it, his lawyers say “Defendants dispute that Defendant Madigan uses the numerous roles he holds to influence Democrats at all levels of government,” Madigan’s lawyers wrote. “The evidence cited does not support this statement, nor does the record otherwise support a statement.” – Tina Sfondeles

— DuPage probation employees rally to demand higher pay – Robert Sanchez
(FROM THE ARTICLE: They say those employees are “vastly underpaid” for their work. Probation officers are required to have a bachelor’s degree. Many who work for DuPage County have an advanced degree or other specialized credentials. The starting salary for a probation officer is $41,659 a year. The top annual salary is $59,562. However, McNamara said there are probation officers with more than 18 years of service who aren’t at the top of the pay scale. Nearly a third of the county’s probation employees have to work a second job to make ends meet, according to a union survey. McNamara said 44 employees have left in the last two years, many for other jobs with better-paid probation departments. “Why are you letting the taxpayers of DuPage pay to train (probation officers) only for them to leave?” she said. In addition to higher wages, the workers hope the new pact includes flexible scheduling.)
— Trump’s intelligence director pick Ratcliffe was born in Mount Prospect, grew up in Palatine – Charles Keeshan (DIERSEN: According to Senate Intelligence Committee member Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Ratcliffe is the “least qualified individual ever” for the position. What were your qualifications for the last promotion that you got? When GAO promoted me to GS-13 (currently $98,198/year) in 1986 when I was 38 years old, I had the following qualifications: almost 7 years of experience working for GAO, almost 9 years of experience working for IRS, licensed CPA since 1981, Certified Internal Auditor since 1981, master’s degree in accounting from DePaul in 1980, passed the CPA examination on my first attempt in 1979, MBA from Loyola in 1976, bachelor’s degree in management from NIU in 1970, and Treasurer for the Association of Government Accountants Chicago Chapter since 1983.)
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters promote Trump-haters.
— Suburban Republican John Curran files bill to ban ethylene oxide emissions – Jerry Nowicki

— Seesaw installation brings children together on both sides of the border (DIERSEN: Mexico has illegally sent many millions of its citizens illegally into America illegally. Mexico is illegally keeping many millions of it citizens in America illegally. Mexico has illegally sent many mountains of illegal drugs into America illegally.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: “The wall became a literal fulcrum for U.S. – Mexico relations and children and adults were connected in meaningful ways on both sides with the recognition that the actions that take place on one side have a direct consequence on the other side,” Rael said in an Instagram post.)

— Future of marijuana sales in O’Fallon is unclear as committee takes public input – LYNN VENHAUS (DIERSEN: Municipalities and counties that do not ban the sale of pot shout that they are NOT family friendly.)

— Legal marijuana requires adjustments for police and prosecutors Rock Island County state’s attorney preparing for new Illinois law – Jim Niedelman (DIERSEN: Municipalities and counties that do not ban the sale of pot shout that they are NOT family friendly.)

— Kinzinger: U.S. Border Patrol agents need the public’s support Crisis takes emotional, physical toll on agents – ALEX ORTIZ

— ‘People want to live here’ – ALEX ORTIZ (DIERSEN: Why do people want to live in your neighborhood, in your precinct, in your municipality, in your township/ward, and in your county? People want to live in my neighborhood, in my precinct, in Wheaton’s West District, in Wheaton, in Milton Township, and in DuPage County because of the safety and prosperity that people who are religious, conservative, and/or Republican provide there.)

— Public Input Sought on Pot Sales in St. Charles A public discussion around whether to allow recreational cannabis sales in St. Charles will be on the agenda for the Aug. 5. (DIERSEN: Municipalities and counties that do not ban the sale of pot shout that they are NOT family friendly.)

— Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s veto leaves door open for yet-to-surface Medicaid buy-in plan – Greg Bishop

— Sanguinetti Criticizes Casten for Investment in Dirty Wood Burning Firm

— Illinois GOP wants Speaker Madigan to answer for reports that harassment probe lacks merit – Glenn Minnis

— In response to immigrations laws, Bailey says Pritzker ‘on a one-way ticket to destroy Illinois’ – Glenn Minnis

— Rodney Davis hosts first public forum in years
— Bustos shakes up staff during DCCC turmoil
— College aid “scam” uncovered here
— “There’s simply no evidence at this time that the ICC is in bed with ComEd” (DIERSEN: I should write a book about my ICC complaint against ComEd which dramatically improved the reliability of electric service for my precinct in Wheaton.)
— Pritzker admin say it may not apply to Sterigenics *** Sen. Curran files bill to ban ethylene oxide, wants special session

— In new TV ad, Trump campaign says Democrats ‘all the same’ on health care for illegals – Dave Boyer

— Fight Woke Capitalism by Eating at Chick-fil-A Conservatives must put our money where our mouths are and support businesses that share our values. – CASEY CHALK

— TV Ad Demanding Nationwide Mandatory E-Verify to Air During Democrat Debate – John Binder
— Elijah Cummings Blames Baltimore’s Problems on Trump and Racism – JOHN NOLTE
— Ocasio-Cortez Suggests GOP Uses Illegal Immigration to Hide Racism – HANNAH BLEAU

— Bad news, Democrats: American voters aren’t nearly as ‘woke’ as your primary field – Nate Madden

— Baltimore And Other Rat-Infested Cities Run By Democrats In Crisis – Jim Clayton

— Acting CBP Commissioner: Can’t ‘Efficiently’ Check Whether Illegals Have Criminal Record Back Home – Melanie Arter

— VA Delegate Who Heckled Trump For ‘Racism’ Has History Of Anti-Semitic Posts – AMBER ATHEY

— The price we’d pay for Rashida Tlaib’s idea of a $20 minimum wage (DIERSEN: When you were younger, if you could have gotten $20/hour in today’s dollars for jobs that not require any education or any work experience, would you still have earned a high school diploma, an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree?)

— Democrats Embrace Racism To Protect Their Own – Derek Hunter

— RNC Wants CNN to Ask Democrats Just 10 Questions

— CNN’s Cuomo Uses California Shooting as an Excuse to Slime Trump – Ryan Foley

— Trump Criticizes Democrats’ Push for Open Borders Days After Supreme Court Ruling – JANITA KAN

— Tucker Carlson: Democrats Didn’t Care About Baltimore Until Trump Tweeted – Tim Hains

— Trump on being called a racist: ‘Everybody’s called a racist now’ – BRETT SAMUELS (DIERSEN: Trump-haters call everyone who does not call Trump a racist a racist.)
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters promote Trump-haters.

— Climate panel‘s Casten holds stake in wood-burning energy firm Renewable biomass energy company cited for water violations – Benjamin J. Hulac

— After officiating gay wedding, Republican congressman gets ‘no confidence’ vote from local GOP The vote comes just two days after another GOP committee failed to censure Rep. Denver Riggleman, R-Va., who said he was “happy to officiate” the wedding. – Tim Fitzsimons (DIERSEN: If you want to promote LGBTQ activity, you should be a Democrat, Libertarian, or Green.)

— Two dozen House Democrats to head to the border this week – Ashley Killough

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater promotes hatred against Trump.

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Republican-hater promotes hatred against Republicans.
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater promotes hatred against Trump.
— New Jersey GOP county chair apologizes for sexist, anti-Muslim tweets – AP

— New manager’s budget proposal calls for $128 million to fix Corpus Christi streets – Kathryn Cargo

— JUNE 7, 2018 FLASHBACK: Where Do You Want To Live For The Rest Of Your Life? 7 Questions To Ask – Bart Astor (DIERSEN: My wife and I want to live in our home at 915 Cove Court in Wheaton for the rest of our lives. Of course, that heightens our interest in who represents a) Wheaton’s West District on Wheaton’s City Council, b) Wheaton, c) Wheaton’s Park District, d) School District 200, e) College of DuPage, f) Milton Township, g) DuPage County’s 4th District on DuPage County’s Board and Forest Preserve, h) DuPage County, i) Illinois’ 42nd House District, j) Illinois’ 21st Senate District, k) the 6th Congressional District, and l) Illinois.)

