December 15, 2023


— Oak Park village officials tell migrants they must move out by end of January due to cost issues – Michelle Gallardo and Cate Cauguiran
— Dramatic spike in Chicago chickenpox cases, CDPH warns; most in unvaccinated new arrival migrants – Christian Piekos
— Highest court will not hear Illinois assault weapons ban case – PETER HANCOCK & HANNAH MEISEL
— Chicago City Council sanctuary city referendum roundly defeated – Craig Wall
— Rideshare drivers protest outside Chicago Uber hub after driver killed while on the job – Jessica D’Onofrio and Tre Ward

— Chicago City Council votes against measure to ask voters about ‘Sanctuary City’ status. Chicago’s ‘Sanctuary City,’ or ‘Welcoming City’ ordinance has been in place since 1985.
— Activists celebrate city council voting against asking voters about ‘sanctuary city’ status
— Illinois bill will allow non-citizens to become police officers (COMMENT: Employers want cheap labor. If there had been as many non-citizens in America when I was young as there are now, they would have gotten the jobs that I got, and if not that, the wages that I got would have been lower.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Reps. Mary Miller and Lauren Boebert were among Republicans to condemn the bill, arguing that the legislation would allow individuals who entered the U.S. illegally to apply for positions.)
— Chicago Public Schools’ Board of Ed passes plan that could impact selective enrollment. The change in policy, expected to be approved in 2024, could eliminate the opportunity for students to test into one of CPS’s selective high schools. (COMMENT: What did passing tests enable you to do? Passing tests enabled me a) to earn degrees from NIU in 1970, Loyola in 1976, DePaul in 1980, and IIT in 1997, b) to get hired by the Post Office in 1966, Firestone Stores in 1970, IRS in 1971, and GAO in 1980, c) to become a CPA in 1979, and d) to become a Certified Internal Auditor and licensed CPA in 1981.)
— Shelved Brighton Park migrant camp cost city of Chicago nearly $1 million

— 13 arrested as protesters block downtown Chicago bridge amid war in Gaza – JACOB SARRACINO
— Chicago City Council blocks advisory referendum on sanctuary city status
— U.S. Supreme Court leaves Illinois assault weapons ban in place during appeals proceedings – MELISSA QUINN, ADAM HARRINGTON
— Illinois offers rebates for electric vehicle purchases, but many find themselves ineligible – TARA MOLINA (COMMENT: I have bought many new vehicles since I was 17 in 1966. There were no rebates for any of them.)

— Chicago protesters call for ceasefire in Israel-Hamas war, 13 arrested
— Rosemont implements new ordinance to regulate migrant arrivals
— Chicago voters won’t get chance to weigh in on sanctuary city status, City Council decides – Joanie Lum
— Illinois assault weapons ban: US Supreme Court refuses to block law – AP
— Chicago alderman blasts city council for refusing to send sanctuary status referendum to voters: ‘Scared of the truth here?’ Chicago Ald. Anthony Beale torched the City Council and Mayor Brandon Johnson for delaying a resolution that would allow residents to vote on whether to revoke the city’s sanctuary status amid the migrant crisis.

— City Council Rejects Push to Ask Voters Whether Chicago Should Stay a Sanctuary City – Heather Cherone
— US Supreme Court Refuses to Block New Illinois Law Banning Some High-Power Semiautomatic Weapons – Amanda Vinicky

— Rosemont Mayor Brad Stephens: We need a better plan for migrants coming to Illinois – Pete Zimmerman

— FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD: As police stations are cleared, some migrant families are separated, volunteers and migrants say – Nell Salzman
— Chicago begins impoundment of ‘rogue’ migrant buses as new ordinance toughens penalties – Nell Salzman and Jake Sheridan
— Aldermen block plan to put sanctuary city question to Chicago voters – Alice Yin
— Cook County mandates last-minute paid leave expansion – A.D. Quig
— Supreme Court declines to put hold on Illinois gun ban – Jeremy Gorner
— Chicago Board of Ed votes to shift priorities from school choice to neighborhood schools – Sarah Macaraeg

