May 24, 2024

— GOP UNITY: The Illinois Republican Party is holding its state convention today and Saturday in the Gateway Convention Center in Collinsville. After eight years of divisiveness among the rank and file, party leaders hope to emerge united as they head into election season. No matter where they stand on Donald Trump, they agree on wanting to make Joe Biden a one-term president. “We’re at a pivotal point where you’re seeing Republicans starting to get back together,” Illinois GOP Executive Director Matthew Janes told Playbook. “You’re seeing a lot more unity recently.” The Illinois GOP has evolved much the way the national Republican party has, with right-leaning Republicans veering more right and centrists somehow being seen as being left on party issues. In Illinois, the shift has been geographic. In 2014, the Republican base was strong in Chicago’s suburbs and exurbs, while southern Illinois still saw Democrats have an influence in party politics. That’s all shifted: When Trump came on the scene, rural voters were drawn to his blue collar message and there was a shift in the state party’s cultural and economic bases. Chicago-area Republicans weren’t always in line with Trump. And many still aren’t. Embracing Trump: Illinois GOP National Committeeman Richard Porter was among those hoping to see a new Republican generation in the White House. He backed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president. Now, he says he’s most concerned about taking back the White House from Democrats. “I am for winning. Trump is our nominee and the Democrats have behaved appallingly in regard to Trump so it’s not hard to support him,” Porter told Playbook, referring to the former president’s recent court fight in New York. That attitude is expected to prevail in Collinsville this weekend, where the biggest task is to line up behind a party platform and elect a new Republican committee man and committee woman to represent the state within the national Republican Convention (The party elects one man and one woman to those seats.). Why the change: Term limits are keeping Porter and Committeewoman Demetra DeMonte from running again. They have each served two terms. In the running for their seats: GOP state central committee members Mark Shaw and Dean White and Illinois Republican Finance Committee Chair Vince Kolber. Shaw is also an Illinois adviser to Trump’s campaign. Women candidates are State Central Committee members Joan Lasonde and Rhonda Belford, and former Republican legislative candidate Julie Cho. All of the candidates are right-leaning, Trump-supporting Republicans. If you are Demetra DeMonte, Playbook would like to hear from you. Email )

— Trump putting his finger on the scale to revamp GOP platform four years after it froze in time – Elaine Mallon (COMMENT: Those who oppose direct election of Illinois Republican Party (IRP) State Central Committee (SCC) members have always demonized me, denigrated me, and condemned me as being a far-right conservative. Since 2015, they have demonized me, denigrated me, and condemned me as being a Trump-promoter. I should write a book about those who oppose direct elect election of IRP SCC members and who oppose Trump and who have taken the most/biggest adverse actions against me.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The Trump campaign is pushing to elect those closely aligned with the presumptive presidential nominee’s agenda to positions on the Republican National Committee‘s Platform Committee. Much of this effort by former President Donald Trump’s campaign relates to concerns that far-right conservatives will push stances on abortion and same-sex marriage that may alienate the general population just ahead of the general election. The RNC’s Platform Committee consists of a male and a female representative from each U.S. state and territory, and it will play an instrumental role in shaping the party’s stances on dozens of policy issues. The party’s current platform is a 66-page document that hasn’t been reviewed since the 2016 election. In 2020, the RNC passed a resolution stating it would not adopt a new platform, pointing to the COVID-19 pandemic interfering with the party’s ability to hold meetings. That year marked the first time in more than 150 years that the RNC decided not to make adjustments to its official platform, per NBC News. Shiree Verdone served as co-chairwoman of Trump’s campaign in Arizona in both 2016 and 2020 but is no longer involved with the Republican Party of Arizona. She told the outlet that Trump’s team is concerned about who is getting on the party’s platform committee. “Trying to get normal folks on the Platform and Rules [committees], but God knows if there’s any normal people in that delegation,” Verdone said. The committee’s leadership consists of strong Trump supporters, including Trump’s former ambassador to Luxembourg, Randy Evans, who will serve as executive director. Russ Vought, Trump’s former director of the Office of Management and Budget, will serve as policy director, and Ed Martin, the head of several conservative groups, will serve as deputy policy director. “The campaign is really getting into it and involved this year in [Platform Committee] races in states,” a veteran Republican operative told the outlet. “There is a sense among them that the platform should not be pushed too far to the right on a few issues, but I keep hearing abortion and marriage specifically.” While far-right conservatives have called for a national ban on abortion, Trump has been steadfast in his stance that the matter will be left up to the states. “I DO NOT SUPPORT A BAN ON BIRTH CONTROL, AND NEITHER WILL THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!” Trump declared on Truth Social.)
— ‘Haley Voters for Biden’ says Trump endorsement makes their efforts ‘difficult’ – Peter Cordi (COMMENT: Who are the Haley voters for Biden in Illinois, your county, your township, your municipality, and your school district?)
— Trump and DeSantis appear to push aside feud in appeal to donors: ‘I love that you’re back’ – Ross O’Keefe
— Speaker Mike Johnson accuses Biden, Democrats of wanting illegal immigrants to vote – Alex Miller
— Mike Johnson warns that ‘enemies of freedom’ can vote in local DC elections – Asher Notheis
— Democrats attack Republicans on DC noncitizen voting law as a setup for election fraud claims – Jack Birle
— Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson: One year in, a failing grade – William J. Kelly
— Trump insists Biden, 81, must debate him standing up. – Ashley Oliver (COMMENT: I drove non-stop from Wheaton to Collinsville yesterday.)
— Illegal immigrant says illegal immigration is too easy – Conn Carroll

