November 18, 2023

Where will Chicago Democrat leaders send their illegals to?


— FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD: Mayor Brandon Johnson’s administration issuing notices it will begin removing migrants from shelters in 60 days: ‘We have finite resources’ – Alice Yin and Nell Salzman
— Palestinian students lead walkout at CPS’ Chicago Academy High School in support of children killed in Gaza. – Sarah Macaraeg–20231117-jcpxpcx2czalpix2umee25ar2u-story.html
— Democrats ever-increasingly promote more LGBTQ.

— Mayor Johnson begins process of kicking migrants out of city shelters; first ejections coming in January. Effective Friday, all migrants entering shelters have 60 days before they must leave. The rule worries those who await work permits, which can take months. – Michael Loria
— Chicago cops tied to Oath Keepers barred from testifying in court, Kim Foxx decides. – Tom Schuba and Dan Mihalopoulos (COMMENT: I should write a book about my critics/opponents a) who hinted/implied/argued/shouted the loudest that TAPROOT Republicans of Illinois and Illinois Center Right Coalition (ICRC) were hate and/or extremist groups, b) who ended my chairmanship of TAPROOT and destroyed TAPROOT in 2012, and/or c) who ended my membership on the ICRC Steering Committee and destroyed ICRC in 2007. I would focus on my critics/opponents who also ended my role as the Republican fundraiser for Wheaton Independence Day parades and fireworks in 2021, a role that I had since 2005.)
— The media should stop playing fortune-teller on elections. The press should do some real reporting about what’s going on in the country and stop predicting outcomes. Their track record of being right is bad anyway. – Gene Lyons

— Asylum-seekers living in city shelters will begin to receive 60-day exit notices – Justin Laurence

— Chicago migrant plan details released by Mayor Brandon Johnson – Craig Wall
— 13 Cook County families celebrate adoptions ahead of National Adoption Day – John Garcia (COMMENT: Government is nasty/vicious. Politics is nasty/vicious. Democrats are nasty/vicious. Starting in 1988 when I was 40 years old, my Democrat GAO superiors used my and my wife having given up trying to have children, our not adopting, and our not becoming foster parents to justify taking many adverse actions against me. They hinted/implied/argued/shouted that I had lied about both wanting to have children and our efforts to have children. I should have sued them.)

— Chicago unveils new plan for handling migrant crisis ahead of winter months. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson released a lengthy plan for changes the city will be making as it navigates an ongoing migrant crisis, particularly heading into colder winter weather.
— Chicago rolls out 5 public health vending machines. – Regina Waldroup

— Chicago aims to free up shelter space by moving asylum seekers out in coming weeks – SUZANNE LE MIGNOT
— Students protest University of Illinois Trustees meeting, demand condemnation of Israel’s killing of Palestinians – SAMAH ASSAD
— Crowds turn out as nonprofit gives away free winter coats in Englewood – MATTHEW CRAMER

— Pro-Palestine protesters shut down Bay Bridge – Greg Grinsell, Allie Rasmus, Lisa Fernandez and Joey Hort
— 44 noncitizens arrested for serious offenses in recent Chicago-area sweep (COMMRENT: Anticipate/expect ever-increasing pressure on police from Democrat leaders to not arrest their constituents, that is, to not arrest those who are in America illegally, minority, female, LGBTQ, younger, non-Protestant, non-German American, and/or those whose ancestors have not been in America for a long time.).

— Fewer migrants in police stations, more in shelters – Ben Bradley
— ‘Everyone deserves a dignified home’: West Side company offers housing option for migrants – Gaynor Hall
— Narcan vending machines available to deter overdose deaths in Chicago – Erik Runge (COMMENT: Drug pushers will use this to push more drugs.)

— Democrat leaders ever-increasingly promote more illegal immigration.

— Chicago begins 60-day limits in shelters for asylum seekers. The new policy comes as the weather turns cold, the city’s shelters are at capacity and migrants are sleeping at airports and police stations. – Tessa Weinberg

— Biden trailing three GOP opponents in 2024 presidential race, poll shows – RAY LEWIS
— Illegal immigration costs taxpayers about $1,000 apiece, gov’t report says – CORY SMITH

— With an increasingly polarized Congress and fewer competitive elections, there are growing calls among some election reformers to change how voters elect members of the U.S. House of Representatives. One potential alternative to the current winner-take-all approach for House races is known as proportional representation. – Hansi Lo Wang (COMMENT: What percent of the elected officials who represent you share your demographics: liberal/moderate/conservative, political affiliation, race, gender, age, education, income, net worth, religion, national origin, length of time your ancestors have been in America, etc.? What are the trends?)

— WIU listed as most affordable public university to attend in Illinois – Heidi Knecht (COMMENT: I could afford to attend UIC 1966-1968 and NIU 1969-1970 only because of the money that I earned working for the Park Forest Post Office 1966-1969 and my parents providing me with room and board in their home in Crete 1966-1968, weekends during my first semester at NIU, and the summer of 1969.)