— Voters won’t get chance to weigh in on Chicago’s sanctuary city status, City Council decides. Ald. Anthony Beale’s proposed referendum would have asked voters in the March 19 primary: “Should the city of Chicago limit its designation as a sanctuary city by placing spending limits on its public funding?” – Fran Spielman
— Shelved Brighton Park migrant camp cost city nearly $1 million. State environmental regulators determined there were too many harmful metals and other toxic substances detected on the property for it to safely house asylum-seekers. – Mitchell Armentrout and Fran Spielman
— U.S. Supreme Court again refuses to block Illinois’ assault weapons ban. The high court had been asked to issue an injunction that would have blocked the year-old law, which prohibits the possession, manufacture or sale of semiautomatic rifles and high-capacity magazines. – Tina Sfondeles and Matthew Hendrickson
— Chicago man sues former employer, union for denying gender-affirming care: ‘I was shattered’ Morgan Mesi says Breakthru Beverage Illinois denied coverage of a bilateral mastectomy and hormone therapy, according to a complaint filed in federal court Thursday. – Violet Miller
— Illinois NAACP president apologizes after likening migrants to ‘savages,’ rapists, burglars. Teresa Haley apologized Thursday, two days after comments she made surfaced in a video from a recent conference call of NAACP leaders. – Kade Heather
— Brandon Johnson’s campaign fund has taken millions from unions with City Hall contracts. The campaign contributions are legal, but failed mayoral candidate Willie Wilson wants them banned in mayoral races. Ald. Gilbert Villegas wants to limit contributions to city officials from unions with city contracts. – Robert Herguth and Tim Novak

— Suburbs scramble to exempt public safety employees from state’s on-demand paid-leave law – Eric Peterson
— FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH PICTURE: I should write a book about attorneys who have dumped me, that is, about attorneys who filed lawsuits for me, but then withdrew.  I would focus on why they withdrew.

— Push for vote on Chicago’s sanctuary city status dies in City Council – Justin Laurence
— Chicago Tribune union members taking contract fight to Tribune Tower – Corli Jay

— Dropping Off Migrants On Street Corners Certainly Is ‘Inhumane’ – Todd Wessell

— U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood says there’s evidence to support a Biden impeachment inquiry – JJ Bullock

— McHenry County board incumbent wants primary opponent disqualified for misspelling ‘Republican’

— Why more women live in major East Coast counties while men outnumber them in the West – AP (COMMENT: What makes a man “quality?” How much of it is health, handsomeness, height, personality, values, religion, national origin, education, occupation, income, net worth, possessions, professional certifications and licenses, etc.? I got married when I was 29. I did not pass the CPA examination until I was 30, earn a master’s degree in accounting until I was 31, pass the Certified Internal Auditor examination until I was 32, and become a licensed CPA until I was 32. However, I had earned an MBA from Loyola when I was 27 and I had earned a bachelor’s degree in management from NIU when I was 21. I had bought condos when I was 27 and 25 and a new town home when I was 24. I had owned a 1972 Corvette since I was 23. I had gotten promoted to GS-12 ($92,279/year in today’s dollars) when I was 25. My wife had worked for the FBI. She had helped elect Big Jim Thompson. She is Catholic and I am Missouri Synod Lutheran. We met a Presbyterian singles event.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: “It’s really tough to find quality men who share similar values,” Averbach said. There aren’t many singles groups that cater to her age group, she says, and when such groups put on events, they usually attract more women than men. Her county has a low sex ratio, which means there are more women than men. A high ratio indicates there are more men than women.)

— Secrecy Again To Pick Darien Area Lawmaker? The GOP last time declined to give the names of applicants before its appointment. – David Giuliani

— Committee To Appoint Replacement For 82nd District Representative. The 82nd Representative District Committee will meet at Lemont Public Library at 4 p.m. on Dec. 20. – Andrea Earnest

— City Impounds First ‘Rogue Bus’ Carrying Migrants Under New Policy. The ordinance is aimed at stopping bus companies from dropping off migrants late at night or without prior notice, often leaving officials scrambling to accommodate them. The city impounded the first bus Wednesday night. – Quinn Myers and Alex V. Hernandez
— Controversial Sanctuary City Ballot Question Voted Down By City Council. The effort by alds. Anthony Beale and Ray Lopez has led to political turmoil at City Hall, but it will not move forward following Thursday’s vote. The effort by alds. Anthony Beale and Ray Lopez has led to political turmoil at City Hall, but it will not move forward following Thursday’s vote. – Quinn Myers

— Morning briefing
— Afternoon roundup
— Morning briefing


— Full appeal expected after SCOTUS denies emergency injunction against Illinois’ gun ban – Greg Bishop
— New Illinois law criminalizes impeding picket lines – Kevin Bessler
— Pentagon falls 41,000 short of reduced military recruitment goals – Brett Rowland

— Legal Challenges to Dems’ Gun Ban Continue Despite Setback
— U.S. Supreme Court Denies Preliminary Injunction Against Illinois Democrats’ Firearms Ban

— SCOTUS Justice Barrett declines one invitation to step into IL gun ban fight, at least for now

— Top Illinois STEM school stage protest over DEI (COMMENT: What percent of parents are anti-conservative, anti-Republican, anti-American, anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-rich people, anti-heterosexual, anti-traditional marriage, anti-traditional family, anti-Christian, anti-Protestant, anti-Italian American, anti-German American, and/or anti-those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time?)

