August 9 Evening Edition

— 10 want West District seat on Wheaton City Council – Katlyn Smith (DIERSEN: I urge everyone who is interested in this, and especially Wheaton’s West District residents, to a) find out everything that they can about the 10 candidates, b) analyze that information, c) determine who they believe the top 1, 2, or 3 candidates should be, and d) email their recommendation to Wheaton’s City Council at [email protected] along with their reasons for their recommendation. I hope that in the days ahead, the Daily Herald provides much more information about the 10 candidates. I hope that the Daily Herald a) asks the 10 candidates to complete a detailed questionnaire and b) publishes the responses to that questionnaire. Wheaton West District residents should have the right to know not only the applicants’ names, but a) how long they have lived in the city and in the district, b) their political affiliation, c) why they want to be appointed to fill the vacancy, d) what they believe the most important issues are that the city needs to address, e) what their opinion is on how those issues could be addressed, f) will they vote for or against selling pot in Wheaton, g) what their work experience is, h) what their education is, i) what professional certifications and licenses are, and j) what experience do they have carrying out typical city council functions: Review and approve the annual budget; Establish long- and short-term objectives and priorities; Oversee performance of the local public employees; Oversee effectiveness of programs; Establish tax rates; Enter into legal contracts; Borrow funds; Pass ordinances and resolutions; Modify the city’s charter; Regulate land use through zoning laws; Regulate business activity through licensing and regulations; Regulate public health and safety; Exercise the power of eminent domain; Communicate policies and programs to residents; Respond to constituent needs and complaints; and Represent the community to other levels of government. (SEE: )
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Wheaton City Council members have their pick of 10 applicants seeking to fill a vacant seat representing the West District. The group of candidates vying for a 2-year appointment to the council includes some familiar names in DuPage County politics. The applicants are: Nancy Harding, Edward Ahern, Jeffrey Antonelli, Robert McNeily, Lynn Robbins, Mark Kmiecik, Angela Blatner, David Diersen, Khizar Jafri and Krista Selvey. Diersen is the founder of the daily newsletter McNeily lost his bid for the West District seat in 2016 against incumbent Todd Scalzo. According to his LinkedIn page, he is the Midwest regional manager of Turning Point USA, a conservative group founded by Wheeling High School alum Charlie Kirk for college and high school students. Robbins, a former Illinois Park and Recreation Association board member, also ran unsuccessfully against Scalzo for the West District seat in 2016. Kmiecik finished third in another three-way race for the seat in 2009. Jafri, a finance and accounting consultant, lost to Tim Elliott for a District 4 spot on the DuPage County Board in 2016. The Democrat was seeking his first elected office at the time. Four council members represent Wheaton’s four voting districts, while two members and the mayor are elected at-large. The seat became vacant in July when Scalzo, an attorney, stepped down after 10 years. The council is set to vote on appointing his successor in September. Council members recently filled another empty 2-year council seat. The North District seat became vacant in May when Phil Suess was sworn in as Wheaton’s first new mayor in 12 years. The council named Christopher Zaruba to the post on July 1 from a field of 13 applicants.)
— Religious hypocrisy – Mary Plunkett, Wheaton
— Twitter reposts McConnell threat video after appeal – AP

— Rod Blagojevich: Trump ‘very strongly’ considering commuting prison sentence – Mark Rivera, Chuck Goudie, Eric Horng and Barb Markoff and Ross Weidner
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: “Chicago immigration organizations” side with foreign countries and with their citizens against America and against its citizens.

