April 29 Morning Edition

— Walter Jacobson talks about the crucial vote of making Mike Madigan Chairman for the 6th time in a row. Walter explains that Madigan knows the voters and can relate to the voters and why this might be the end to Bruce Rauner’s run as the Governor of Illinois. (DIERSEN: I should write a book about Illinois Republican Party Chairmen since 1999: Richard S. Williamson 1999–2002, Lee A. Daniels 2002, Dallas Ingemunson 2002, Gary MacDougal 2002, Judy Baar Topinka 2002–2005, Andrew McKenna 2005–2009, Pat Brady 2009–2013, Jack Dorgan 2013–2014, and Tim Schneider 2014–present. The book would also cover a) their elections, b) those who backed their elections, c) major events during their terms in office, d) those who unsuccessfully sought the positions, and e) those who backed the unsuccessful candidates. I could title the book “History of the Illinois Republican Party 1999-2018.)


— FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD IN NAPERVILLE SUN: Democrats crow about their success in making high school students their operatives and their dupes.


— Counties need human help to combat cyber attacks on elections – David Orr and Noah Praetz
— Looking for a bigger salary? These are the companies with the highest median pay – Jena McGregor (DIERSEN: What did you do to qualify yourself for better paying jobs? I earned a) a job-related bachelor’s degree when I was 21 in 1970 and job-related master’s degrees when I was 27, 31, and 48, b) job-related professional certifications when I was 30, 32, 41, 45, 47, and 48, and c) a job-related professional license when I was 32.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The industries that dominate the top of such a list include biotech and health care firms, technology, finance and real estate, and energy and utilities. Facebook had the highest-paid median employee of technology firms that had filed as of Monday, at $240,430, according to Proxy Insight. The median employee at Valero Energy made $192,837 in 2017. At the real estate investment trust Host Hotels & Resorts, one of the largest owners of luxury and upscale hotels, the median salary is $179,574. The highest median pay in the financial industry, according to Proxy Insight’s data, was at a reinsurance firm rather than a big Wall Street bank. In addition to publishing the CEO pay ratio, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s rule requires companies to disclose the pay of the median employee used in the calculation — determined by statistical sampling or by listing the compensation in the middle after ranking all workers from highest to lowest paid (excluding the CEO) — but they can’t leave out part-timers, the majority of foreign workers or those who only have seasonal jobs. It’s important to note that the companies at the top of the list don’t necessarily have the highest paid employees on average — just who pays the highest at the median. As a result, the numbers don’t tell most people looking to negotiate offers or compare potential jobs much at all. For one, you’d have to be vying for a job in that category — if the job in question is identifiable at all. McDonald’s, for instance, listed the median worker who made $7,017 in 2017 as “a part-time restaurant crew employee located in Poland,” but whoever made $183,304 at Netflix in 2017 is only identified as the “median employee.”)


— Bull’s-eye on AR-15: Popular rifle at center of debate over gun reform Public safety intersects with right to own firearms – EDITH BRADY-LUNNY (DIERSEN: One reason why countries are discouraged from having their citizens carry firearms when they invade America “is that an estimated 300 million guns, including as many as 5 million semi-automatic rifles (are) in the hands of Americans.” That is why (so far) countries like Mexico have not had their citizens carry firearms when they invade America.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: But the removal of one weapon from the market is not the answer, said Stephen Stewart, owner of the Bloomington gun store and indoor shooting range. “Banning this gun isn’t going to do a darned thing,” Stewart said recently, during a demonstration for The Pantagraph that included an hour on the range with a reporter on the operation of one model of the AR-15. Often misidentified as a “machine gun,” the AR-15 is purchased for target shooting, hunting and home defense, said Stewart. The AR-15 was banned for 10 years under former President Bill Clinton’s 1993 assault weapons ban and became a big seller in 2004 when the sales moratorium was not renewed. Stewart said his store could not keep the guns on the shelves, with many buyers picking up the weapons because they feared another ban. Americans, more than residents of any other developed country in the world, are in love with guns — an affection some argue has gone too far. With an estimated 300 million guns, including as many as 5 million semi-automatic rifles in the hands of Americans, serious questions exist as to how any practical proposal to seriously reduce the number of guns can be implemented.)


— Poll predicts tight race for Congress in Illinois’ 13th District – Bernard Schoenburg
— Act now to settle back pay, step increases – Editorial
— Meet the 2018 Top Teen Award finalists (DIERSEN: What did you do and what did you not do while you were in high school? If you seek a government office or a political office, your critics/opponents, their operatives, and their dupes will paint what you did and what you did not do while you were in high school as negatively as they can. If few or none of your classmates were minorities, they will paint you as being a racist.)


— States, counties look for more election judges – Doug Wilson
— Election judges are vital to democracy and in short supply – Editorial


— First quarter campaign report shows Pritzker raised and spent the most money – SARAH HAYDEN


— H-1B visas keep American wages down – Dave Gorak (DIERSEN: My critics/opponents want to keep American wages down. They continue to be beyond furious that in 1997, GAO paid me $125,325/year in today’s dollars. To justify their fury, they demonize, denigrate, and condemn the fact that I had worked for GAO for almost 18 years, that I had worked for IRS for almost 9 years, that I had three job-related master’s degrees, that I had six job-related professional certifications, and that I had a job-related professional license.)


