September 14 Evening Edition

— DuPage clerk’s request to buy new election equipment gets big push from the county’s seven League of Women Voters groups – SUZANNE BAKER
— Trump mocks Democrats, vows new tax cut on Baltimore visit – KEVIN FREKING AND JUANA SUMMERS–trump-20190912-story.html
— Troubled times at Ronald Reagan’s boyhood home in Dixon, Ill.: ‘We cannot keep bleeding money’ – MADELINE BUCKLEY
— Democrats need to start courting Latinos now — before it’s too late – Esther Cepeda (DIERSEN: To get votes from Hispanics, Democrats promise to use government to give Hispanics preference over non-Hispanics.)
— Over 2,000 fetal remains found at ex-abortion doctor’s home – AP–fetal-remains-doctor-20190914-story.html
— Warren turns her ire to Trump, stumps on her electability – MISYRLENA EGKOLFOPOULOU
— Don’t vote? The Trump campaign would like a word with you – AP–election-2020-trump-nonvoters-20190914-story.html

— How new group hopes to promote 2020 census in Lake County – Russell Lissau

— Joe Biden shrugs off age chatter, pledges medical disclosures after 3rd Democratic debate – AP

— David Giuliani: Do local politicians’ promises check out? – David Giuliani

— Springfield is driving blind through state’s pension crisis, Rep. Bailey cautions – Glenn Minnis

— Obvious questions that somehow the Democrat moderators haven’t asked during the first five debates – Jack Hellner

— The Party of Slavery Is Now the Party of Reparations for Slavery – JEROME HUDSON
— Poll: Majority of Hispanics Support Ending Welfare-Dependent Immigration – John Binder

— Trump Campaign Targets Supporters Who Didn’t Vote in 2016

— Soccer Fans Erupt In Boos When ‘President’ Is Mentioned At Military Swearing-In The Portland, Oregon, crowd jeered during the halftime event when enlistees reached the phrase: “I will obey the orders of the president of the United States.” – Mary Papenfuss

August 15 Morning Edition

— Beleaguered state GOP gathers at Illinois State Fair to hear from Louisiana U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise – RICK PEARSON and JAMIE MUNKS
— GOP Rep. Steve King, while defending his call for a ban on all abortions, suggests rapes and incest helped populate the world – AP
— For CNN’s Cuomo, it’s now Fredo, forever. – John Kass

— Illinois congressional Republicans intent on blocking Blagojevich clemency “I requested that we have an opportunity to weigh in before a final decision is made,” Rep. Darin LaHood, R-Ill., told the Chicago Sun-Times on Wednesday. – Lynn Sweet
— Battle for the bench: State Supreme Court hopefuls tout credentials, connections, compassion ahead of Dem slating Sitting Supreme Court Justice P. Scott Neville could indeed have a fight ahead. He is one of seven candidates actively running for the seat in next year’s election. – Rachel Hinton (DIERSEN: Government is nasty. Politics is nasty. My seeking to be appointed to fill Wheaton’s West District City Council vacancy resulted in some Milton Township Republican Central Committee (MTRCC) members taking adverse actions against me before and during MTRCC’s meeting yesterday evening. Which of the other nine candidates do those MTRCC members want to be appointed? Do those candidates want pot to be sold in Wheaton?)

— FRONT PAGE WITH COLOR PICTURE: College of DuPage faculty wants mediator to help settle contract talks – Robert Sanchez
— Like it or not, age will be an issue in 2020 presidential campaign – Byron York (DIERSEN: I am 70 years old. All my critics/opponents, all their operatives, and all their dupes have always promoted age discrimination a) because they want get rid of those who are older than they are and/or b) because they want to curry favor with those who promote age discrimination.)

— Illinois joins lawsuit against new Trump administration rules denying green cards to immigrants on food stamps – AP

— Governor’s Day at state fair but Blagojevich on minds of many – TAHMAN BRADLEY

— Communications problem hampers bipartisanship attempt – Bernard Schoenburg
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Traditionally, the two political days at the State Fair are reserved for parties to enthuse the base with the message. Certainly, on Wednesday, when U.S. House Speaker NANCY PELOSI spoke at the Crowne Plaza to the Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association brunch, it fit that script. And Thursday is GOP Day at the fair. But freshman Democratic Gov. J.B. PRITZKER framed the picnic he hosted (and paid for personally) at the Director’s Lawn at the State Fair as a bipartisan event, and said he invited all lawmakers, including Republicans. Well, House GOP Leader JIM DURKIN, R-Western Springs, said he never got an invitation, and ELENI DEMERTZIS, his spokeswoman, said some others in the caucus she checked with didn’t receive invitations either. . .Durkin said had he received the invitation, he probably would have attended.)

— Marijuana stores on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile? – Ally Marotti and Ryan Ori (DIERSEN: Which of the 10 candidates for Wheaton’s West District City Council vacancy want pot shops on Roosevelt road?)
— Pritzker hosts first Governor’s Day at Illinois State Fair – JERRY NOWICKI

— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: DeKalb City Council shows support for pot shops – KELSEY RETTKE
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Pot pushers push pot.