— Collinsville hosts Illinois GOP state convention this weekend. – Scott Cousins
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Approximately 500 to 600 people will attend, according to Convention Coordinator Deb Detmers.)


— Nikki Haley says she will vote for Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election. Nikki Haley dropped out of the GOP race, but she’s still getting sizable votes. – Hannah Demissie
— Trump campaign calls out ‘critical flaw’ in Milwaukee RNC convention’s safety from protesters. Trump campaign wants more space between convention and protest areas. – Kelsey Walsh
— Anti-abortion Chicago City Council members stall quiet zone approval around West Loop clinic. Ald. Bill Conway was trying to establish “quiet zone” around abortion clinic where entering women report bullying and intimidation. – Fran Spielman

— House Republicans rail against Northwestern, Rutgers for cutting deals with protesters. – Lexi Lonas
— Retiring early may not be as great as it sounds – Collin McCarthy (COMMENT: I should write a book about being forced by Democrats to retire early.)

— New Illinois Law That Prevents Political Parties From Slating Candidates in Open General Election Races Put on Hold by Judge – Amanda Vinicky
— Northwestern President Defends Deal With Student Protesters to US House Committee: ‘We Had to Get the Encampment Down’ – AP

— Illinois fails to protect immigrant victims of crime – NELL SALZMAN (COMMENT: Those who promote illegal immigration are responsible for the illegals who come in.)
— Alderman accuses colleague of antisemitism over social media post. – JAKE SHERIDAN
— Illinois Democrats still at odds over tax hike proposals as budget talks again head into overtime – JEREMY GORNER, OLIVIA OLANDER, OLIVIA STEVENS, DAN PETRELLA
— Northwestern President Schill grilled by lawmakers at campus antisemitism hearing. ‘Hate is hate.’ – ANGIE LEVENTIS LOURGOS
— Senate holds a test vote on border bill as Democrats seek to underscore Republican resistance – AP
— ‘Justice-impacted individual’ is a ‘doublethink’ phrase that could come back to haunt Gov. J.B. Pritzker – Editorial

— Judge halts election law that blocked Republican candidates from appearing on November ballot. Under the new law, state House and Senate candidates must run in the primary to appear on the November general election ballot — a move leaving prospective candidates in the lurch, viewed as a power grab by the Democrat-led legislature. – Tina Stondeles and Jon Seidel
— Mayoral allies in hot water over social media posts. Johnson’s Communications Director Ronnie Reese is under fire for a 2010 tweet that said, “I brake for gay pride, reluctantly.” Meanwhile, Ald. Debra Silverstein called a recent Facebook post by Ald. Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez “an antisemitic dog whistle.” – Fran Spielman
— Democrats ever-increasingly push more pot.
— Advocates worry 120 schools could lose after-school programs this summer. – Nader Issa and Sarah Karp (COMMENT: What did you do after-school? I did yard work 1962-1964, delivered newspapers 1962-1966, washed dishes 1964-1966, delivered mail 1966-1969, and worked on an automobile assembly line in 1970.)
— Student protests are a rite of passage. I went through it, back in the ’60s. Watching the wave of student protests on college campuses nationwide, a retired journalist recalls his own activism and writes: When these students reflect on this moment, I trust they will appreciate, like I have, our country’s commitment to reasonable free speech, peaceable assembly and democracy. – Andy Shaw (COMMENT: While I attended UIC 1966-1968 and NIU 1969-1970, many of my classmates protested the Vietnam War.)

— Chicago newsrooms get $1.6 million in grants to strengthen local journalism – Corli Jay (COMMENT: All the many thousands of dollars needed to put GOPUSA ILLINOIS newsletters together and to send them out every morning comes out of my Civil Service Retirement System pension, my Social Security, and my retirement savings.)
— Durbin renews call for Alito to recuse himself in 2020 election cases. (COMMENT: I have flown an American flag off my front porch in Wheaton constantly since September 11, 2001 and a 18X12 foot American flag in my Iron Gate Motor Condo in Naperville since January of 2021.)

— Illinois House moves to protect emergency abortions ahead of US Supreme Court ruling – Patrick M. Keck

— Democrats go on offense as the GOP opens the door to birth control restrictions – Isabella Murray

— Descendants of Evanston residents file federal class action suit against reparations program – William Tong

— Class action lawsuit attacks Evanston reparations program as unconstitutional. Plaintiffs allege they are ‘irreparably harmed’ by program’s limitation to Black ancestors and descendants, seek their own $25,000 payments. – Alex Harrison

— Suit challenges Evanston reparations plan – Bill Smith

— Trump isn’t known for letting slights against him pass – AP (COMMENT: I not only let sights against me pass, I let big adverse actions against me pass. Should I continue doing that? Should I start issuing cease and desist letters against my attackers? Should I sue them?)

— Measure impacting auto voter registration raises non-citizen registration concerns – Catrina Petersen

— Democrats ever-increasingly promote more abortion.

— Afternoon roundup


— QUESTION: Why do Republican, conservative, and religious leaders in Illinois not encourage reading GOPUSA ILLINOIS newsletters, if not discourage reading those newsletters? ANSWER: They reject planks in the Republican Party platform, most commonly its individual responsibility, traditional marriage and family, right to life, immigration, Second Amendment, and/or equal opportunity (no race or gender based preference giving) planks and/or they reject election of Illinois Republican Party State Central Committee members. – Dave Diersen

— Illinois bill allows out-of-state minors to apply for taxpayer funded abortions – Catrina Petersen

— Evanston faces federal class action over reparations program. The first-of-its-kind reparations initiative is meant to address the historic housing injustice that Black Evanston residents once faced. – DAVE BYRNES

— Cook County launches $3.6 million grant program for cannabis businesses

— Illinois legislators ‘increasingly see criminals as victims & police as criminals’ – Paul Vallas:

— Republicans express concerns over exclusion from Illinois budget talks

— More woke buffoonery with your money: The latest with Illinois’ ESG investments and Treasurer Frerichs – Mark Glennon
— Eleven Illinois U.S. Representatives vote against bill to ban noncitizens from voting in Washington, D.C. elections

— Protecting Child Sacrifice and Mandating Indoctrination – David E. Smith


— GOP convention plans to be a good guest in Milwaukee – Jennifer Harper
— Biden stumbles through press conference with Kenyan president: ‘What was my question?’ – Jeff Mordock
— 52 Democrats join GOP as House votes to overturn D.C.’s noncitizen voting law – Stephen Dinan
— Biden proves he’s a demagogue on race, yet his own record is terrible. President told Black college grads that America hates them. – Tim Murtaugh
— Safe spaces, ‘trigger warnings’ crush free speech and destroy universities’ academic rigor – Allan C. Stam

— Trump vows to ‘make NYC great again’ at boisterous Crotona Park rally. – Victor Nava and Diana Glebova
— Thousands of Trump fanatics swarm Bronx park for his first NY rally since 2016: ‘He’s a real Nelson Mandela’ – Steven Vago, Marie Pohl and Katherine Donlevy
— Advice to Donald Trump for the debate: Just let bumbling Biden talk! – Douglas Murray
— Advice to Donald Trump for the debate: Just let bumbling Biden talk! – Douglas Murray

— A border so wide open even the illegals are warning us – Monica Showalter

— Kinzinger Dismisses Haley’s Support for Trump as ‘Pathetic’ – SIMON KENT (COMMENT: I have always been a Republican. Sooner or later, all my critics/opponents, all their operatives, and all their dupes will announce that they have always been Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, Independents, or RINOs.)
— Illinois Democrats Dumping the Term ‘Offender’ for ‘Justice-Impacted Individual’ in State Law – WARNER TODD HUSTON
— Illegal Migrants Hurry to Cross Southern Border: ‘We Don’t Want Trump’ – ELIZABETH WEIBEL
— Most House Democrats Vote to Allow Illegal Aliens to Vote in D.C. Elections – JOHN BINDER
— Joe Biden Blames Record-Setting Illegal Immigration on Republicans – JOHN BINDER (COMMENT: I should write a book about those who have blamed me the most for the most. I would focus on those who have blamed me the most for the most losses that Republican candidates on ballots in my precinct have suffered since 2000.)

— Northwestern journalism school’s chair of ‘social justice in reporting’ has history of pro-Hamas rhetoric – Patrick McDonald

— States Seeking to Curb Illegal Immigration Can Start by Curbing Access to Professional Licenses – Jessica M. Vaughan (COMMENT: My critics/opponents, their operatives, and their dupes have always ignored/dismissed/belittled the fact that on my first attempt, a) I passed the CPA examination in 1979, b) I passed the Certified Internal Auditor examination in 1981, c) I became a licensed CPA in 1981.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20 percent of U.S. workers require a license in their occupation.)

— Up to 2.7 Million Noncitizens Could Vote Illegally in November – Dan Hart
— Biden Border Crisis Is Extortion Tactic to Push Massive Amnesty – Simon Hankinson

— Activism Over Education? Law School Embraced Drag Shows And Social Justice Amid Rankings Free Fall. As law school plummeted down the rankings, its professors were performing in drag. – Leif Le Mahieu

— Donald Trump at Bronx rally: Biden puts illegal aliens first, I put America first
— Sen. Graham sounds alarm on terror threat after Marine base incident: ‘Wake-up call’
— Top Dem’s past push for noncitizen voting rights revealed ahead of House vote. The House will consider a bill Thursday to repeal a DC law allowing noncitizens to vote. – Elizabeth Elkind
— Meritocracy works much better in terms of producing excellent results – Dr. Ben Carson

— Judicial Watch Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Evanston Over Reparations

— Illegal Alien Worried About ‘Who Comes into This Country’: ‘Killers, Psychopaths’ – CRAIG BANNISTER

— Trump on Mass Migration: ‘They’re Building an Army!’ – Eric Mack
— Biden’s Open Border Doing Irreparable Harm – Rep. Bob Good, R-Va.
— DEI Will Destroy Our Trust in Doctors – JEFFREY BLEHAR

— Illinois Renames ‘Offenders’ to ‘Justice-Impacted Individuals’ – GRAYSON BAKICH

— When Donald Trump Wins In 2024 Will Democrats Accept The Legitimacy Of His Victory? – Ian Schwartz
— Speaker Johnson: Democrats Want Illegal Aliens Deciding Elections, They Don’t Want Americans Deciding American Elections – Tyler Stone

— The Polls Don’t Lie: Thousands of People Show Up to Trump Rally In Deep-Blue State – Sarah Arnold
— Only Trump Can Launch and Win a War Against the DEI Army – Douglas MacKinnon


— Noncitizen voting bill advances as Republicans continue messaging push – Jim Saksa

— Democrat and RINO leaders ever-increasingly promote more illegal immigration.

— Fentanyl is fueling a record number of youth drug deaths. The new trend has shocked many pediatricians, who say they feel unprepared to provide counseling on opioid addiction. – Jenna Portnoy and Dan Keating

— Democrats and RINOs ever-increasingly shout at Black and at everyone else that Republicans cause all the problems that Blacks have.

— Half of trainee doctors at UCLA’s prestigious medical school ‘are failing basic tests after dean who’s anti-white ignored affirmative action ban and terrorized staff with DEI rules’ Standards plunge at UCLA medical school amid claims of reverse discrimination. Dean Jennifer Lucero has presided over exodus of Asian students since 2020. UCLA Med students forced to sit through pro-Hamas lecture. – DOMINIC YEATMAN

Author: David Diersen

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