— ‘Caravan’ asylum-seekers to test Trump immigration rhetoric at San Diego border crossing – AP


— California Considers Bill That Would Make Traditional Views on Sexuality Illegal – Monica Burke (DIERSEN: Ever-increasingly, to be a Democrat is to promote LGBTQ activity, if not to impose LGBTQ activity on others.)


— Comedian Michelle Wolf’s jokes fall flat, or offend, at DC dinner – Bradford Betz and Paulina Dedaj (DIERSEN: Democrats are disciples of Saul Alinsky. Alinsky promotes ridicule.)


— Volunteer US attorneys went across Mexico border to counsel caravan travelers seeking asylum – Teri Webster (FROM THE ARTICLE: Were they coached on what to say?)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Were they coached on what to say? An estimated 300 migrants were counseled in workshops held in a civic group office at Tijuana’s largest migrant shelter and at an art gallery that once housed a cross-border tunnel used to run drugs into San Diego. Journalists were not allowed to sit-in on the sessions. Lawyers reportedly offered information about the U.S. asylum process while children of the migrants played in the background. Migrants were also warned that they could be separated from their children and face detention if they are allowed to stay in the U.S., according to the report. Reportedly, attorneys met one-on-one with some of the migrants, but did not coach them on what to say, Alex Mensing, an organizer of the effort with the Pueblos Sin Fronteras group, told the Associated Press. “We always emphasize you have to tell the truth,” Mensing said. Central American migrants often cite gang violence as the reason they are seeking asylum.)


— White House Correspondents’ Dinner Comedian Michelle Wolf Trashes Sarah Sanders Appearance; Mocks Kellyanne and Ivanka – CHARLIE SPIERING (DIERSEN: Democrats are disciples of Saul Alinsky. Alinsky promotes ridicule.)

— 7 targets Michelle Wolf took aim at during the White House correspondents’ dinner – MAX GREENWOOD, BROOKE SEIPEL, and MARY TYLER MARCH
— Tech relishes role as Trump antagonist – ALI BRELAND (DIERSEN: Who relishes their role as your antagonist? I should write a book about my antagonists. They talk and/or act like they have been promised lots of money, a new home, a news car, a sweetheart job, a sweetheart contract, favorable legislation, and lots more if they succeed in getting me to stop putting GOPUSA Illinois emails together and sending them out.)


— Biting comedy, inspirational moments define annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner – Caroline Kelly and Kate Sullivan (DIERSEN: Democrats are disciples of Saul Alinsky. Alinsky promotes ridicule.)


— Asylum-seekers in Mexico snub warnings of stern US response
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The lawyers who went to Tijuana denied coaching any of the roughly 400 people in the caravan who recently arrived in Tijuana, camping out in shelters near some of the city’s seedier bars and bordellos. Some migrants received one-on-one counseling to assess the merits of their cases and groups of the migrants with their children playing nearby were told how asylum works in the U.S.)


— In a Very Different Washington, Trump Unloads on a Litany of Adversaries – Emily Cochrane
— I Want to Be Rich and I’m Not Sorry – Jessica Knoll (DIERSEN: What shows that your motivation “to be rich” is limited? For me, it is a) my refusal to become a Democrat, b) my refusal to paint myself as being a yes-man, c) my becoming a union member and filing grievances, d) my refusal to help my Democrat superiors in the federal government get rid of their employees because they were Republican, White, male, non-veteran and had not made GS-13 (currently $96,403) by age 25, GS-14 (currently $113,920) by age 30, GS-15 (currently $134,000) by age 35, and Senior Executive Service (currently $164,200) by age 40, e) my complaining about political affiliation discrimination, reverse discrimination, age discrimination, and retaliation, f) my becoming an active member in a class action lawsuit that charged my superiors with reverse discrimination, age discrimination, and retaliation, g) my filing lawsuits, and h) my refusal to glorify and praise, pander to, serve as an operative for, serve as a dupe for, or give money to those who have the most religious, government, political, and/or financial clout in Wheaton, in Milton Township, in DuPage County, and Illinois.)
— White House Says Records Don’t Match Accusation Against Jackson – Michael D. Shear (DIERSEN: Government is nasty. Politics is nasty. What accusations have been made against you, who made them, and why were they made? I should write a book about all the accusations that have been made against me, who made them, and why they were made. I could break them out into the following time periods: a) since I became a Republican Precinct Committeeman in 1999, b) since I became the GOPUSA Illinois Editor in 2000, c) while I was a TAPROOT Republicans of Illinois chairman 2005-2012, d) while I was a Wheaton Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee member 2003-2011, e) while I was a Milton Township Republican Central Committee webmaster 2008-2010 and 2000-2004, f) while I was an Illinois Center Right Coalition Steering Committee member 2003-2007, g) while I was an American Association of Political Consultants Midwest Chapter board member 2001-2004, h) while I was a GAO employee 1980-1997, i) while I was an IRS employee 1971-1980, and j) while I was a Post Office employee 1966-1969.)
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: An anti-Trump asks “How do you brief a president who isn’t interested in facts?”