— Illinois’ ruling class has decided to go full extremism on their policies, so now is the best time to fight back.


— Our universities have become hubs of radical activism – Scott Walker
— ‘Misinformation’ service NewsGuard targeted in defense bill – Bill Gertz (COMMENT: According to my critics/opponents, my GOPUSA ILLINOIS newsletters are full of misinformation. My critics/opponents destroy those like me a) who they cannot manipulate or dominate, b) who refuse to glorify and praise them, c) who refuse to pander to them, d) who refuse to serve as one of their operatives or dupes, e) who refuse to cover up their wrong doing, and/or f) who refuse to give them money. I should write a book about my critics/opponents. I would focus on those who have taken the most/biggest adverse actions against me.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The 2024 defense authorization bill now in its final stages on Capitol Hill contains a provision that would restrict the Pentagon from spending money on an advertising agency that relies on the self-described “counter-misinformation” group NewsGuard, a blow to the left-leaning organization that critics say unfairly targets conservative media. The restriction in the proposed annual National Defense Authorization Act recently survived a House-Senate conference. The final bill is being taken up by both chambers this week. The provision calls on the defense secretary to ensure all ad agencies that contract with the Defense Department do not “place advertisements in news sources based on personal or institutional political preferences or biases, or determinations of misinformation.” The section also requires that the defense secretary and military service secretaries notify Congress whenever an ad agency employs NewsGuard, a similar British-based group called the Global Disinformation Index, or similar services. The provision is a response by several House Republicans who have said that self-appointed anti-misinformation watchdog groups are effectively being used to target conservative media outlets.)

— What would happen if a white mayor held a party for only white elected officials? – Christopher Tremoglie
— DC bridge shut down by Jewish protesters calling for ceasefire in Gaza – Eden Villalovas
— Post office suffers an a-woke-ning – Quin Hillyer
— Supreme Court declines to halt Illinois assault-style rifle ban – Kaelan Deese

— Huge line of thousands of migrants spotted trying to hop train to US border – Alex Oliveira
— Angry drivers try to move Jewish protesters who shut down LA freeway during rush hour – Alyssa Guzman

— The BorderLine: Biden Prefers To Put Your Safety At Risk And Play Recidivism Roulette With Criminal Aliens

— The Market for Failing Boys. School is girl-coded. Is it any wonder boys are struggling? – Carmel Richardson

— Was Illinois’ 2022 general election valid? – Marly Hornik and Ken Zitko
— The president of the Illinois NAACP called illegal aliens ‘savages’ – Andrea Widburg
— Angelenos fight back after Gaza protestors shut down the 110 freeway – Monica Showalter

— White House Sets Border Deal: 1 Million Illegals Per Year and $61 Billion for Ukraine – NEIL MUNRO
— Republicans Introduce Plan to Verify U.S. Citizenship for Mail-In Voters – JOHN BINDER

— The Size and Implications of the Immigrant Population. – Mark Krikorian, Steven A. Camarota, Rich Lowry, and Roy Beck

— Supreme Court Leaves Illinois Gun Restrictions In Place – KATELYNN RICHARDSON
— Americans Must Choose Between Civilization — Or Its Destroyers – VICTOR DAVIS HANSON

— Will We Get a Bad Border Deal for Christmas? – Simon Hankinson

— New York City Spending Tens Of Thousands On Migrant Meals That Get Trashed. 70,000 meals were wasted in less than three weeks. – Mairead Elordi

— Haley’s Top Backers Include Democrat Donors, Silicon Valley Billionaires. Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is tied to numerous political action committees that raised more than $28 million the last time they were required to disclose. – Austin Alonzo (COMMENT: He who pays the piper calls the tunes.)