— New migrant policies cut services to new arrivals in Chicago – Monica Eng

— Afternoon roundup


— Join Wirepoints in Manteno, IL on Nov. 21 for a rally against the proposed Gotion EV factory

— Ness Draws Laurie Parman as Republican Opponent
— Pritzker Response to Immigrants from Central and South America, “Data” Is the Magic Word
— Using Data Reick Analyzes Spending on Migrants & Illegals
— Sosnowski Criticizes Pritzker Use of Homeless Money for Migrants
— McHenry Library District Requests 50% More Than Tax Cap Allows
— The Probable Reason Congressman Sean Casten Was Trapped at DNC Headquarters by Hamas Supporters
— More Free Stuff from Pritzker
— Department of Corrections Finally Living Up to Its Name
— Crystal Lake High School District 155 Asks for 6.2% More from Taxpayers
— Critique of Crystal Lake High School Board’s Failure to Adjust for 23% Enrollment Decline Since 2010
— LaHood on FISA Report
— IL-08: Self-Described Zionist Seeking Republican Nomination to Challenge Raja Krishnamoorthi
— Sentences That Might Actually Deter Political Corruption
— McHenry County Dems Seem Behind Bill Foster’s Re-Election\
— Reick Reports on Wasting Time in Springfield
— Socialism for the Rich



— New poll shows Biden trails behind all the top GOP primary candidates – Mallory Wilson
— Biden’s birthday on Monday shines a spotlight on the age issue – Jeff Mordock (COMMENT: The spotlight should be on his health, not his age.)

— You don’t have to be a ‘sanctuary city,’ Eric Adams – Zachary Faria

— Mexican prez hails ‘humane’ Biden for opening ‘legal pathways’ for migrants – Caitlin Doornbos and Steven Nelson

— Mayor Adams singing the ‘sanctuary city blues’ – Silvio Canto, Jr.
— New report details illegal aliens entering the US in unbridled numbers have officially outpaced US births – Olivia Murray
— Poll shows that 75% of Palestinians support the October 7 terror attack – Monica Showalter

— Target gets a lump of coal in its stocking for cringeworthy ‘woke’ Christmas decorations – Chris Donaldson
— DeSantis Falls to Fifth Place in New Hampshire while Haley Rises: Poll – DAVID ZIMMERMANN

— Black Chicagoans Rally Against Sanctuary Policies, Promise to Vote for Republicans, Independents Over Democrats – WARNER TODD HUSTON
— Worry Mounts About Violent Protests at Democrat Convention After DNC Riot – NICK GILBERTSON (COMMENT: What were you doing during the Democrat National Convention riots in Chicago in 1968 ( )? I delivered mail for the Park Forest Post Office.)

— It’s the economy, stupid! – George Rasley

— Judge Rejects Bid To Remove Trump From Colorado Ballot – KATELYNN RICHARDSON
— Things Are About To Get Worse For The Big Apple – VINCE COGLIANESE

— Target Pushes Ahead With Woke Holiday Merch, Despite Losses – Sarah Holliday

— Girl Scouts To Host Training Sessions On ‘Internalized Racism,’ ‘White Supremacy Culture’ The four-part training will be administered by a diversity consulting firm that embraces Critical Race Theory. – Spencer Lindquist

— Why Classic Car Enthusiasts Won’t Touch Modern Cars. For decades, Americas were able to cheaply fix many of their car problems—but advanced technology is forcing higher costs and more expertise. – Allan Stein

— Imagine If Donald Trump Rolled Out The Red Carpet For Putin The Way Democrats Did For Xi – TRISTAN JUSTICE

— Time to End the Sanctuary Cities Experiment: It Couldn’t Be More Obvious.

— Critical race theory is ‘fairly entrenched’ in US business schools – William Jacobson

— Northeastern Illinois University says ‘no single perspective’ represents entire school after professors send anti-Israel emails. An NEIU sociology professor justified Hamas attacks by saying they came ‘after 75 years of Israeli White supremacy’ – Joseph A. Wulfsohn
— Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters storm University of Michigan administrative building. – Joseph A. Wulfsohn

— Biden Says Newsom ‘Could Have The Job I’m Looking For’

— Congress Should Fund Real Border Security, Not a Worldwide Welfare State – Simon Hankinson

— CRT and ESG Go Hand-in-Hand at Top Business Schools – William A. Jacobson

— Activist Groups behind Violent DNC Protest Have Long History of Defending Terrorism, Receive Funding from Major Corporations – BRITTANY BERNSTEIN
— Target Rolls Out ‘Pride’ Santa, Nutcrackers in LGBT Christmas Collection – ABIGAIL ANTHONY

— CBS Unconcerned by Explosion of Chinese Illegal Immigrants, Gives Them Sympathy – Curtis Houck
— Media HATE the Idea of Texas Enforcing Federal Immigration Law – Bill D’Agostino

— DNC Protest Frightens Chicago Dem Convention Planners – Charles Kim (COMMENT: What were you doing during the Democrat National Convention riots in Chicago in 1968 ( )? I delivered mail for the Park Forest Post Office.)