— Half of Republicans say the news media should be described as the enemy of the American people – Philip Bump (DIERSEN: Of course, Democrats and Democrat plants, Libertarians and Libertarian plants, Greens and Green plants, and RINOs say that Republicans in Illinois, in DuPage County, and in Milton Township should describe me and my GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails as being the enemy of a) the Illinois Republican Party, b) the DuPage County Republican Central Committee, and c) the Milton Township Republican Central Committee.)


— #MeToo feminists may not realize it, but their other target is sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll – KAY S. HYMOWITZ


— Central American ‘Caravan’ Migrants to Seek Asylum at U.S.-Mexico Border While many seek legal entry to U.S., some have already illegally crossed border – Alicia A. Caldwell


— Court Bars Winner of 2017 Mayoral Election From Office An Illinois appeals court has ruled the winner of a suburban Chicago mayoral election isn’t eligible to hold the position because of a felony conviction. – AP


— December 21, 2009 FLASHBACK: What Does Your Future Hold? (DIERSEN: From what I see, unless things change dramatically, every year more and more and more people, organizations, and companies will move into DuPage County, into Milton Township, into Wheaton, and into my precinct that are anti-Trump, anti-Protestant, anti-conservative, anti-patriotic, anti-Republican, anti-American, anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-rich people, anti-gun owners, anti-German Americans, anti-draft avoiders, and/or anti-those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time. Of course, the aforesaid will bring down DuPage County, Milton Township, Wheaton, and my precinct. Poverty and crime will increase. To slow down if not stop this disaster in the making, the voters in DuPage County, Milton Township, Wheaton, and my precinct should vote for Republican candidates who defend and advance the Illinois Republican platform rather than “listening to” and “representing” those who are anti-Trump, anti-Protestant, anti-conservative, anti-patriotic, anti-Republican, anti-American, anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-rich people, anti-gun owners, anti-German Americans, anti-draft avoiders, and/or anti-those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time.)


— GOP CANDIDATE CONTINUES TO COMPARE ABORTION TO NAZIS, DESPITE PLEAS FROM RABBIS Fitzgerald has also compared Planned Parenthood to a concentration camp. (DIERSEN: What about anti-Trumps a) who compare Trump to Hitler, b) who compare Republicans to Nazis, and c) who compare illegals to Jews?)


— New RINOs Could Spell Trouble for the GOP – Fran Coombs (DIERSEN: Who are the RINOs in Illinois, in your county, in your township/ward, and in your municipality? Which planks in the Illinois Republican Party platform do they fail/refuse to defend/advance?)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: Are a lot more GOP voters Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) these days? RINOs has long been a name of contempt on the American political right for those who run for office as conservative Republicans and then “grow and mature” in Washington, D.C. by moving to the left. They play to the voters at home in flyover land and then play a different song to The Washington Post when they’re inside the Beltway. However, polling suggests that a new breed of RINOs is emerging, and it has nothing to do with its namesakes of old. These are longtime Republican voters who are identifying less and less with the party’s traditional leadership. Over 60% of Likely Republican Voters have complained in Rasmussen Reports surveys for years that most GOP representatives in Washington are out of touch with the party base. Yes, they’ve been reelected, but in part that’s the power of incumbency. It also reflects the old adage that all politics is local, and these candidates have done a good job assuring the folks back home that they’re one of us.)

Author: David Diersen

The opinions that I express in GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails are based on experience that I have gained doing many things since 1948. I base my opinions on what I learned a) working for the federal government for almost 30 years -- Post Office 1966-1969, IRS 1971-1980, and GAO 1980-1997, serving on the Executive Committee of the Association of Government Accountants Chicago Chapter 1983-1996, and being a union member while I worked for the Post Office and IRS; b) earning an MBA from Loyola in 1976, a masters degree in accounting from DePaul in 1980, and a masters degree in financial markets and trading from IIT in 1997; c) passing the CPA examination on my first attempt in 1979 and passing the Certified Internal Auditor examination on my first attempt in 1981; c) serving as a Republican Precinct Committeeman since 1999, the GOPUSA Illinois Editor since 2000, the TAPROOT Republicans of Illinois Chairman 2005-2012, a member of the 2008 Illinois Republican Party (IRP) Platform and Resolutions Committee, a Wheaton Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee member 2003-2011, the Milton Township Republican Central Committee webmaster 2008-2010 and 2000-2004, an Illinois Center Right Coalition Steering Committee member 2003-2007, and an American Association of Political Consultants Midwest Chapter board member 2001-2004; d) attending the 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 IRP State Conventions as a delegate; e) being the subject of a nasty 4-page article in the February 1978 issue of Money Magazine; f) pursing litigation including Diersen v. GAO and Diersen v. Chicago Car Exchange; g) being married since 1978; h) living in Crete 1948-1972, in University Park 1972-1976, in Chicago 1976-1978, and in DuPage County, Milton Township, and Wheaton since 1978; and i) being baptized, raised, and confirmed as a Missouri Synod Lutheran.