— Cullerton charges show how politicians say one thing, do another – Jim Dey

— Is Trump a racist? Ask media, any Democrat – JOHN DONALD O’SHEA

— Starting a pot shop will be hard, expensive in Illinois – Lauren Kostiuk

— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: Some Board Members Support Cannabis Sales in Kendall County on January 1, 2020 – James Wyman

— Look What’s in Store for Public School Students in Illinois–YIKES! – Laurie Higgins

— Republican hopeful slams “slick Dick Durbin,” claims “wrong people” moved into Lake County, says Democrats “heading for evil”
— For third time, White rules out reelection, but claims he’ll serve out full term

— Illinois seeking to bar ex-governor from practicing law – AP

— MSNBC analyst compares Trump supporters to a ‘terrorist organization’ – Mike Brest

— Buttigieg reportedly helped create a phone tree to alert families about ICE raids – Sam Dorman

— Whistleblower: American Thinker was on Google’s blacklist of news sites – Peter Barry Chowka (DIERSEN: I should write a book about those who work the hardest a) to stop me from putting GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails together and sending them out and b) to stop everyone from reading those emails. They focus on turning everyone against me. They a) reject planks in the Republican Party platform and/or the Illinois Republican Party platform and work against those like me who support those planks, b) reject the Milton Township Republican Central Committee resolution against video gambling and work against those like me who support that resolution, c) focus on destroying those like me who they cannot manipulate/dominate, d) were defendants in lawsuits that I have filed, and/or e) are operatives or dupes for the aforesaid.)
— A Shining City upon a Hill, Besieged – Veronika Kyrylenko

— How LGBTQ Groups Are Quietly Dismantling Norms, Changing Education – Dennis Prager

— Everyday Americans Shoulder The Burden Of The Immigration Crisis – CAITLIN MCFALL

— Fake News: Trump Official Did Not Say Statue of Liberty Poem Was Only for Europeans – TYLER O’NEIL

— Another state mandates history of homosexuals – Chris Woodward

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Ever-increasingly, White-haters promote hatred of Whites.

— Tea Party Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh Apologizes For Helping Elect ‘Unfit Con Man’ Trump The former Illinois representative urges a new primary challenge for the “reckless” and “incompetent” president. – Ed Mazza

— ICE raids raise question: What about the employers? – NOMAAN MERCHANT (DIERSEN: Are you employed? If so, how many illegals work for your employer?)

— CEOs rake in 940% more than 40 years ago, while average workers earn 12% more – KATE GIBSON (DIERSEN: In today’s dollars, my GS-12 Step 5 IRS salary 40 years ago in 1979 was $93,592.)

— El Paso, racism and rhetoric: The growing toll of bigotry in America For some Americans who are members of minority groups, the intersection of hate and violence has become a looming source of fear. – Janell Ross and Suzanne Gamboa (DIERSEN: Conservatives are a minority in the Milton Township Republican Central Committee (MTRCC), DuPage County Republican Central Committee (DCRCC), and Illinois Republican Party (IRP). One can see that by attending MTRCC, DCRCC, and IRP meetings and events. Anti-conservatives are glorified and praised at those meetings and events. Conservatives like me are ostracized and even worse things.)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater promotes hatred against Trump.
— Joe Walsh: Trump Needs a Primary Challenge The case for a contender from the right. – Joe Walsh

— No reparations check of any amount could substitute for an apology – Jonathan Capehart (DIERSEN: My critics/opponents, their operatives, and their dupes want me to apologize for causing a) all of their problems, b) all of your problems, c) all of my problems, and d) all of anyone’s problems. They want me to apologize for causing all of the losses that Republican candidates have suffered in Illinois since 2000, and especially for causing all losses suffered by Republican candidates on ballots in my precinct.)
— Trump’s claim his deregulatory actions are saving American households $3,000 a year – Glenn Kessler
— More states are banning questions about salary history in job interviews. What to say if you’re asked about it anyway. – Jena McGregor (DIERSEN: In today’s dollars, my ending GS-13 Step 10 GAO salary in 1997 was $127,654. In today’s dollars, my ending GS-12 Step 5 IRS salary in 1980 was $$93,592.)
— The Trump administration keeps making it harder to claim asylum. Here’s how — and why. U.S. Attorney General William P. Barr unilaterally changed the rules. – Mneesha Gellman (DIERSEN: From what I see, sooner or later, all the citizens of all the foreign countries who have problems will claim asylum in America.)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats crow over their success in destroying the traditional family.

— Lima councilman facing lawsuit for slander – Eran Hami
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Harper was made aware of the statements from Councilman Jaime Dixon in June 2018 and Harper sent a cease and desist letter.)

— Study: 21% of workers over 40 said they have experienced age bias – Valerie Bolden-Barrett (DIERSEN: I am 70 years old. All my critics/opponents, all their operatives, and all their dupes have always promoted age discrimination a) because they want get rid of those who are older than they are and/or b) because they want to curry favor with those who promote age discrimination.)