— Can people of color be racist? Trump is accusing Congressman Elijah Cummings and Rev Al Sharpton of being racist. Is that even possible? – Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld

July 21 Morning Edition

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Pot pushers use medial pot to push recreational pot at Pitchfork Music Fest
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Despite the upcoming Illinois marijuana legalization Jan. 1, 2020 it’s business as usual at the Modern Cannabis booth. MOCA, a marijuana dispensary, has been a staple of Pitchfork for at least two years, the dispensary itself open since 2016. A MOCA representative told the Tribune that right now, the booth serves to educate festival attendees on “a safe alternative, safe medicine” and on how an individual might get a cannabis card (you need to be an Illinois resident, for one thing).)
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: What encourages you to run for office? For me, it is a lack of candidates who have promised to and/or have demonstrated a) that they can/will defend/advance the Republican Party platform and the Illinois Republican Party platform, especially their traditional family, right to life, immigration, Second Amendment, illegal drugs, and equal opportunity planks (no race of gender based preference giving) planks and that they can/will oppose the promotion of dependency on government, dependency on charity, LGBTQ activity, abortion, mass/illegal immigration, diminishment of First and Second Amendment rights, booze, gambling, pot, and other vices, patronage, political affiliation discrimination, reverse discrimination, age discrimination, and retaliation.)
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats shout at citizens of foreign countries, and at everyone else, that Republicans are White supremacists, Nazis, KKK members, haters, racists, sexists, bigots, and even worse things who should be gotten rid of once and for all. Democrats count on immigrants to help them get rid of Republicans once and for all.

— HARDCOPY ARTICLE TITLE: Mentoring can help fight violence – John W. Fountain (DIERSEN: My Democrat GAO superiors got rid of my mentor in 1987. He had hired me in 1980, got me assigned to audits of IRS in 1986, and promoted me to GS-13, currently $98,198/year, in 1986. My Democrat IRS superiors got rid of my mentor in 1975. He had promoted me to GS-9, currently $56,945/year, in 1972, to GS-11, currently $68,897/year, in 1973, and to GS-12, currently $82,579/year, in 1974.)

— Health agencies refusing $8 million in federal money because of new, ‘unethical’ rules – Rebecca Anzel (DIERSEN: Ever-increasingly, Democrats promote abortion.)
— 50th high school reunion spurs memories of the ‘in’ crowd – Ken Potts (DIERSEN: Crete-Monee High School Class of 1966 held its outstanding 50th reunion in 2016 at the Lincolnshire Country Club in Crete. Of the 200 graduates, 100 responded to the event questionnaire, 67 attended one or more of three weekend events, and 31 spouses/guests attended one or more of the events. Sadly, more than 48 of the 200 have passed away. I was one of the few who had attended all three of the previous reunions – the 25th in Beecher, the 20th in Matteson, and the 10th in Homewood. One of my classmates, Dennis Peters from Morris, ran for state representative in 1998.)
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters promote hatred against Trump.
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: One from Buffalo Grove and one from Barrington use Charlie Kirk to glorify and to praise themselves.

— Poll says Pritzker popularity sagging – Doug Finke (DIERSEN: Which voters are Pritzker popular with? ANSWER: Those who are anti-Trump, anti-Protestant, anti-conservative, anti-patriotic, anti-Republican, anti-American, anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-rich people, anti-gun owners, anti-German Americans, anti-draft avoiders, and anti-those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time.)
— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: Local Business Notes: Springfield first in video gaming terminals, second in revenue – Brenden Moore

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats promote Betsy Dirksen Londrigan.

— Rep. Tony McCombie selected to join Edgar Fellows – Glenn Minnis

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Pot pushers use military veterans to push pot.


— Virginia Democrats vow to boycott legislature’s 400th anniversary celebration if Trump attends – Louis Casiano (DIERSEN: If Trump came to Illinois, to your county, to your township/ward, to your municipality, to your precinct, or to your neighborhood, who would boycott him?)
— Border agents use tear gas to stop nearly 50 undocumented migrants who stormed Rio Grande bridge – Robert Gearty
— Beauty queen, a Trump fan, dethroned after conservative views ruled ‘insensitive,’ she says – Danielle Wallace

— Trump renews ‘Squad’ attacks, says liberal Congresswomen not ‘capable of loving our Country’- Jay LeBlanc

— Omar Questions the Patriotism of American-Born Citizens

— The Coming Socialist-Libertarian Feudalism – Edward Ring

— Ilhan Omar: ‘Racist’ Trump ‘Wants Every Black/Brown Person Deported And Muslims Banned’ – SCOTT MOREFIELD
— Twitter Suspends Angel Mom’s Account For Criticizing Kamala Harris – PHILLIP NIETO

— The Dangerous Democratic Politics of Distortion – Paul Curry

— Buckets of fake blood dumped at ICE facility in protest – Vivek Saxena

— Trump lashes out at Washington Post over reporting: ‘Presidential Harassment!’ – JUSTIN WISE
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters promote hatred against Trump.

— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: How Legal Marijuana Is Helping the Black Market Expensive regulation and high demand across the country have made the illicit trade more profitable than going legit. – NATALIE FERTIG

— Trump and Pelosi show us why women of color struggle to succeed Disputes a case study on why women of color struggle to succeed in workplaces dominated by white people – ESTHER J. CEPEDA (DIERSEN: While I worked for GAO 1980-1997, IRS 1971-1980, and the Post Office 1966-1969, those workplaces were dominated by Democrat “White people” who focused on a) hiring, retaining, and promoting young Democrat minorities and young Democrat females and b) getting rid of their employees who were Republican, White, male, older, and/or non-veteran.)

— State and Local Taxes Are Worsening Inequality Most states lean heavily on lower-income families. An Illinois referendum is a step toward correcting the problem. – Editorial
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters promote hatred against Trump.

— Virginia Democrats vow to boycott Trump if he comes to Jamestown, but their own governor sent the invite – Gregory S. Schneider and Hannah Natanson (DIERSEN: Has the Illinois Republican Party invited Trump to come to Illinois? Has your Republican county party organization invited Trump to come to your county?)
— Trump criticized the U.S. for years. Now he wants people who do that to leave. – JM Rieger (DIERSEN: Trump wants those to leave who hate those who are Protestant, conservative, patriotic, Republican, American, White, male, older, rich, gun owners, German American, and those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time.)

— The definition of a racist – Wayne Allyn Root

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters promote hatred against Trump.

— Can Facebook predict your future health? Researchers found 21 conditions were predictable from the social media network alone. – Najja Parker
(FROM THE ARTICLE: For instance, those who used “drink” and “bottle” had an increased risk of alcohol abuse. And terms expressing hostility, such as expletives, were more predictive of drug abuse and psychoses. “This work is early, but our hope is that the insights gleaned from these posts could be used to better inform patients and providers about their health,” lead author Raina Merchant said. “As social media posts are often about someone’s lifestyle choices and experiences or how they’re feeling, this information could provide additional information about disease management and exacerbation.”)

— Council’s integrity breaks down due to lack of clear procedure to fill vacancy – ANNA STOUT (DIERSEN: What factors would motivate you to run to fill a vacant city council seat? For me, factors include my not knowing who all the candidates are until after the filing deadline.)

— South Bend City Clerk says her public work overcomes lack of school experience for new job – Jeff Parrott (DIERSEN: What work experience would you stress if you ran for an office? I would stress that I worked for GAO for almost 18 years, the last 11 years of which at the GS-13 Step 1-10 levels, currently $98,198-$127,654/year. I would stress that I worked for IRS for almost 9 years, the last 5 1/2 years of which at the GS-12 Step 1-5 levels, currently $82,579-$93,592/year.)

— Montgomery mayoral candidate fails to meet ballot qualification (DIERSEN: What offices are you qualified to run for? I am qualified to run for the following offices: DuPage County Milton Township Precinct 9 Republican Committeeman; Wheaton City Council West District, At-Large, and Mayor; Wheaton Park District Commissioner; Wheaton School District 200 Board Member, Milton Township Supervisor, Highway Commissioner, Clerk, and Trustee; College of DuPage Trustee; DuPage County Regional School Superintendent and Trustee; DuPage Forest Preserve President and Commissioner District 4; DuPage County Board District 4; DuPage County Board Chairman, Circuit Court Clerk, Auditor, Coroner, Clerk, Recorder, and Treasurer; State Representative District 42; State Senator District 21; Illinois Governor, Secretary of State, Comptroller, and Treasurer; U.S. Congressman District 6; U.S. Senator; and U.S. President.)

— ‘LGBT-Free Zone’ Push in Poland Draws Fire From U.S. Ambassador – Marek Strzelecki (DIERSEN: How soon, if not already, will Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, and RINOs demand zones that are free of those who are Trump supporters, Protestant, conservative, patriotic, Republican, American, White, male, older, rich, gun owners, German American, draft avoiders, and/or those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time?)

— Deja Vu: Google Settles Age Discrimination Lawsuit For $11 Million – Patricia Barnes (DIERSEN: How old are you? I am 70. All my critics/opponents, their operatives, and their dupes promote age discrimination a) because they want to get rid of those who are older than they are and/or b) because they want to curry favor with those who promote age discrimination.)
— Ten Ways Your Summer Internship Or Temp Job Enhances Your Career Even If You Don’t Get Hired Full-Time – Caroline Ceniza-Levine (DIERSEN: Were you an intern? GAO audits IRS. When I transferred from IRS to GAO in 1980 when I was 31 years old, my Democrat GAO superiors, supervisors, coworkers, and subordinated did not want me to transfer, but failing that, they wanted me to transfer as a GS-4 Step 1 (currently $33,591/year) intern, that is, to suffer a $60,001/year (64%) pay cut in today’s dollars. They painted what GAO Analysts do as being a unique “trade or occupation.” They would not have done that if I had been a Democrat, minority, female, or veteran. They viciously demonized, denigrated, and condemned the fact a) that I had worked for IRS for almost 9 years, the last 5 1/2 years of which at the GS-12 Step 1-5 levels, currently $82,579-$93,592/year, b) that much of what IRS Revenue Officers do is similar to what GAO Analysts do, c) that I had passed the CPA examination on my first attempt in 1979, d) that I had earned an MBA from Loyola in 1976, and e) that I had almost completed the requirements for a master’s degree in accounting from DePaul. They were furious that I transferred with me almost 12 years of federal seniority, 30 days of unused vacation days, and 130 unused sick days.)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters promote hatred against Trump.
— Iowa’s Right-Wing ‘Kingmaker’ Rejects Steve King – Ed Kilgore (DIERSEN: Who are the Republican kingmakers in your municipality, in your township/ward, in your county, and in Illinois? I should write a book a) about the Republican kingmakers in Wheaton, in Milton Township, in DuPage County, and in Illinois and b) the Republican candidates who they have picked since 2000. The aforesaid kingmakers have lots of religious, government, political, and/or financial clout.)

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Trump, Says His Immigration Policy Is ‘About Ethnicity And Racism’ – Damir Mujezinovic
— Donald Trump Could ‘Absolutely’ Lose 2020 Election Due To Democratic ‘Anger,’ Says Ted Cruz – Tyler MacDonald (DIERSEN: How angry are the Trump-haters in your neighborhood, in your precinct, in your municipality, in your township/ward, in your county, and in Illinois?)


— 15 top tips to become a better team player at work – KRISTY MCCANN FLYNN VIA GOCOACH (DIERSEN: To be a “team player,” those who work against me want me a) to come under their domination, b) to glorify and praise them, c) to pander to them, d) to give them money, and/or e) to serve as one of their operatives or dupes.)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters promote hatred against Trump.

July 7 Evening Edition

— 63 shot, 5 fatally, in 4th of July weekend gun violence across Chicago – Michelle Gallardo

— “Vegasification” happening to local bars and restaurants, including in Buffalo Grove, as more video gaming terminals pop up – ERIC SCOTT
— Trump lashes out at media following reports of crowded and unsanitary conditions at Border Patrol stations – AP
— Chicago fans cheer for World Cup champs and equal pay for women – PATRICK M. O’CONNELL

— Democrats are hurting Illinois – BOB MARTENSEN, Loda
(FROM THE LETTER: Democrats have proven, once again, that they lack the mental capacity to govern. Democrats do not want a girl 20 years and 364 days old to smoke cigarettes, because cigarettes are not healthy. Democrats want that girl, one day later, to smoke all the marijuana she can, because marijuana is, they say, healthy and they can tax it. Democrats cannot find the time to read nor understand the proposed laws upon which they vote to approve. Democrats cannot understand how a provision that greatly increases their salaries just happened to be in a bill that they approved. Democrats cannot find the money to pay the debts to vendors who provide goods and services to the state. Democrats can find the money to pay homage to their king, $40 million for two schools in House Speaker Michael Madigan’s district, $50 million to his wife’s Illinois Arts Council. Democrats believe that an unborn child must not have individual rights under the law. People are permanently leaving Illinois by the tens of thousands, business and manufacturing plants are closing or not even thinking of Illinois as a location. The Democrats’ answer is taxes, taxes and more taxes. Raise taxes, don’t pay your bills, place the money in your pockets equals mental incapacity.)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters promote Trump-haters.

— “Defining a Flag, Defining a Nation” – 19-Year Old’s Take on the Betsy Ross American Flag Controversy

— The Democrats’ open border strategy – Robert Knight
— What Republicans must do to take the House – Ian Prior
(FROM THE ARTICLE: On recruiting, there have been similar successes. In places that Republicans need to win, they have recruited top tier candidates who give them the absolute best shot to do so. Candidates like Nicole Malliotakis in the 11th District of New York, Ashley Hinson in the 1st District in Iowa, Evelyn Sanguinetti in the 6th District of Illinois, Kathy Landing in the 1st District of South Carolina and Amanda Makkei in the 13th District of Florida.)

— The Cowardice of the College Republicans – Eric Lendrum (DIERSEN: Should I try to get the Milton Township Republican Central Committee, the DuPage County Republican Central Committee, and the Illinois Republican Party to pass resolutions a) AGAINST the promotion of LGBTQ activity, b) AGAINST the promotion of abortion, c) AGAINST the promotion of mass/illegal immigration, d) AGAINST the promotion of booze, gambling, pot, and other vices, e) AGAINST the diminution of First and Second Amendment rights, f) AGAINST the promotion of patronage, g) AGAINST the promotion of political affiliation discrimination, h) AGAINST the promotion of reverse discrimination, and i) AGAINST the promotion of age discrimination?)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: One would think that in the age of a massively successful Republican president like Donald Trump, most conservative college organizations would be rushing to hitch their wagons to his rising star. But as it turns out, the ignorance and naivety of the Republican elite is not limited to members of Congress. For the upcoming annual gathering of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC), national chairman Chandler Thornton has laid out his vision for the organization’s upcoming conference in his debut op-ed at Fox News. What exactly is Thornton’s big plan for College Republicans as the 2020 election rapidly approaches? Working to curb mass immigration? Speaking out against blatant Big Tech censorship of the Right? Opposing the Left’s ongoing push for the legalization of infanticide? Condemning the domestic terrorism of Antifa? No. At this year’s CRNC conference—happening July 11-14—delegates will be voting on a symbolic resolution to condemn white nationalism, which Thornton claims is contributing to a “toxic problem” within the GOP.)
— Angry About Border Conditions? Blame Congress – Rachel Bovard

— Group planning a ‘straight pride parade’ in Boston is driving liberals bonkers – Greg Pisarevsky
— How far would your friends go to remain a Democrat? – Barbara Leber and Carol Greenwald (DIERSEN: Ever-increasingly, to be a Democrat, a Libertarian, a Green, or a RINO, you have to hate individuals, hate organizations, hate companies, hate governments, and hate countries that are Trump supporters, Protestant, conservative, patriotic, Republican, American, White, male, older, rich, gun owners, German American, draft avoiders, and those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time.)

— Antifa Protesters Harass Trump Supporters in the Nation’s Capital, Shout ‘F*ck the Cops’ – HANNAH BLEAU6

— Detroit Youth Music Festival Offers Different Ticket Prices For Whites, Non-Whites – PETER HASSON (DIERSEN: How soon, if not already, will Democrat, Libertarian, Green, and RINO businesses charge their customers/clients who are Republican more than they charge their customers/clients who are Democrat, Libertarian, Green, or RINO?)

— Starbucks Apologizes to Police After Six Officers Were Asked to Leave Arizona Store

— Trump accuses media of ‘phony’ reporting on migrant detention centers – CHRIS MILLS RODRIGO

— Kamala Harris proposes $100B grant to help minorities attain home ownership – Nicholas Sakelaris (DIERSEN: What helped you buy real estate? For me it was the money that I earned and saved selling tires, automotive services, and major appliances 1970-1971; pumping gasoline 1971-1972; collecting delinquent taxes 1971-1980; and auditing federal agencies 1980-1997.)

— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: Pot pushers push pot.

— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: In Colorado, Every Day’s a Festival – PATRICIA CALHOUN

— Conservative grad shares her story: ‘I’ve spent the last four years defending myself’ – Kathryn Hinderaker (DIERSEN: If I had been a member of a Republican club while I attended Crete-Monee High School 1962-1966, the Democrats who ran the Post Office would not have hired me in 1966. If I had been a member of a Republican club while I attended UIC 1966-1968 and/or NIU 1969-1970, the Democrats who ran IRS would not have hired me in 1971. If I had been a member of a Republican club while I attended Loyola 1972-1976, the Democrats who ran IRS would not have promoted me in 1972, 1973, or 1974. If I had been a member of a Republican club while I attended DePaul 1976-1980, the Democrats who ran GAO would not have hired me in 1980 or promoted me in 1986. If I had been a member of a Republican club while I attended IIT 1992-1997 the Democrats who ran GAO would have forced me to take their early retirement “offer” much sooner than they did.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: I just graduated from St. Olaf College after receiving an education I didn’t expect. That’s because as a conservative at my small, Minnesota-based liberal arts institution, I’ve spent the last four years defending myself against personal and political attacks from professors and peers alike. The most recent example came in late April as the St. Olaf College Republicans hosted scholar Heather Mac Donald for a talk on her new book, “The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture.” As chair of the group, I fielded many angry emails, including this from a theater professor: “This speaker is dangerous. It’s not about a difference in idealogical [sic] perspectives. This rhetoric is dangerous and puts my Black body in danger. This is antithetical to the St. Olaf mission statement. I’m not okay with this… and you all shouldn’t be either.” Several more professors emailed similar sentiments. This example is no outlier. In early 2018, college administrators shot down an effort to bring Ben Shapiro to campus for a speech. The officials denied the request by saying Shapiro was too divisive to bring to St. Olaf on the date in question. (It was the one-year anniversary of a racial protest on campus). They promised Shapiro could come at some unknown future date, but months of student organizing and planning were essentially wasted. Shapiro never made it to St. Olaf College. Also last year, our College Republicans’ display called “Why I’m a Conservative” was torn down by students upset by its messaging. They were apparently triggered by expressions such as “All human life has value,” “Facts > feelings,” “I love economic freedom” and “I pay taxes.” All these incidents spring from the prevailing ideology on campus, which was perhaps most evident the day after President Donald Trump was elected. The campus was in a tailspin. Several professors cried in front of their classes. Some canceled class altogether. Students openly wept in the quad. Protests broke out at a moment’s notice.)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Ever-increasingly, businesses pander to individuals, to organizations, to other businesses, to governments, and to countries that are anti-Trump, anti-Protestant, anti-conservative, anti-patriotic, anti-Republican, anti-American, anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-rich people, anti-gun owners, anti-German Americans, and/or anti-those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time.)