— Ivy League Schools Gaining Billions in Endowments While Receiving Federal Funds

— New York Is Finally Realizing the True Cost of Being a ‘Sanctuary City’ – RICK MORAN
— Target Hasn’t Learned Its Lesson, Doubles Down on Grooming Kids – MATT MARGOLIS


— Chicago slashes services to new migrant arrivals – Monica Eng

— Democrats ever-increasingly demonize, denigrate, and condemn Republicans as being antisemites. I should write a book about the success that my Democrat superiors in the federal government had doing that.

— Democrats ever-increasingly promote more LGBTQ.
— Democrats ever-increasingly demonize, denigrate, and condemn Republicans as being antisemites. I should write a book about the success that my Democrat superiors in the federal government had doing that.
— FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD: TikTok Videos Show Despair Over Economy. Plight of Gen Z Spells Trouble for Biden. – Jeanna Smialek and Jim Tankersley (COMMENT: In today’s dollars, how much money were you earning when you turned 26? When I turned 26 in September of 1974, I was earning $92,279/year in today’s dollars. I had bought a studio condo in downtown Chicago 2 months before. I had bought a new town home in University Park 2 years before. I owned a 1972 Corvette and drove a 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air. I was taking graduate business courses at Loyola.)
— Facing Financial Ruin as Costs Soar for Elder Care. The United States has no coherent system for providing long-term care, leading many who are aging to struggle to stay independent or to rely on a patchwork of solutions. – Reed Abelson and Jordan Rau (COMMENT: When my outstanding aunt went into assisted living in 2010 when she was 80, she had saved $650,000 for her retirement. She never attended college. She was a keypunch operator. She never married or had children. She lived frugally to save for her retirement.)

— Democrats ever-increasingly a) run America and b) get rid of Republicans.

— Joe Biden Turns 81 Years Old. Running for re-election in his condition is an act of profound selfishness. – Editorial
— Congrats, Your House Made You Rich. Now Sell It. Lots of baby boomers are going to sell their homes in the years ahead. The trick is to beat the crowd. – Justin Lahart
— Hamas’s Barbarity Heightens the Crisis in Higher Education. Jewish students bear the brunt of colleges’ culture of intolerance, conformity and ‘safe spaces.’ – Michael R. Bloomberg
— Conservative Donors Failed to Show Up in the 2023 Elections. The progressive left spent its way to big victories in Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. – Nathan Benefield
— So You Think You Want a Political Fighter? Congress’s comportment crisis is getting worse, with brawls breaking out all over Capitol Hill. – Peggy Noonan (COMMENT: I should write a book about those in government and/or politics who have taken the most/biggest adverse actions against me.)
— You Probably Know 611 People. – Josh Zumbrun (COMMENT: How many people know you? More people know me because of my a) sending out GOPUSA ILLINOIS newsletters out since 2000, b) my serving as the Republican fundraiser for Wheaton Independence Day parades and fireworks 2005-2019, c) my serving as the TAPROOT Republicans of Illinois chairman 2005-2012, and d) my serving on the Illinois Center Right Coalition Steering Committee 2003-2007.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: There are different degrees of how well you know people. This particular measure is a broad one. Asked how many close friends they have, about half of Americans say three or fewer, according to a 2021 survey. The British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, drawing on studies of the brain sizes of humans and other primates, estimates a person can only maintain about 150 relationships. The so-called Dunbar number, he has said, “applies to quality relationships, not to acquaintances.” A Pew Research study found adults on Facebook had an average of 338 friends on the site.)

— Democrats ever-increasingly demonize, denigrate, and condemn Republicans as being antisemites. I should write a book about the success that my Democrat superiors in the federal government had doing that.

— Democrats and RINOs ever-increasingly use DEI to get rid of Republicans.

— Democrats ever-increasingly demonize, denigrate, and condemn Republicans as being antisemites. I should write a book about the success that my Democrat superiors in the federal government had doing that.

— Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, Independents, and RINOs ever-increasingly use mass/illegal immigration to destroy America.

— Violent clash at DNC headquarters sparks concern over convention security. Officials emphasize that local police will be trained in de-escalation tactics. – SHIA KAPOS (COMMENT: What were you doing during the Democrat National Convention riots in Chicago in 1968 ( )? I delivered mail for the Park Forest Post Office.)

— Democrat educators ever-increasingly promote more illegal immigration, political affiliation discrimination, reverse discrimination, and age discrimination.

— Democrats ever-increasingly demonize, denigrate, and condemn Republicans as being antisemites. I should write a book about the success that my Democrat superiors in the federal government had doing that.

Author: David Diersen

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