— Past and present candidates and elected officials who spoke at the Milton Township Republican Central Committee (MTRCC) meeting Wednesday evening, August 14, 2019, at the Holiday Inn in Carol Stream included Almiron, Corrigan, Diersen, Eckhoff, Fitch, Grant, Heidorn, Holder, Ives, Kachiroubas, Keller, Kinzler, Krzyzewski, Larsen, McCluskey, McGowen, Monino, Seppelfrick, Walsh, and Whelan. Meeting attendees included Baker, Bohn, Carlson, Caruso, Cooper, Crane, Davis, Falbo, Fitzpatrick, Grant, Henry, Holan, A & R. Jorgensen, Kachiroubas, Krzyzewski, Larsen, LeVan, Lofgren, Lollino, McCarthy, McNeily, Muehlfelt, Nathwani, Rash, Ryan, Shaw, Smith, Tatro, Veenstra, and Zaruba. Judge McCluskey announced his candidacy for the upcoming Judge George J. Bakalis vacancy. Larsen reported on what DuPage County is doing concerning the pot issue. Fitch reported on what Wheaton is doing concerning the West District City Council vacancy and the pot issue. Sadly, its seems like the majority of Republican Precinct Committeemen in Wheaton’s West District are not interested in getting together and gathering information on the West District candidates, hosting a candidate forum, or recommending any of the 10 candidates who have applied to be appointed to fill the vacancy. Sadly, it seems like the majority of Milton Township Republican Precinct Committeemen are not interested in getting together and urging DuPage County, Wheaton, or Glen Ellyn to ban the sale of pot. Sadly, it seems like the majority of Milton Township Republican Precinct Committeemen side with my critics/opponents, their operatives, and their dupes. They blame me for their problems, for your problems, for my problems, and for everyone’s problems. They support those who slander and threaten me at MTRCC meetings. They support those who focus on a) stopping me from putting GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails together and sending them out and b) stopping everyone from reading those emails. They support those who discourage Republican candidates, elected officials, and organizations from helping sponsor Wheaton’s Independence Day fireworks and parades. The focus on turning everyone against me, including those who run the Holiday Inn in Carol Stream and those who ran the Wheaton Bowl. They work harder against me and harder against other conservatives than they have ever worked against any Democrat. – Dave Diersen

— Cease and Desist for Slander and Libel Letter Form (DIERSEN: I am considering sending cease and desist letters to those MTRCC members and others who slander/threaten me.)
(FROM THE POSTING: A cease and desist letter is used to stop a party from continuing a certain activity. This letter will be used for any actions that involve defamation, slander, or libel. A cease and desist letter such as this should include specific details about the false statements that are defaming, slandering, or libeling the sender. A cease and desist letter is a formal request to stop another party from making harmful statements that may be damaging to your personal reputation. The letter also lets the party know that you will undertake appropriate legal action if they do not stop slander and libel immediately.)

— Defamation (Slander/Libel) Cease and Desist Letter (DIERSEN: I am considering sending cease and desist letters to those MTRCC members and others who slander/threaten me.)

(FROM THE POSTING: The defamation cease and desist letter is sent due to false or erroneous claims that result in the defamation of character in an individual or business entity. The letter should outline the specific statements that were made and how they are affecting the reputation of the person or business. Furthermore, a full retraction of the statements should be requested. If there is no response by the other party or a retraction of the statements is rejected, the harmed party should seek full damages for the falsehoods made.)

July 8 Evening Edition

— (ILLEGAL) Immigrants In Chicago Fear ICE Deportation Raids After President Trump’s Deadline Passes – Audrina Bigos

— Allegations of ICE privacy invasion add to fears about planned raids – Craig Wall

— Senator Durbin Says Trump Adding Citizenship Question to 2020 Census Could Cost Illinois “For every person not counted in the census in Illinois, we will lose $1800 a year,” Durbin said (DIERSEN: Illinois Democrats drive Republicans out of Illinois but encourage illegals to come to Illinois and to stay in Illinois.)

— Freshmen Reps. Sean Casten, Lauren Underwood each raise more than $1M as they prep for 2020 reelection effort, campaigns say – Lisa Donovan

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats and RINOs encourage illegal immigration and then blame Republicans for the resultant problems.
— The Democrats’ dangerous immigration game – Bill Scher

— Forest preserve district still may get state grant for Mayslake project – Robert Sanchez

— Municipalities should discuss whether to allow marijuana sales – Editorial (DIERSEN: Municipalities and counties that do not ban the sale of recreational pot can no longer claim to be family friendly. At Wheaton City Council’s July 1 meeting, Tim Whelan and I urged Wheaton Mayor Phil Suess and the Wheaton City Council to make Wheaton the first city in Illinois to ban the sale of recreational pot.)

— Central Illinois employers prepare for legal pot – DEREK BEIGH (DIERSEN: I would not want to work for, work with, or supervise anyone who uses pot.)

— State rep Darren Bailey announces candidacy for Dale Righter’s senate seat

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Ever-increasingly, Trump-haters do things to illegally encourage people a) to illegally come to America illegally and b) to illegally bring children illegally to America illegally.

— President Donald Trump to visit Milwaukee for fundraiser as oil refineries launch ad against ethanol mandates – Molly Beck

— Illinois State Police faces their biggest challenges

— Cubs Co-Owner To Host Trump Fundraiser In Wisconsin Todd Ricketts is listed as a co-host for the event. – Scott Anderson

— Pritzker’s new gas tax will have a trickle-down effect on middle-class families, Rep Grant says – Glenn Minnis


— Immigration is central issue, few in Washington have wherewithal to solve it – Chad Pergram

— Trump’s Citizenship Question Isn’t Controversial but Obama Deleting It Should’ve Been
— Donald Trump congratulates U.S. team for winning Women’s World Cup despite their ugly comments

— Sunday bombshell: Pool for deportation is up to 1 million illegals who have already had due process – Thomas Lifson
— A congresswoman sending paid staff to Mexico to teach illegals how to cheat their way into the US? – Monica Showalter
— The Democrats’ Situational Racism – Brian C. Joondeph
— Bringing the Truth about Trump to Those Who Hate Him – Ron A.Y. Rich
— Trump outmaneuvers the media on the 4th – Russ Vaughn

— US women’s soccer player drops American flag between legs and dances to celebrate World Cup title. Benghazi hero is not pleased. ‘Clown show’ – Dave Urbanski

— Illegal Immigration Advocates Use Economic Warfare To Subvert Immigration Law – MATT O’BRIEN

— Dems Define Platform: Open Borders, Free Stuff They exploit the border crisis for political optics while avoiding any legislative action. – Thomas Gallatin

— Pelosi: Census citizenship question is effort to ‘make America white again’ – CRISTINA MARCOS (DIERSEN: Ever-increasingly, Democrats demonize, denigrate, and condemn Republicans as being White supremacists, Nazis, KKK members, haters, racists, sexists, bigots, and even worse things.)
— Poll: Plurality backs criminal prosecutions for illegal border crossings
— White House basement floods during DC rainstorm – JORDAN FABIAN (DIERSEN: What have you done to stop your basement from flooding? Since 1984, I have spent many hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars to stop basement flooding including a) connecting all nine of the home’s downspouts directly to Wheaton’s storm sewer system, b) always having a battery backup sump pump, c) properly connecting subterranean drainage tile lines from homes on west side of Golf Lane and the north side of Frazier Court to Wheaton’s storm sewer system, d) installing many storm sewer inlets lengthy French drains, e) patching many lengthy cracks in the basement floor, f) converting to an overhead sewer, and g) having a whole house natural-gas-fired electric generator installed.)

— Trump has referred to his Wharton degree as ‘super genius stuff.’ An admissions officer recalls it differently. – Michael Kranish (DIERSEN: My critics/opponents, their operatives, and their dupes hint/imply/argue/shout that degrees like mine from non-Ivy League universities (NIU, Loyola, DePaul, and IIT) are worthless.)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats and RINOs encourage illegal immigration and then blame Republicans for the resultant problems.

— Hickenlooper should run away from pot – Editorial

— Amazon workers are planning a strike for one of its busiest shopping days of the year – Mary Hanbury

— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: Ranked: Here’s How Much Your State Will Spend on Recreational Cannabis in 2019 A handful of states will be generating a lot of green from adult-use marijuana this year. – Sean Williams

June 27 Eveniung Edition

— Under President Trump, America is respected again

— If 66 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana, why are so many local communities banning it? (DIERSEN: Your mayor and your city council members and your county board chairman and your county board members should ASAP call for a vote on the sale of pot and ASAP announce that they will vote against the sale of pot. I urge Wheaton Mayor Phil Suess and Wheaton City Council members Michael Barbier, Erica Bray-Parker, Suzanne Fitch, John K. Rutledge, and Todd Scalzo and the new North District Council member (soon to be Christopher J. Zaruba) to a) call for a vote on the sale of pot in Wheaton ASAP and b) vote NO on the sale of pot in Wheaton. I urge DuPage County Chairman Dan Cronin and DuPage County Board members Donald Puchalski, Ashley Selmon, Sam Tornatore, Elizabeth Chaplin, Peter “Pete” DiCianni, Sean Noonan, Greg Hart, Brian Krajewski, Julie Renehan, Grant Eckhoff, Tim Elliott, Mary FitzGerald Ozog, Sadia Covert, Dawn DeSart, James Healy, Robert Larsen, Sheila Rutledge, and James Zay to a) call for a vote on the sale of pot in unincorporated DuPage County ASAP and b) vote NO on the sale of pot in unincorporated DuPage County.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Fifty-seven percent of Michigan voters passed Proposition 1, which legalized marijuana for recreational use, last November. Yet some 600 cities and townships in the state have banned marijuana businesses within their borders. And that’s before the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency issues regulations to apply for a state license to produce and sell marijuana products. The rules are expected to be handed down by month’s end, and the state plans to start accepting applications by October. The practice of keeping the marijuana industry out of local communities began with Colorado, which legalized the drug for medical use 19 – and for recreational use 7 – years ago. Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of Colorado’s cities, towns, and counties still want nothing to do with marijuana growing, production, or sales and have banned all such activities, according to the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division. And some 75 percent of California’s local governments have banned pot shops since the passage of Proposition 64 three years ago, so many that now some legislators are trying to do away with local control. And two dozen cities are suing the state to keep marijuana home delivery services out of jurisdictions that have banned the industry. More than half of Massachusetts’ communities have banned (red areas in map below) or placed moratoriums (orange areas) on the marijuana industry since the state fully legalized pot in 2016. Although many of the moratoriums expired December 31, 2018, more than 80 are still in play. And many towns that have neither placed moratoriums nor banned the industry simply refuse to sign the required host agreements that enable the marijuana industry to conduct business in their jurisdictions. Even jurisdictions in states that have NOT legalized marijuana for recreational use are banning the pot industry. Some 50 local governments in New Jersey passed laws banning marijuana sales or possession within their borders as the state legislature considered but rejected legalization this year. And Philadelphia city council members who support marijuana for medical use are nonetheless banning dispensaries in areas within their districts. “I am for medical marijuana, but I am not for the over proliferation of those types of dispensaries in one neighborhood,” says council member Curtis Jones. He added that he fears medical dispensaries could turn into “recreational weed shops” if the state were to fully legalize the drug. Given this kind of pushback, legalizing marijuana for recreational use may not be so inevitable as advocates claim.)

— Decisions loom for Lake County communities on whether to welcome recreational marijuana sales. Many still are undecided. – STEVE SADIN (FROM THE ARTICLE: Under the law, municipalities also have the option of prohibiting recreational marijuana dispensaries from operating in their communities.)
— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: With statewide recreational pot legalization, Northbrook trustees say they want dispensaries and the tax revenue – ALEXANDRA KUKULKA
— U.S. Supreme Court decision that puts partisan gerrymandering ‘beyond reach’ of federal courts a win for Illinois Democrats – RICK PEARSON
— Why the Supreme Court’s census question ruling doesn’t rescue Illinois – Editorial
— Mayor calls for Aviary owners to ‘take appropriate action’ in Eric Trump spitting case; GoFundMe account taken offline – KATHERINE ROSENBERG-DOUGLAS and JOHN BYRNE
— Gov. J.B. Pritzker set to sign bills for massive gambling expansion and $45 billion construction program; cigarette and gas tax hikes would kick in Monday – JAMIE MUNKS and DAN PETRELLA
— Illinois immigration groups applaud Supreme Court ruling that keeps citizenship question off census, but fight’s not over yet – ELVIA MALAGÓN (DIERSEN: What countries did your ancestors immigrate from? What would your position be if many citizens of those countries were a) illegally coming to America illegally and/or b) illegally staying in America illegally?)

— Legal pot poses pet risk: Vets warn eating marijuana sickens — and could ultimately kill — dogs THC, the psychoactive substance in marijuana, is toxic to dogs. Ingestion of THC by animals can cause vomiting, incoordination, depression, sleepiness or excitation, low blood pressure, low body temperature and seizures, according to the veterinary organization. – Jerry Nowicki
— Lightfoot: Spitting at Eric Trump ‘repugnant’ because ‘civility matters’ The mayor said she called Eric Trump about the ugly incident Tuesday night at the Aviary. – Fran Spielman
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Ever-increasingly, Democrats promote LGBTQ activity.
— Democrats play identity politics but forget to appeal to nation as a whole An appeal to unity followed by a bald pitch to the nation’s Spanish speakers is a delicious irony — and exactly what is going to re-elect Trump. – Neil Steinberg (DIERSEN: Ever-increasingly, Democrat candidates make it clear that they are running against and do not want votes from voters who are Trump supporters, Protestant, conservative, patriotic, Republican, American, White, male, older, non-poor, gun owners, German American, draft avoiders, and those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time.)
— Supreme Court throws democracy under the bus with gerrymandering ruling Chief Justice John Roberts apparently is of the view that people who object to gerrymandering should stop bothering the courts and take their complaints to the very same lawmakers who profit from the practice. – Editorial

— Drivers soon at risk of sharing road with marijuana users – Karl Stach, Hanna City (DIERSEN: One could argue that stoners should not be allowed to have driver’s licenses.)

— With legalization looming in Illinois, veterinary association warns about pets ingesting marijuana – JERRY NOWICKI

— Iowa law enforcement concerned about marijuana soon to be legal across the state border – MARISSA SULEK

— Marijuana legalization impact on law enforcement – Rosario Dominguez

— Northbrook Plan Commission to discuss cannabis-based businesses at public hearing – Chris Pullam

— Michigan towns and cities have three months left to ban recreational marijuana

— ISP lays out its training, regulatory and enforcement roles on the new cannabis law

— Supreme Court’s census citizenship question decision has repercussions for Illinois – Sarah Schulte
— Supreme Court Decisions: Trump asks for 2020 census delay after SCOTUS blocks citizenship question for now

— Illinois Gov. Pritzker Gets Boat Speed Warning on Wisconsin Lake

— Inmates Look Forward To Voting From Jail – Derrick Blakley

— Three candidates emerge for DuPage recorder seat – Robert Sanchez
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The general election is still 16 months away but three candidates already say they plan to run for recorder of deeds in DuPage County. Republican Babette Holder-Youngberg of Wheaton, Republican Ronald Almiron of Wheaton and Democrat Moon Khan of Lombard all have announced they are running for the countywide seat held by Republican Fred Bucholz. Holder-Youngberg even has the endorsement of Bucholz, who is planning to retire after four terms in office. “With the support of Fred Bucholz and some of the other countywide officials who are up for re-election, it’s been great and exciting,” Holder-Youngberg said Thursday. “It’s the right fit for me. And they believe it’s the right fit for that department.” Bucholz said Holder-Youngberg — a social media manager who previously worked as a Realtor — is well qualified to run the recorder’s office, which is the custodian of all the county’s land records. “Her father was a contractor,” Bucholz said. “She grew up in Naperville and read plats when she was young. She’s been in real estate. She has management experience. “I think she’s got the credentials to be a good recorder,” he said. Almiron, who is expected to face Holder-Youngberg during the GOP primary next March, said he believes his credentials make him “a great fit” for the seat. “I am running because I want to continue serving my community in a way that utilizes my professional experience,” said Almiron, an attorney with experience in real estate law. If elected, Almiron said he wants to build on the modernization and stability that Bucholz brought to the recorder’s office. He also would research the best practices for recorder of deeds offices throughout the country. “I want to establish best practice standards for the DuPage County recorder’s office,” he said. “I want the office to follow best practices.” Khan is making another bid for the recorder seat after losing to Bucholz in 2016. “Politics is a passion for me,” Khan said. “It’s a calling.” Khan, a self-employed IT professional, said the theme of his campaign is “experience, reform and diversity.” He said his key issues include term limits and consolidating the recorder’s office with another county office. “The recorder’s office should be abolished,” Khan said. “It should be merged with the treasurer’s office.” Ultimately, he said, his goal is to “work for the common people and save them money.”)
— State financial report is six months late – Rebecca Anzel

— Today’s Supreme Court rulings will have a massive impact on Illinois Odds rise that Democrats will continue to rule Illinois politics, and that the state will hang on to a U.S. House seat that was in jeopardy. That—and more—is likely after two key rulings today from the high court, Greg Hinz writes. – GREG HINZ

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: How soon, if not already, will American Airlines a) fire its employees who do not promote LGBTQ activity and b) refuse to fly those who do not promote LGBTQ activity?

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: LGBTQers promote LGBTQ activity in Paxton.

— Primary Season Is Here And ‘Hispandering’ Is Back – SHEREEN MARISOL MERAJI

— Rep. Darin LaHood says Democrats are focusing on irrelevant issues

— Illinois Among ‘Least Patriotic’ States: Study IL residents’ patriotism is being challenged, despite our love for veterans and our Fourth of July celebrations. – Shannon Antinori
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The website ranked Illinois 41st in military engagement, a score comprised of the average number of military enlistees per 1,000 adults, veterans per 1,000 adults, active-duty military per 100,000 adults and share of adults in military reserves. Wallet Hub also ranked Illinois No. 37 in civic engagement, a category that includes voting in the 2016 elections, volunteerism, AmeriCorps and Peace Corps volunteers, jury duty participation, residents who participate in groups or organizations, and civics education requirements.)

— Rep. Casten ‘so liberal he can’t help himself’ from backing Trump impeachment probe, Curran says – Glenn Minnis

— Rep. Casten’s call for Trump impeachment inquiry a self-serving media play, Will County GOP says – Glenn Minnis

— Elizabeth Warren adds ‘gay reparations’ to Democrats’ arsenal (DIERSEN: Soon, if not already, Democrats will promise reparations to all those who are anti-Trump, anti-Protestant, anti-conservative, anti-patriotic, anti-Republican, anti-American, anti-White, anti-male, anti-older people, anti-rich people, anti-gun owners, anti-German Americans, anti-draft avoiders, and/or anti-those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time.
— Decriminalizing illegal immigration drives first Democrat debate
— Supreme Court blocks census citizenship question; says federal courts have no role to play in political gerrymandering
— Media, Democrats try to blame Trump for deaths caused by their open borders policy
— Elizabeth Warren: Guns are ‘national health emergency’
— Tell Ocasio-Cortez that 1.1 million Jews were murdered at Auschwitz
— NRA difficulties threaten impact of gun lobby ahead of elections
— O’Rourke, Democrats break into Spanish during debate

— US ‘at grave risk’ as 40% Border Patrol diverted to care for illegal crossers – Paul Bedard

— RNC’s McDaniel says ‘radicalization’ of Dem Party on ‘full display’ at debates – Brooke Singman
— Criminals take advantage of sanctuary policies for illegal immigrants – Hans A. von Spakovsky and Greg Walsh

— The clear goal each day for the Washington Post is to take out Trump, and evidence never matters – Jack Hellner

— Trump Should Act Quickly to Secure 2020 Census Question in Light of Court Ruling – Mike Gonzalez

— U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Faces off with President Trump – BRIAN MIN
— Bernie Calls for Pursuing Census ‘Recount’ if ‘Bigoted’ Citizenship Question Stays – NICHOLAS BALLASY

— What Republicans must do to take the House – Ian Prior
(FROM THE ARTICLE: On recruiting, there have been similar successes. In places that Republicans need to win, they have recruited top tier candidates who give them the absolute best shot to do so. Candidates like Nicole Malliotakis in the 11th District of New York, Ashley Hinson in the 1st District in Iowa, Evelyn Sanguinetti in the 6th District of Illinois, Kathy Landing in the 1st District of South Carolina and Amanda Makkei in the 13th District of Florida. The National Republican Congressional Committee has done a phenomenal job finding strong candidates willing to run in the most important districts and it is clear that it is placing a priority on increasing the number of women in the Republican caucus. This has typically been an elusive recruiting goal at the NRCC, but Mr. Emmer and his team have had unparalleled success.)