— Raid On Poultry Plant Owned By Park Ridge Company To Have Long Term Effects

— Biden says ‘poor kids’ just as bright as ‘white kids’ in latest gaffe

— Illinois GOP urges Trump not to set Blagojevich free – AP

— Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot goes national with criticism of Ivanka Trump’s social media comments: ‘You don’t govern by tweet’ – Gregory Pratt
— Lake Zurich officials remain divided on whether to permit or ban recreational marijuana sales – PHIL ROCKROHR
— Hundreds of small pension funds statewide face troubling debt. Is consolidation the way to go? – JAMIE MUNKS and DAN PETRELLA
— Can Trump get universal background checks? – Editorial
— Where will Chicago’s first casino land? Here’s how the 5 proposed sites compare. – BLAIR KAMIN, MEGHAN KELLY, RYAN ORI, and MARY WISNIEWSKI
— Amid sexual harassment allegations in his organization, House Speaker Michael Madigan trumpets signing of anti-harassment law – Dan Petrella

— Where the jobs are in Chicago: downtown, and that’s a good thing It’s also where most new employment in the city will continue to be. And it isn’t just people with MBAs or law degrees who will be getting hired. – Ed Zotti (DIERSEN: I worked in downtown Chicago in 1971 and then 1973-1997.)
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater promotes hatred against Trump.
— Beware of the disinformation campaign against a fairer tax for Illinois The nature of the levy — progressive income tax versus flat income tax — makes it no harder or easier, politically speaking, to raise taxes on the middle class. But that’s not what progressive-tax opponents want you to hear. – Editorial

— Time to tidy up the state Senate—before the feds do it Senate President John Cullerton ought to take a page out of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s book and make ethics rules a priority in his chamber lest things go south in his tenure’s sunset years. – GREG HINZ

— Taking the pulse: Tazewell County Republicans – Montana Samuels

— Illinois municipalities seek clarifications on recreational marijuana legalization – REBECCA ANZEL
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The state organization representing local units of government is asking leaders in the General Assembly to make clarifying changes to the recreational marijuana law before it takes effect Jan. 1. Brad Cole, executive director of the Illinois Municipal League, said the 1,298 cities, villages and towns in the state need guidance on four aspects of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, signed into law by Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker in late June. There is confusion, he said, about how law enforcers will know a person who is growing cannabis in their home is doing so legally as a prescribed medical marijuana user. Municipalities also are uncertain how they may regulate the drug. Cole is asking legislators to write what is known as a trailer bill, a companion measure that clarifies a statute. The idea has bipartisan support. Sen. Heather Steans, D-Chicago, one of the statute’s framers and her chamber’s sponsor, said it’s likely that a trailer bill will happen. Republican Sen. Jason Barickman, from Bloomington, said he thinks his colleagues spent “a lot of time on the legislative language,” and any subsequent bill should be consistent with the goals of the original negotiations. “I understand and support the idea of a trailer bill to make clarifications that the various stakeholders have brought forward. I think it’s very likely we’ll see one for multiple reasons, and we may see it as early as this fall,” he said. “I anticipate hearing from many stakeholders about clarifications they would like to see. By and large, that’s what the IML is seeking here.” In a letter to lawmakers, Cole highlighted four points the league’s members would like the General Assembly to address. Each one, he said, was mentioned in his testimony before a panel of legislators in late May before the recreational marijuana bill became law. “These are common sense issues” to determine what is legal and what is no, Cole said. The new law allows those who have a medical marijuana card to grow no more than five plants in their home without needing to be a licensed cultivation center or craft grower. The League’s concern, Cole wrote in his letter, is the lack of “registration or notification requirements to municipalities or their police departments” about which residences can legally grow cannabis plants. “We’re saying, we need to know,” he said. “How do we know if these are five legal plants or five illegal plants?” Steans said the idea of “a registry had been raised,” but some interest groups expressed concerns it might be a civil rights violation. She added local governing bodies would know if the plants were legal by asking whether their owner had a medical marijuana card. Barickman said the issue is one with “wildly different” viewpoints. “I think you’re going to have those in law enforcement presumably asking for some type of registry, and I think you’re going to have others adverse to that,” he said. Also in question is a provision in the law dictating how governing bodies can regulate recreational marijuana. “No unit of local government … may prohibit home cultivation or unreasonably prohibit use of cannabis authorized by this Act,” according to the law. Cole, in his letter, wrote that “unreasonably” is not defined, so towns and municipalities might be exposed to “unknown litigation as they attempt to protect the health, safety and well-being of their citizens.” The League is asking the General Assembly to clarify the word’s meaning. And it is seeking guidance on two regulations dictating how funds are distributed and may be spent by local governments. Money directed into one account, for example, now has rules for how it may be spent. “This is restricted money being put into an unrestricted disbursement fund,” thus creating accounting confusion for local officials, Cole said. Department of Revenue Director David Harris was copied on the Municipal League letter. In an emailed statement, a spokesperson said the department “is working to ensure successful implementation and rollout of the Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act and works with all stakeholders to that end.” “I think what’s happening right now is the multiple stakeholders are doing a deeper review of the law now that it’s been set, and they’re raising some questions that I think we can address through a trailer bill, providing some clarity,” Barickman said. Steans added the recreational marijuana statute created large policy changes and “lots of different viewpoints” need to be considered. In an emailed statement, Jordan Abudayyeh, Pritzker’s press secretary, seemed to indicate the governor is open to a trailer bill. The administration, she said, “is focused on ensuring the successful implementation” of the law. “Multiple state agencies are engaged in these efforts as we move forward creating one of the most equity centric industries in the country,” Abudayyeh said. “The Pritzker administration stands ready and willing to continue working to ensure Illinois has a cannabis industry that other states can look to as a model for equity and success.”)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats crow about their success in getting immigrants to hate Whites and to hate America.