— Supreme Court allows Illinois semiautomatic weapons ban to stay in place. The Illinois law will continue to be litigated in the lower courts. – Adam Sabes
— White House prickles at ‘baseless,’ ‘no evidence’ Biden impeachment

— Give Us Educated, Skilled Immigrants Yearning To Support Themselves
— Tagging Evangelical Christians As A ‘Polarizing Extreme’
— Trump Demands Action After 20 Percent Of Mail-In Voters Admit To Fraud In 2020 Election Survey

— Chicago Mayor Blasted by Black Community for Favoring Illegal Immigrants. – Mary Chastain

— Pro-Life Americans Must Take on Abortion Tourism to Save More Babies From Abortion

— White House’s Bizarre Christmas Video Sparks Hilarious Reactions – BRITTANY M. HUGHES

— Why Would Republicans Agree to 3,000 Illegal-Alien Crossings Per Day? – ANDREW C. MCCARTHY

— Chicago Aldermen Block Plan to Put Question of Sanctuary City Status on the Ballot – RICK MORAN
— Mayor Johnson Explains Why He Wanted to Camp Illegals on a Toxic Waste Dump – RICK MORAN

— Biden’s Border Crisis Just Keeps Getting Worse, 13 Million Illegal Aliens Now In U.S. – Sarah Arnold |
— Meritocracy vs. DEI – Alan Joseph Bauer (COMMENT: All my coworkers who my Democrat superiors promoted over me were Democrats a) who were minority, female, younger, veteran, non-Protestant, non-German American, and/or had ancestors who had not been in America for a long time and b) who had less job-related work experience, less job-related education, and/or no professional certifications or licenses. I earned a) job-related bachelor’s degree in 1970, b) job-related master’s degrees in 1976, 1980, and 1997, c) job-related professional certifications in 1979, 1981, 1990, 1994, 1996, and 1997, and d) a job-related professional license in 1981.)

— After Affirmative Action Win Over Harvard, Group Takes On West Point – TYLER DURDEN


— Israeli military veteran tapped as GOP candidate in special election to replace George Santos – Anthony Izaguirre (COMMENT: From what I see, the leaders of the Illinois Republican Party, DuPage County Republican Central Committee, and Milton Township Republican Organization ever-increasingly want candidates who do not share Trump’s demographics: conservative, White, male, older, married, Protestant, German American, and/or have ancestors who have been in America for a long time.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Republicans have picked a little-known county lawmaker who once served in the Israeli military as their candidate in a special election to replace ousted New York congressman George Santos, party officials said Thursday. Nassau County legislator and former Israeli paratrooper Mazi Pilip will face off against Democratic former congressman Tom Suozzi in a Feb. 13 special election for the seat, which includes northern parts of Queens and Long Island. The selection pits Pilip, a relatively unknown local lawmaker originally from Ethiopia, against a political veteran in Suozzi, who previously represented the district for six years during a lengthy career in Long Island politics.)

— Democrat and RINO leaders ever-increasingly promote more illegal immigration.

— Democrats and RINOs ever-increasingly promote more LGBTQ.

— Hate-filled Republican-hating Republican-haters ever-increasingly run American universities.
— State Dept.’s Fight Against Disinformation Comes Under Attack. The Global Engagement Center has become the focus of Republican-led criticism that the U.S. government coerces social media platforms into removing offensive content. – Steven Lee Meyers.

— Democrats say “Biden is struggling to connect with key Democratic voters” and ask “Is Trump enough to fix it?”
— Those who promote illegal immigration promote migrant deaths. Because Democrat and RINO leaders promote illegal immigration, Democrat and RINO leaders promote migrant deaths.
— Ever-increasingly, younger employees want older employees to retire. In 1993 when I was a 45-year-old GAO employee, because I had 25 years of federal seniority, I became eligible to take GAO’s early retirement “offer.” In 1997, my Democrat GAO superiors with the blessing of my Democrat GAO supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates succeeded in forcing me to take their “offer” which expired that year. They would not have done that if I had been a Democrat, minority, female, and/or veteran. It is called political affiliation discrimination, reverse discrimination, and age discrimination.
(FROM THE ARTICLE: In a major demographic shift, the older workforce – some 11 million Americans – has quadrupled in size since the mid-1980s, driven by the graying of the U.S. population. The share of older Americans holding a job is also much greater. Roughly 1 in 5 Americans ages 65 and older (19%) are employed today – nearly double the share of those who were working 35 years ago, according to new data from the Pew Research Center.)

— Most ‘Transgender’ Kids Turn Out to Be Gay. Subjecting them to medical interventions is the modern-day version of ‘conversion therapy.’ – Roy Eappen
— From the U.S. to the U.K. to Australia, backlash builds against governments for failing to control immigration – Greg Ip (COMMENT: My critics/opponents want cheap labor, they reject the immigration plank in the Republican Party platform.)

— Elon Musk Says DEI ‘Must Die’ And Criticizes Diversity Schemes As ‘Discrimination’ – Robert Hart
— Democrats and RINOs ever-increasingly use DEI to get rid of Republicans.

— Supreme Court Declines to Halt New Illinois Assault-Weapon Ban – Greg Stohr

— Chicago City Council Rejects Sanctuary City Ballot Question

Author: David Diersen

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