— Pelosi: ‘It shouldn’t be a crime’ to cross border illegally – Susan Ferrechio

— 5 key questions ahead of Thursday’s Democratic debate – JONATHAN EASLEY (DIERSEN: What questions do you want to ask candidates? I want to ask candidates what they would do if elected a) to promote individual responsibility, that is, to discourage dependency on government and to discourage dependency on charity, b) to promote traditional marriage and traditional family, that is, to discourage LGBTQ activity, c) to promote the right to life, that is, to discourage abortion, d) to promote compliance with America’s immigration laws, that is, to discourage illegal immigration, e) to promote conservative principles, that is, to discourage booze, gambling, pot, and other vices, f) to promote Second Amendment rights, that is, to discourage erosion of Second Amendment rights, and g) to promote equal opportunity, that is, to discourage patronage, political affiliation discrimination, reverse discrimination, age discrimination, and retaliation for opposing the aforesaid? Those who do not want me to ask the aforesaid questions do everything that they can to destroy me.)

— Twitter to Label Abusive Tweets From Political Leaders – Kate Conger (DIERSEN: What about abusive tweets from Trump-haters?)

— Trump asks lawyers if census can be delayed, calls Supreme Court decision ‘totally ridiculous’ – John Wagner and Deanna Paul
— Twitter adds labels for tweets that break its rules — a move with potentially stark implications for Trump’s account The social media site will also down-rank such tweets via its algorithms to reduce circulation – Elizabeth Dwoskin and Tony Romm
— Democrats must address the roots of our asylum crisis — or give Trump the advantage – Fareed Zakaria–or-give-trump-the-advantage/2019/06/27/00af2812-991e-11e9-916d-9c61607d8190_story.html

— When Trump supporters are banned from a knitting website, no corner of the internet is free from liberal sanctimony – Michelle Malkin (DIERSEN: What do you say to secret Facebook groups that ban those who are Trump supporters, Protestant, conservative, patriotic, Republican, American, White, male, older, rich, gun owners, German American, draft avoiders, those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time, etc.?)

— Twitter to Attach a Warning Label to Tweets That Break the Rules from Trump and Other Leaders – KURT WAGNER (DIERSEN: My critics/opponents want to stop me from sending GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails out and stop everyone from reading those emails, but failing that, they would love it if they could attach warning labels to articles that they especially disapprove of.)

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Trump-haters say “White Supremacy Activity Spreads on Campuses.”

— Democrats Wrestle Over What Their Party Stands For – EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE (DIERSEN: The Democrat Party wants to get rid of individuals, organizations, companies, governments, and countries that are Trump supporters, Protestant, conservative, patriotic, Republican, American, White, male, older, non-poor, gun owners, German American, draft avoiders, and those whose ancestors have been in America for a long time.)

June 26 Evening Edition

— DuPage County State’s Attorney Bob Berlin announced his reelection bid at an outstanding rally Wednesday afternoon, June 26, 2019, at the DuPage County Fair Grounds. DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick and DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin spoke very highly of Berlin. The 100+ enthusiastic supporters included Anderson, Bellock, Boltz, Bond, P. Brady, Cherry, Curran, Eckhoff, Grimsby, Grogan, Hart, Hogan, Holder, Irvin, Jorgensen, Kachiroubas, Keller, Kelly, Kinzler, LeVan, Marquardt, Millner, Monino, Prueter, and Reboletti. – Dave Diersen

— Berlin will seek third term as DuPage state’s attorney – Justin Kmitch
— Where marijuana can and can’t be used once law goes into effect – Jerry Nowicki
— Evangelical group to spend $50M on get-out-the-vote efforts – AP
— Cronin’s restructuring plan draws fire from critics – Robert Sanchez

— 800,000 Eligible to Clear Their Records as Illinois Legalizes Pot (DIERSEN: Your past predicts your future.)
— Chicago Bar Whose Employee Spit on Eric Trump Releases Statement “As fellow Americans and citizens, we should all aim higher,” The Aviary’s statement concluded – Shelby Bremer

— Trendy Chicago Restaurant Is Praised And Put Down After Trump’s Son Is Spat Upon – Derrick Blakley

— Elizabeth Warren calls to decriminalize border crossings

— For an open Illinois House seat, all of you nobodies need not apply – Editorial
— Chicago’s place in the reparations debate – Steve Chapman (DIERSEN: Did your ancestors live in Chicago? Do/did you live in Chicago? My ancestors on my father’s side lived in Chicago 1844-1854. I lived there part-time 1974-1976 and full-time 1976-1978.)
— Eric Trump not pressing charges against waitress who spit on him at Chicago’s Aviary, Trump Organization says – KATHERINE ROSENBERG-DOUGLAS and LISA DONOVAN
— Aurora city clerk to take job with College of DuPage – STEVE LORD

— DIERSEN HEADLINE: Ever-increasingly, the Democrats who run Chicago promote LGBTQ activity.
— Transgender county residents might not need IDs to use bathrooms they choose Residents would be able to use restrooms and dressing rooms based on their gender identities under a proposal before the Cook County Board. – Rachel Hinton
— DIERSEN HEADLINE: A Trump-hater says border crisis ‘is an international disgrace and moral outrage.’

— Aviary server placed on leave after Eric Trump spitting incident There’s been plenty of fallout, both at the upscale cocktail bar and on social media, since the incident involving the president’s son last night
— Rosemont mayor poised to become state rep, too Northwest Side GOP chiefs are set to meet this weekend to fill Mike McAuliffe’s seat, and Mayor Brad Stephens reportedly wants the job and has the votes. – GREG HINZ

— Wheaton set for annual 4th of July celebration (DIERSEN: Please stop by the Republican table at Wheaton’s Graf park before the fireworks start on July 3. So far, Wheaton’s 2019 Independence Day Parade Republican entries are Bob Berlin, Amy Grant, Evelyn Sanguinetti, Chris Kachiroubas, Ann Celine Walsh, and Milton Township Republican Central Committee. All $2,500 has been pledged toward the $2,500 “DuPage County Republicans” sponsorship commitment: $500 from Roger Claar; $250 each from Berlin, Sanguinetti, Phil Suess, and Tim Whelan; and $100 each from Michael Barbier, Grant Eckhoff, Tim Elliott, Grant, Chris Heidorn, Babette Holder, Jeanne Ives, Marty Keller, Bob Larsen, and Walsh. I am in the process of hand-delivering 500 flyers (printed courtesy of Alpha Graphics) to the residences and businesses on the parade route that include the Republican entries in the parade, the sponsor’s names, and the amounts they contributed. In addition, contributors are invited to be at the Republican table at fireworks on July 3.)
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The Wheaton Independence Day Parade is a long-standing tradition that draws thousands of people and will display more than 90 parade entries this year. This year’s parade theme, Home Grown, celebrates those who founded the town in the 1830s and those who continue to make it their home. The celebration starts at 5 p.m. July 3 in Graf Park, 1855 Manchester Road, with a carnival, DJ, food vendors and activities for all ages. The park district will have its annual fireworks display at 9 p.m. Guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and picnic blankets. Parking will be available in the park just south of Monroe Middle School and also in the western fields of the fairgrounds. Sparklers and smoke bombs are prohibited. Event coordinators strongly advise no dogs in the park because of the nature of the event. The celebration continues at 10 a.m. July 4 with the Wheaton Park District and the city of Wheaton’s annual Fourth of July parade, led by grand marshals from the Wheaton Lions Club. Due to planned city improvements, the parade route will be altered significantly this year. Staging will be located in the same location near Main Street and Hawthorne Boulevard. The parade will head south on Main Street and turn west on Union Avenue, then will turn south at Wheaton Avenue, where the judging stand will be located. The parade will conclude at Seminary and Wheaton avenues.)

— Des Plaines Poised To Launch 90-Day ‘Pot’ Study – Todd Wessell

— Business website ranks Rockford 99th of 100 Illinois cities – Corina Curry
(FROM THE ARTICLE: The top 10 cities in Illinois are Chicago, Urbana, Wheaton, Schaumburg, Lisle, Downers Grove, Glen Ellyn, Elmhurst, Lombard and Woodridge.)

— Rep. Bailey Slams Gov. Pritzker’s “Pot” Law: Local Communities Encouraged to ‘Opt Out’

— The challenges of legalizing marijuana – Fahima Paghmani

— Marijuana legalization in Illinois impacts drug testing in the work place

— 10K Sign Petition Calling For Removal Of LGBTQ Flag Flying Above State Capitol Wisconsin Family Council: Flag Doesn’t Represent All Wisconsinites – Clara Neupert

— Best Cities to Live in Illinois – 2019 (FROM THE POSTING: 3. Wheaton Suburban Chicago, with its small-town character and big city access, is one of the best areas to raise a family in America, and #3 Wheaton is a great example of the region. With an excellent school district and a great downtown area with shops and restaurants, Wheaton is an in-demand city to settle down in.)

— Top campaign contribution recipients in DuPage County for the week of June 10


— Trump: ‘Open borders mean people drowning in the rivers’ – Stephen Dinan
— Trump: Google, Twitter, Facebook ‘trying to rig the election’ – Bailey Vogt

— Record 698 openly LGBTQ officials currently serving in the United States

— Trump Responds To Devastating Photo Of Drowned Migrant Dad And Daughter – Evie Fordham

— Democrat Crocodile Tears for Illegal Alien Children – Sheriff David Clarke

— Reparations for Everyone, Apparently – JOHN HIRSCHAUER

— DISGUSTING, TRAGIC: Illinois Expects $1 Billion in Cannabis Revenue Over Five Years

— College Of DuPage Approves $3 Million Expansion To Host Largest Frida Kahlo Exhibit In Chicago Area In 40 Years – Julia Brenner

— College of DuPage Makes Interim Chief Permanent – Julia Piper