— OUTSTANDING: Roll Call: Crespo votes against legalizing recreational marijuana

— OUTSTANDING: Roll Call: Mazzochi votes against legalizing recreational marijuana

— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: Roll Call: Parkhurst votes for legalizing recreational marijuana

— OUTSTANDING: Roll Call: Hammond votes against legalizing recreational marijuana
— OUTSTANDING: Roll Call: Sommer votes against legalizing recreational marijuana

— Are Trump-supporters the new Jews? – Earick Ward

— How Asylum is Abused Every Day Economic migrants use it as an easy means into the country, but Trump has options. – PETER VAN BUREN

— Illinois Leaders Warn Illegal Aliens of Possible ICE Raids – AMY FURR
— Joe Biden Vows Flood of Immigration If Elected – JOHN BINDER

— Harris: Trump’s ‘Statements, Tweets and Behaviors…Make It Very Clear He Possesses Hate and…is a Racist’

— The Woke Capitalism List: 50 Times Huge Companies Sided With The Social Justice Warriors – ELLIE GARDEY

— Your Baby Boomer Report Card What grade has a generation earned? An A+? A C-? – David Brooks (DIERSEN: If you are a baby boomer, how well do you fit the stereotypes? How well do you believe I fit the stereotypes?)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A trump-hater encourages Hispanics to hate Trump.

— El Paso and Dayton make you want to act, but ‘red flag’ laws violate rights to due process – Matthew Larosiere

— Facebook Offers News Outlets Millions of Dollars a Year to License Content Company approached ABC News, Dow Jones, Washington Post and Bloomberg as it plans to launch news section – Benjamin Mullin and Sahil Patel

— The Death Of The Great American Summer Job – Ryan Craig
— 15 Tips For Empowering Your Employees To Do Their Best Work

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater promotes hatred of those in America like me whose ancestors came to America legally.

July 30 Evening Edition

— Will pot be sold at shops in your town come Jan. 1? Officials throughout Illinois have begun debating the issue – Robert McCoppin (DIERSEN: Municipalities and counties that do not ban the sale of pot shout that they are NOT family friendly.)
— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: Northbrook board voices initial approval of first recreational cannabis business proposal – ALEXANDRA KUKULKA (DIERSEN: Municipalities and counties that do not ban the sale of pot shout that they are NOT family friendly.)
— Federal executions are resuming. Will state death penalty bans hold up? – SUSANNE DUMBLETON
— Is nuclear power too radioactive for Democrats? – JONATHAN LESSER
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater promotes hatred of Trump.
— President promises to loom over Democratic policy debates in Michigan — a state won by both Obama and Trump – AP

— Illinois Democratic Chairman Mike Madigan a power in party politics? Prove it, his lawyers say “Defendants dispute that Defendant Madigan uses the numerous roles he holds to influence Democrats at all levels of government,” Madigan’s lawyers wrote. “The evidence cited does not support this statement, nor does the record otherwise support a statement.” – Tina Sfondeles

