March 20 Evening Edition

— GOP warns voting reform bill could be ‘absolutely devastating for Republicans’ – Kendall Karson
— Border crisis: More than 5,000 unaccompanied children are in CBP custody – CNN
— Illinois COVID-19 Update: IL reports 1,962 new coronavirus cases, 25 deaths. 65% of Illinoisans 65 or older received at least 1 COVID vaccine dos.
— Miami sets earlier curfew after massive spring break crowds, fights. Tourists and hotel guests are being told to stay indoors during curfew hours. – AP

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Hate-filled Republican-hating Republican-haters use the Atlanta Spa Shootings to promote hatred against Republicans.

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Hate-filled Republican-hating Republican-haters use the Atlanta Spa Shootings to promote hatred against Republicans.

— Pritzker signals reelection bid with $35M campaign contribution. The billionaire governor has not publicly confirmed he’s running again in 2022, saying his top priority is managing the state through the COVID-19 pandemic. – Mitchell Armentrout
— Smokers prioritized for COVID-19 vaccine shots by CDC and Gov. J.B. Pritzker — not by Chicago

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Hate-filled Republican-hating Republican-haters use the Atlanta Spa Shootings to promote hatred against Republicans.

— Republicans hope census delay will give them a role in drawing new political maps in Illinois Census delay could affect mapping power – JJ Bullock
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Hate-filled Republican-hating Republican-haters use the Atlanta Spa Shootings to promote hatred against Republicans.
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Pot pushers push pot. To push pot on an individual, municipality, township, county, state, or country is to destroy that individual, municipality, township, county, state, or country.

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Hate-filled Republican-hating Republican-haters use the Atlanta Spa Shootings to promote hatred against Republicans.

— The irony of the “For the People Act” – Jane Ryan Carrell

— Illinois state government to receive more than $7.5 billion in COVID-19 relief funds. Here’s how it could be spent. – BRENDEN MOORE
— Census delays ‘complicate’ Illinois redistricting, but most certain data will show ‘no surprises’ in other areas – BRENDEN MOORE

— Must be 2 1/2 Weeks Before Election Day in Dundee Township
— Bob Smith’s First Mailer to Algonquin Village Residents
— Nunda Township Road Commissioner Endorses Derek Lee
— If Madigan Had Been in Florida, He Might Not Have Gotten Off Scott Free for Running Sham Candidates
— Deadline for GOPAC Dinner Extended Until Sunday Midnight
— The State Rep. Whose Car Made Tracks in the New Tollway Concrete
— UPDATE: Dems Don’t Like Chairman Mike Buehler’s Pick, John Collins, to Replace Suzanne Ness on County Board
— McHenry County about Par for Percentage Receiving Coronavirus Shots
— Wall Street Journal Points to Florida’s Schools, Open Since August, with No Covid-19 Superspreaders
— Emergency Meeting Called for McHenry Township
— Dems Aiming at Local Election Victories
— Legislature Passes Bill Requiring “Racial Impact” Analysis of Legislation, If Any Member Requests
— Pritzker Charged with “Fakequity” Based on Lack of Minority Pot Purveyors and Covid Vaccine Rollout
— Asian Women and Massage Parlors
— Disrespect in Sign Placement
— Peoria Man Indicted for Threatening Trump, Judge
— Cascia Talbert Introduces Her Candidacy for the Crystal Lake Grade School Board

— As Trump teases a 2024 presidential run, potential GOP rivals start making early visits. Mike Pompeo, Rick Scott and Tim Scott plan upcoming stops in Iowa. – Paul Steinhauser

— The Border Crisis May Be Coming To Your Kids’ School
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The media show photos of young migrant children. Don’t fall for that. Three-quarters of these unaccompanied minors are young men ages 15 to 17. Think tattoos, not teddy bears. These teens are carrying the name and phone number of a relative in the U.S. who will sponsor them. A few weeks after surrendering to border officials, they’ll board buses to Los Angeles, Houston or New York City — the three most frequent destinations — or elsewhere in the U.S. where their sponsor lives. It’s the beginning of a hard road. The law requires them to go to school. But they’ve endured trauma on their trek and missed months or years of schooling. Few speak English, and many don’t know Spanish, only Mayan. Their education will cost thousands of dollars a year more than for the average student because they’ll need linguistic experts, tutors, psychological counseling, vaccinations and other support. They also consume most of a classroom teacher’s attention, leaving the rest of the class to make do with less. Even so, only 66% of students without English skills ever graduate. They will struggle, but so will our own kids. This migration wave is hitting schools just as they’re reopening after the pandemic. Students have missed an entire year of school activities. For school districts with tight budgets, the added costs of educating these young newcomers will mean an end to art classes, band and orchestra, and other enrichment activities.)
— California’s Redistributionist Approach To Everything

— Why the Corrupt Press Might Be Our Nation’s Biggest Threat – Jeff Davidson

— OUTRAGEOUS, DISGUSTING: New White House ‘Gender Policy Council’ will promote abortion and LGBT ideology throughout gov’t agencies. The Biden gender council will cover an ambitious—and expansive—set of issues, many of which provide an opening for abortion in its policy recommendations. – Rebecca Oas, Ph.D.

— American Media and Old Soviet Media Are Now Peas in a Pod – Michael Walsh
— For US, Gradual Ruin Is About to Become Sudden – Roger Kimball (DIERSEN: Needless-to-say, I am extremely unhappy about this. As Democrats move in, poverty and crime increase.)
— Who Are the Real Racists? – Jean Chen
— As an American, I Was Censored in China: Now I’m Being Censored in My Own Country – Adam Molon

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Hate-filled Republican-hating Republican-haters use the Atlanta Spa Shootings to promote hatred against Republicans.

— As Republicans Shun Vaccines, Congress Toils to Return to Normal. A quarter of lawmakers have yet to receive a coronavirus vaccine, even though they have been available since December. – Catie Edmondson
(DIERSEN: Democrats hint/imply/argue/shout that members of the following groups should be vaccinated first: minorities, women, younger people, LGBTQers, poor people, moderates, liberals, those who have financial, health, and/or other problems, those who blame others for their problems, those who demand massive government assistance, those who are in America illegally, those who are anti-law enforcement, anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-patriotic, anti-Republican, anti-American, anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-heterosexual, anti-traditional marriage/family, anti-non-poor people, anti-gun owners, anti-Christian, anti-Protestant, anti-Italian American, anti-German American, and/or anti-those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time.)

— How Covid-19 Supercharged the Advertising ‘Triopoly’ of Google, Facebook and Amazon. The three tech giants now collect more than half of all ad dollars spent in the U.S. The pandemic economy got them there. – Keach Hagey and Suzanne Vranica

Author: David Diersen

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