— DuPage probation employees rally to demand higher pay – Robert Sanchez
(FROM THE ARTICLE: They say those employees are “vastly underpaid” for their work. Probation officers are required to have a bachelor’s degree. Many who work for DuPage County have an advanced degree or other specialized credentials. The starting salary for a probation officer is $41,659 a year. The top annual salary is $59,562. However, McNamara said there are probation officers with more than 18 years of service who aren’t at the top of the pay scale. Nearly a third of the county’s probation employees have to work a second job to make ends meet, according to a union survey. McNamara said 44 employees have left in the last two years, many for other jobs with better-paid probation departments. “Why are you letting the taxpayers of DuPage pay to train (probation officers) only for them to leave?” she said. In addition to higher wages, the workers hope the new pact includes flexible scheduling.)
— Trump’s intelligence director pick Ratcliffe was born in Mount Prospect, grew up in Palatine – Charles Keeshan (DIERSEN: According to Senate Intelligence Committee member Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Ratcliffe is the “least qualified individual ever” for the position. What were your qualifications for the last promotion that you got? When GAO promoted me to GS-13 (currently $98,198/year) in 1986 when I was 38 years old, I had the following qualifications: almost 7 years of experience working for GAO, almost 9 years of experience working for IRS, licensed CPA since 1981, Certified Internal Auditor since 1981, master’s degree in accounting from DePaul in 1980, passed the CPA examination on my first attempt in 1979, MBA from Loyola in 1976, bachelor’s degree in management from NIU in 1970, and Treasurer for the Association of Government Accountants Chicago Chapter since 1983.)
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters promote Trump-haters.
— Suburban Republican John Curran files bill to ban ethylene oxide emissions – Jerry Nowicki

— Seesaw installation brings children together on both sides of the border (DIERSEN: Mexico has illegally sent many millions of its citizens illegally into America illegally. Mexico is illegally keeping many millions of it citizens in America illegally. Mexico has illegally sent many mountains of illegal drugs into America illegally.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: “The wall became a literal fulcrum for U.S. – Mexico relations and children and adults were connected in meaningful ways on both sides with the recognition that the actions that take place on one side have a direct consequence on the other side,” Rael said in an Instagram post.)

— Future of marijuana sales in O’Fallon is unclear as committee takes public input – LYNN VENHAUS (DIERSEN: Municipalities and counties that do not ban the sale of pot shout that they are NOT family friendly.)

— Legal marijuana requires adjustments for police and prosecutors Rock Island County state’s attorney preparing for new Illinois law – Jim Niedelman (DIERSEN: Municipalities and counties that do not ban the sale of pot shout that they are NOT family friendly.)

— Kinzinger: U.S. Border Patrol agents need the public’s support Crisis takes emotional, physical toll on agents – ALEX ORTIZ

— ‘People want to live here’ – ALEX ORTIZ (DIERSEN: Why do people want to live in your neighborhood, in your precinct, in your municipality, in your township/ward, and in your county? People want to live in my neighborhood, in my precinct, in Wheaton’s West District, in Wheaton, in Milton Township, and in DuPage County because of the safety and prosperity that people who are religious, conservative, and/or Republican provide there.)

— Public Input Sought on Pot Sales in St. Charles A public discussion around whether to allow recreational cannabis sales in St. Charles will be on the agenda for the Aug. 5. (DIERSEN: Municipalities and counties that do not ban the sale of pot shout that they are NOT family friendly.)

— Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s veto leaves door open for yet-to-surface Medicaid buy-in plan – Greg Bishop

— Sanguinetti Criticizes Casten for Investment in Dirty Wood Burning Firm

— Illinois GOP wants Speaker Madigan to answer for reports that harassment probe lacks merit – Glenn Minnis

— In response to immigrations laws, Bailey says Pritzker ‘on a one-way ticket to destroy Illinois’ – Glenn Minnis

— Rodney Davis hosts first public forum in years
— Bustos shakes up staff during DCCC turmoil
— College aid “scam” uncovered here
— “There’s simply no evidence at this time that the ICC is in bed with ComEd” (DIERSEN: I should write a book about my ICC complaint against ComEd which dramatically improved the reliability of electric service for my precinct in Wheaton.)
— Pritzker admin say it may not apply to Sterigenics *** Sen. Curran files bill to ban ethylene oxide, wants special session

— In new TV ad, Trump campaign says Democrats ‘all the same’ on health care for illegals – Dave Boyer

— Fight Woke Capitalism by Eating at Chick-fil-A Conservatives must put our money where our mouths are and support businesses that share our values. – CASEY CHALK

— TV Ad Demanding Nationwide Mandatory E-Verify to Air During Democrat Debate – John Binder
— Elijah Cummings Blames Baltimore’s Problems on Trump and Racism – JOHN NOLTE
— Ocasio-Cortez Suggests GOP Uses Illegal Immigration to Hide Racism – HANNAH BLEAU

— Bad news, Democrats: American voters aren’t nearly as ‘woke’ as your primary field – Nate Madden

— Baltimore And Other Rat-Infested Cities Run By Democrats In Crisis – Jim Clayton

— Acting CBP Commissioner: Can’t ‘Efficiently’ Check Whether Illegals Have Criminal Record Back Home – Melanie Arter

— VA Delegate Who Heckled Trump For ‘Racism’ Has History Of Anti-Semitic Posts – AMBER ATHEY

— The price we’d pay for Rashida Tlaib’s idea of a $20 minimum wage (DIERSEN: When you were younger, if you could have gotten $20/hour in today’s dollars for jobs that not require any education or any work experience, would you still have earned a high school diploma, an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree?)

— Democrats Embrace Racism To Protect Their Own – Derek Hunter

— RNC Wants CNN to Ask Democrats Just 10 Questions

— CNN’s Cuomo Uses California Shooting as an Excuse to Slime Trump – Ryan Foley

— Trump Criticizes Democrats’ Push for Open Borders Days After Supreme Court Ruling – JANITA KAN

— Tucker Carlson: Democrats Didn’t Care About Baltimore Until Trump Tweeted – Tim Hains

— Trump on being called a racist: ‘Everybody’s called a racist now’ – BRETT SAMUELS (DIERSEN: Trump-haters call everyone who does not call Trump a racist a racist.)
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters promote Trump-haters.

— Climate panel‘s Casten holds stake in wood-burning energy firm Renewable biomass energy company cited for water violations – Benjamin J. Hulac

— After officiating gay wedding, Republican congressman gets ‘no confidence’ vote from local GOP The vote comes just two days after another GOP committee failed to censure Rep. Denver Riggleman, R-Va., who said he was “happy to officiate” the wedding. – Tim Fitzsimons (DIERSEN: If you want to promote LGBTQ activity, you should be a Democrat, Libertarian, or Green.)

— Two dozen House Democrats to head to the border this week – Ashley Killough

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater promotes hatred against Trump.

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Republican-hater promotes hatred against Republicans.
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater promotes hatred against Trump.
— New Jersey GOP county chair apologizes for sexist, anti-Muslim tweets – AP

— New manager’s budget proposal calls for $128 million to fix Corpus Christi streets – Kathryn Cargo

— JUNE 7, 2018 FLASHBACK: Where Do You Want To Live For The Rest Of Your Life? 7 Questions To Ask – Bart Astor (DIERSEN: My wife and I want to live in our home at 915 Cove Court in Wheaton for the rest of our lives. Of course, that heightens our interest in who represents a) Wheaton’s West District on Wheaton’s City Council, b) Wheaton, c) Wheaton’s Park District, d) School District 200, e) College of DuPage, f) Milton Township, g) DuPage County’s 4th District on DuPage County’s Board and Forest Preserve, h) DuPage County, i) Illinois’ 42nd House District, j) Illinois’ 21st Senate District, k) the 6th Congressional District, and l) Illinois.)

— Can people of color be racist? Trump is accusing Congressman Elijah Cummings and Rev Al Sharpton of being racist. Is that even possible? – Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld